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The Man who dared to defy the majority

“Who breaks the ice is also ready to pay the price,” wrote the US President Gerald Ford. A whistle-blower has the courage of conviction to face the music because he’s an upholder of truth, justice and integrity. Bullets and threats don’t frighten him. When former IG of Police, Maharashtra, Mr S M Mushrif wrote Who killed Karkare?, immediately after 26/11, he knew that he would draw criticism, nay condemnation, from Hindus, especially from Brahmins because Mr Mushrif squarely held the Brahmin lobby responsible for the unfortunate killing of a brave police officer, who was about to reveal a number of facts involving Hindu terrorist outfits in the bomb-blasts across the country. Lt. Colonel Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya, among others, just served as a tip of the iceberg of a clandestine conspiracy to calumnise the Muslims.

SM Mushrif
SM Mushrif

There’s an apt saying in Urdu, “Tabele ki bala bandar ke sar,” (once notorious, always notorious). Agreed, a few Muslims may have been involved in a few blast cases, but attributing all cases to them is simply unfair. Mushrif’s book prophetically predicted that many such incidents were in the offing.

Now Digvijay Singh’s disturbing statement that Karkare spoke to him just before his death is being pooh-poohed by Hindu extremists. Karkare categorically told him that Hindu outfits were issuing threats, death-threats at that, to him. Rahul Gandhi has clearly evinced his concern about the growing Hindu militancy in his WikiLeaks conversations.

Though morbidly Hinduized columnists like Arun Shourie and IE’s Tavleen Singh will continue to call Digvijay and Rahul dangerous and irresponsible motor-mouths, the unvarnished truth is: the myth of Muslim involvement has been detonated. More and more facts indicating Hindus’ participation in terror acts are emerging and people are realising that years of rabid prejudice against Muslims was baseless.

In his seminal essay, “Terrorism: an act irrespective of faith”, Gefforey Mannings of The Washington Post writes that, “We tend to associate a community with barbarism and pigeonhole it for eternity. It’s a part of a premeditated conspiracy to shield other communities perpetrating the heinous acts of violence and blood-shed.” The same has happened in India. Calling Muslims terrorists in all cases is a systematic red herring on the part of the government and Hindu separatists, a hand in gloves collusion.

But, thankfully, the nefarious designs of Hindu organizations are becoming apparent to the masses. And it’s a positive sign. Because, the general people must know what has been going on. A segment of the society envenomed the collective mindset. You cannot fool all the people all the time. Truth eventually comes out. It’s a divine order. You may call it nemesis (divine justice).

Time has come to apologise to Muslims for the step-motherly treatment meted out to them. And for all this, a name will always be taken with great respect and that name is: S M Mushrif, who broke the myth and dared to defy the majority, the Hindus.