Press Statements

Anti-Terrorism Conference to be held on 19 April in Delhi

Regrettably, any act of terrorism perpetrated in India or any part of the world today is conflated with Islam and Muslims in common. Thus, an obnoxious concept of Jihad is created by misinterpreting and cherry-picking the Qur’anic verses and injunctions, with an aim to defame Islam, Qur’an and Jihad.  

At a time when Islamophobes and anti-Muslim elements are actively engaged in demonising Islam and Muslims on the pretext of Jihad, some groups of misguided Muslim youths in different Muslim countries falsely and quite wrongly attribute their militant goals and violent acts to Jihad. They are actually playing as tools in some hands to serve their vested interests.  

Even in the state of defensive war, Islam did not permit the killing of women, children, innocent and non-combatant civilians. How, then, Islam can sanction the grave brutalities of a terrorist outfit or an individual in the name of Jihad?

Calling an act of terror “Jihad” or declaring Jihad as “Terrorism” is the gravest form Jihad in the 21st Century.

With an aim to explain the true essence of Jihad strongly condemning every form of terrorism, the “Anti-Terrorism Conference” is going to be held. Your participation will make it a grand success!

Organised by Maulana Aqleem Raza Misbahi and Maulana Zainullah Nizami and will be insha Allah presided by senior Islamic scholar, Maulana Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi, Founder-President Darul Qalam, Delhi

Venue: Constitution Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi,  Date and Time: 19 April, 2015, on Sunday, at 2pm-8pm