Index Islamicus in AMU Library


A book titled ‘Index Islamicus’ recently purchased by AMU for its Maulana Azad Library and priced Rs 12 lakh is one of the costliest books in the world. This book contains, among other things, lists of all books of all important and large libraries of the world. In addition to Urdu this book is also in English, Arabic and Pushto. According to the incharge of Maulana Azad Library Dr Amjad Ali, becaue of the high cost of this book it could not be purchased so far but since we got it at the concessional rate of Rs 1.30 lakh only, we purchased it recently. This book also contains the lists of writings on different subjects of all important libraries in 31 volumes and is very useful for research scholars. It was complied in British Museum and published by Inpact Global Publications.