Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


Nagaland lynching

This is in reference to the lynching of Syed Farid Khan whose life was cut short by a rampaging mob in Dimapur, for the alleged rape of a local Naga girl. The accused, who hailed from the Barak valley of Assam, was a resident of Dimapur for quite some time. The mob went berserk with rage as they dragged the alleged perpetrator of the outrageous act from the Central jail in Dimapur on 5 March, stripped him, pelted him with stones, and as he succumbed to the brutal onslaught by an unrelenting and thoughtless crowd, who had lost their marbles. Later on it came to light that Syed Farid Khan had actually not committed rape, but had consensual sex with the alleged rape victim, who perhaps had an axe to grind with the accused more with the intention to make some fast bucks. The entire episode can best be referred to as grotesque. The manslaughter of an accused is reprehensible so to speak, no doubt about that. But what actually peeves me is the realization of the abject surrender to Satan's alluring temptations, which invariably has its way. The accused as well as the alleged rape victim has done wrong which cannot be easily overlooked. Almighty God has clearly forbidden pre-marital sex or for that matter extra-marital sex. This is obviously for our well-being. But we allow our baser instinct to get the better of the call of our soul, and have to pay a heavy price for that. The lure of money has stampeded our finer sensibilities to such an extent that true love and emotions between the opposite sexes has been supplanted by illicit sex devoid of even an iota of feelings, love, emotions. The only consideration is pecuniary benefits. The need for spiritual edification is felt more today. The moral of the episode is blatant violation of God's directives will only spell disaster, sooner or later.

Asif Ahmed, Guwahati


Cow protection bill

I have perused the legislation which has so amended Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act as to make the slaughter of bulls and bullocks and possession of beef an offence. Camels do not come under the classification of a bovine and so the slaughter of camels is not an offence in the eye of law in Maharashtra. I appeal to Muslims to slaughter camels in the forthcoming Eidul Azha. If Muslims in other states desire, we are prepared to help them by doing it on their behalf in Tamilnadu where there is no such restriction.

S. M. Pasha, Shariath Protection Council, Chennai


Menace To The Existence of Indian Democracy

Three Cs, i.e. Communalism, Corruption and casteism, not only pose greatest menace to the very existence of Indian democracy which is the largest parliamentary democracy of the world. Unless these evils are checked, the integrity of the country, Indian parliamentary system, Indian nationalism and our precious national composite culture will become a thing of the past. The need of the hour is that the Congress through whose efforts the country got freedom alone is capable of defeating these forces i. e. communalism, casteism and corruption by lunching a vigorous campaign against them.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi- 110091


Togadia rants

In the "Sunday Express" of 22 March Pravin Togadia of the VHP is reported to have said, "The VHP will exhort Hindu families to make friends with families of other castes, including SCs and STs, and will encourage them to have meals in their homes." I wonder what the worthy International Working President, who plans to promote inter-dining, thinks about inter-marriage between castes. How on Earth can there be equality and unity in India while it is composed of eternally distinct descent units?

 Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar-1 Delhi-110091


What happened in Hashimpura 28 years ago?

No doubt it is a matter of shame for the justice delivery system of India that even in such an open and shut case, the victims could not get justice after excruciatingly long 28 years. Now first a writ petition (and not appeal in appellate court) should be filed in High Court (under Article 226 of the Constitution read with Section 482 CrPC, U. P. Police Act etc) making UPHRC / NHRC also a party (for intervention with the approval of the Court) under section 12 (b) of The Protection of Human Rights Act. It is expected that Mohd. Azam Khan and other Muslim Ministers (Cabinet and MOS) & MLAs in U. P. should take care of the rest, once this writ petition is filed in U. P. High Court against this impugned judgment of Subordinate Court in Hashimpura massacre case. Here I submit humbly, if this writ petition is emailed to me before filing it in High Court then I can make required corrections / amendments in order to ensure that victims get justice. If victims so desire then I can even go to U. P. (at my own expenses) and stay there for some time in order to not only assist in preparing this writ petition, but also to ensure that victims get justice in reasonable time. Victims should not go to Supreme Court in writ petition under Article 32 because jurisdiction of High Court under Article 226 is much wider than of Supreme Court under Article 32. In case High Court does not give relief then SLP can always be filed in Supreme Court against High Court impugned order by invoking also Article 142 (i) of the Constitution in the interest of complete justice..

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru


Conversion of Dalits to Islam

The Meerut incident is not new. Thousands of Dalits who were denied access to temples have embraced Islam, ad they are now practicing Islam more than the old Muslims. Even the Brahmins who have studied the Holy Qur’an and the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with an unprejudiced mind have accepted Islam. Hundreds of Hindus who have listened to speeches of Dr Zakir Naik have accepted Islam. In European countries also, educated people are accepting it. Now Muslims are ruling 58 counties. Islam gives a clear-cut concept of God. It gives a complete code of life, code of governance, details of the life hereafter, Hell and Heaven. It allows polygamy and disallows debauchery. It has banned liquor, nudity of women, music and dance and interest etc. The prophet is the only role model for all humanity. There is no other man on this earth whose life is correctly recorded. The Holy Book Qur’an is hundred percent genuine. All other books have been tampered with. Now whoever wants to practice the real teachings of God, he should follow only Islam.

Dr AH Maqdooomi, Hyderabad


Minority welfare dept

After 22 years, Maulana Mazharul Haque University could not get its building. Four years passed, three CMs promised to appoint Urdu teachers in every school, four years passed. Forbesganj police firing report is not submitted. AMU campus at Kishanganj has lost political enthusiasm after eight years of verbal promises, and 1989 Bhagalpur anti Muslim riot victims did not get justice despite many commissions. Minority welfare department did not work for positive agenda but with lots of fanfare introduced a helpline inaugurated by minority welfare minister with full media coverage.

S. Haque, Patna


Abnoxious connivance of judiciary helped BJP blossom

Chief Justice of Madras high court and SC Justice Markandey Katju demanded that the perpetrators must be given the harshest punishment in the Babri Masjid demolition case. He has posted his heart's feeling on 26 Feb 2015. Those who incited communal tension and called for demolition of Babri Masjid and those who demolished it were anti-national traitors deserving the harshest punishment.  Former Allahabad high court judge Deoki Nandan addressed a VHP press conference saying that no contempt of court would be evoked for capturing non-disputed land. There was contempt of court when the “structure” was brought down but no action was taken. Nothing would happen even now.

S. Haque, Patna

Saffron plot to engineer riots and cause panic

Why the learned judges are indulging in anti-national, anti-communal and unjust activities. Crores of people are pulling their life along selling, eating and exporting beef. Almost everybody is hating and abusing the hurried ban on slaughter of bullocks and sale of beef. This type of ban is against citizens’ rights, against fundamental rights mentioned in constitution as well as it treats the citizens as slaves and fools. Ban the hated liquor, arrack and alcoholic items which will be a boon to the peace loving family as well as to the Nation. God has Created in the Universe everything for man's welfare, the most voluble creation is human. But human beings are treated most shabbily than silly animals. Hence several thousands of men, women and children were raped, slaughtered and burnt. The judiciary, politicians and media are giving more importance to man-made idols than the life of human beings. This is a peculiarity of India. Is the eating of fish is to be banned because fish is god, i.e., it is the first incarnation of Vishnu. Is that not essential according to Hindutva rituals? Safeguard secularism and maintain peace in the nation.

Raj Mohan. A,

Trivandrum, Kerala


ISIS and RSS are birds of the same feather

Kudus to the Government of India for banning dreaded terror group Islamic State (IS) and all its affiliated organisations. All those valued human life, believe in peaceful human Society, justice based governance, impartial, honest and unbiased governmental behaviour and treatment, maintaining equality amongst all the citizens by treating them not above the law, would certainly go on supporting the idea and imposition of proclamation of notification, banning the out-lawed Islamic-State and allied forces for their unlawful activities. Coming home, India continued to witnessed and experienced worst forms of communalism specially designed, regulated and forcibly imposed at the hands of Hindutva forces which includes hatred utterances all kinds of barbarism, butchering, killings, murdering, atrocities, rapes, harassment of innocents and similar heinous crimes and outrageous acts against Muslims at the hands of RSS and its allied wings with special protection of from custodian of Law since the dawn of Freedom by crossing all the limits but the governments at Centre and states never thought to treat the events a slightest bit of terrorism or rowdiness at any stretch of time leave aside the stringent action against the culprits or in a broad way Hindutva forces which are more or less matched in all the ways and marching on the lines of IS without fearing of Law of the Land. Notably all the Hindutva forces fully encouraged to dance under communal tunes first by Congress for sixty five years and now under the guidance of BJP whose very foundation is laid exclusively under the hatred policy and programme against Muslims. With the coming in power of BJP at Centre and some of the states, the Hindutva forces left scotfree to do whatever they like against Muslims at any nook and corner of the Country fearlessly as BJP is responsible to protect them from all eventualities. Nothing to be said about the P. M. Narndra Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and others as all are made for RSS and Hindutva Rashtra being most loyal sewameewak ready to implement Hindutva agenda in the Country with the rehearsal at Gujrat, Muzaffar Nagar and other parts of India. As per the news, now Bajrang Dal, the youth wing of VHP is all out to create a " Hinduforce " across the Country under the name Shakt(Aaradhan- Kendra which would provide training to the young blood for using and handling of lathis and pistols. Obviously, the object of Shakti Aaradhan Kendra or power centre required no explanation, analysis nor expert comments so why not same be banned alongwith all the Hindutva forces as the objects of IS, RSS and allied being dreaded terror group are the same within the meaning of Prevention of Unlawful Activites Act.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Both the "Black Hole of Calcutta" incident which took place in 1756 and the calculated murder of Moplah Rebels in 1921 pale into insignificance before the systematic massacre of 42 Muslims in Hashimpura. The prosecution wilfully presented its case in a shoddy manner with a view to obtaining their favourites, the accused - Policemen, acquittal. The Prosecution thus sabotaged justice. Besides, the inordinate delay in the delivery of justice has, in effect, denied justice. The lower court judgement must be taken up before the Higher Court.

S. M. Pasha  Convener, All India Forum Of Muslim Journalists, Chennai



 SC verdict striking down section 66A of I-T Act

Thank God India has a Supreme Court with distinguished judges like Justices J Chelameswar and R F Nariman which defends rights of its citizens against dictatorial approach of political rulers hurting freedom of speech and expression of citizens! It is indeed sad that even the present BJP-led Central government tried its level best for obstructing citizens' right by continuing pleading for retaining section 66A of Information and Technology (I-T) Act even though this section 66A of I-T Act was misused in several states. Adequate compensation should be awarded to all those who had to face hardships including also imprisonment because of misuse of section  66A of I-T Act which has now been even held to be unconstitutional by the Apex Court. Rather those responsible for incorporating such an unconstitutional provision in I-T Act should be exposed and held accountable as a deterrent against any such shameful attempt in future to curtail freedom of speech and expression of citizens.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Chandni Chowk, DELHI 110006



Muslims unquestioned support is blunder

Muslims gave 45 years’ blind support to Congress. In W.B., Left parties could rule for 32 years due to the blind support by Muslims. Laloo Yadav and Mulayam could rise in politics with Muslim backing. Mamta Banerjee became CM of WB with Muslim backing. Muslims go on showering support to just any party without judging that party's track record.

S. Haque, Patna

Riot in Nadapuram, Kerala

This has reference to the front page article published in your latest issue 16-31 March 2015, with respect to Nadapuram incident in Badakara Taluk of Kozhikkode District Kerala. I agree with the observation in the Article on the dirty communal politics played by CP I(M). But I am sorry to say that the author has wilfully tried to tarnish Indian Union Muslim League in this context. It is baseless that the IUML have played in to the traps of CPI (M). We have always fought against the criminalization of politics by Parties likes CPI (M). We have never compromised in these kinds of issues or entered in to any kind of tacit understanding with CPI (M) as alleged in the Article. In fact IUML played the prominent role in ensuring justice to Victims and our influence in the Ministering is exercise in a most truthful manner. Most of our leaders including our Party president Syed Hyderali Shiahab Thangal, Minsiters, MLAs, and other people representatives, including me visited the affected areas in several batches. We have done heavy relief measures using our own relief fund. Similarly we have made temporary alternative accommodation arrangements for the victims till the completion of repair works to their homes. Besides this the committee constituted by the Government to assess the loss is headed by the IUML leader and the Minister Dr. M. K. Muneer along with another Minister Shri K. P. Mohanan. We were instrumental in arranging adalath by Government authorities to reproduce and issue the lost documents such as Passport, Ration Card, Study Materials of the Students etc. It may also be noted that the Government have already issued approximately 6 crore rupees as compensation to victims. We don't claim that everything is ok there and we don't fully justify the Police over there. We believe that still there are many things to be done in that area we are committed to do it. IUML has no hide and seek in its Political history, but the same time we don't want to be a party to add fuel to add fuel in the fuel in such situation and make capital out of it as done by some other west interested groups.

E. T. Mohammed Basheer, M.P.,

Dr. B. D. Marg, New Delhi-110001


MG correspondent Mr Riyas Tanur’s reply:

Compromise politics is the curse of Nadapuram

The report was not intended to tarnish any political party. In facat, itt is impossible to write a report on Nadapruram violence without mentioning the key players, namely IUML and CPM.  It is undeniable that 'the back-door compromise between League and CPM leadership after each riot has encouraged criminals on both sided to go ahead with their violence with impunity. It is also provable with evidence that League has played into the trap of CPM's communal politics.

There was a similar riot in 2001 in which three were killed and nearly a hundred houses and shops were destroyed.  Besides three murders, 986 cases were officially registered, yet none were punished in all these 986 cases because before the trial even began, League-CPM leadership settled the cases outside the court. They nullified the cases and facilitated judgments in favour of the convicts by influencing the witnesses on both sides. League CPM state leadership led this process. Out of three murder cases culprits were punished in only one case. It known to Keralites that the UDF got landslide victory because they used a sexual assault on Muslim woman during the incidents for their election campaigns.  The pattern we see in Nadapuram is that both sides use riots for their political mileage and give up the victims once they achieve their goals.

The claims of Muslim League that they came to the relief of the victims are also insincere. While there was a destruction of an estimated 40 crore, government records claim that it is only 6 crores.  Only 1.5 crore has been paid as compensation and that itoo collected from philanthropists. The families which fled from the area have not returned yet. 

What Nadapuram is looking forward to is that if culprits on both sides in 101 registered cases would get punished,  the victims would get compensated and the families whcih left the village would be safely resettled.

Riyas Tanur