Hindu religion needs ghar wapsi or ghar durustagi?

By Dr. Mansoor Ahmad Ajazi

On March 23,2015 while delivering his inaugural speech on the eve of Annual Conference of State MInorities Commissions under the auspices of National Minorities Commission at Vigyan Bhawan,New Delhi, where I was also present , Honb’le Home Minister of India Sri Rajnath Singh asserted “Is it not true that minorities demand anti-conversion law all over the world, but not in India?” He also referred to so-called ghar wapsi or re-conversion which has become bone of contention under present governnet.

In my view it is the turn of the majority community and their thikedars to think over why this reverse trend prevails in India. In the present circumstances when there is neither the rule of minority community nor are they educationally and financially strong enough to dictate the flag-bearers of Hindutvas should sit together and think over the matter seriously as to why they are afraid of conversion and also why the situation is out of their control?

They should also examine the causes why their religious ethics are not in a position to check the so-called conversions. I think the right way is to put their own home in order to stop the exodus, instead of framing a law. Making a law is not a solution of this problem. Example of sexual abuses of women are before us. Even stern provisions of law failed to stop rape and other sexual crimes against women in India. My advice to Hindutva votaries, ghar durustagi Karen (please set your house in order), ghar wapsi nahin (not reconversion).