India is a democratic and secular country. The majority rules. Religions keep distance from State. Still a mere 3 percent Brahmin minority aided and abetted by a minuscule Jain minority, has been able to impose its religio-cultural diktats on the entire country, and that too for centuries -- in some form or other. BJP’s rule in Maharashtra had brought in a very critical moment, when the ban of cow slaughter had turned into high criminal demonology. People are to be jailed for number of years, just for possession of beef. A situation much worse than the prohibition of liquor or drugs. However, the reaction to the new ban is now being realised by the rest of the majority in different lights. It is being realised that it is a draconian measure against the personal constitutional rights of freedom of Indian citizens. Even though the measure has pointedly aimed at hitting at Muslims, the impact of the ban is developing into a gross anti-people measure. A gradual consensus is appearing to take hold of the liberals who are not communal and/or religious in the strict sense of the words and are ever vigilant to counter all fascist moves by the Saffron fanatics for their self-promotion as the very epitome of uber-nationals to finally grab India for their hundred-year-old ambition to change it into an exclusive preserve of their existentially disintegrating ideological experimentation.

Indian Express has come out with 3 important articles, that highlight how beef is ingrained into the lives of those that are not Brahmins or call themselves upper castes. And they are the discriminated majority that are bound to react and ask: where is the beef.

Ghulam Muhammed