MIM lost from Bandra East, What Next?

Just concluded Bandra East election results give a wake-up call to MIM leadership. MIM should seriously look into reasons for the debacle. During previous election, they received 23,976 votes but now reduced to 15,050 (-37%). This downward trend within six months clearly shows that like other political parties, MIM also did not work for the constituency. Success and defeat both are common in politics. Under all circumstances, political representatives should continue to concentrate on public issues. The present Mayor of Chennai, S Duraiswamy, during his early days in politics, had contested 3 times for assembly seat, 2 times he had lost, only third time he could win. In spite of defeat, he continued his public service. He is one of the decent politicians in Tamil Nadu. People from his constituency could easily meet him.

If MIM plans good support in BMC election they should start working on it now. All 25 candidates who contested last assembly election should take up day-to-day public issues in their respective constituencies.

MIM should get rid of its “hate speech tag”. This could be possible if MIM is able to practically implement the Indian concept of “Unity in diversity”. Tit-for-tat speeches and divisive politics will not work anymore. Hindutva forces have already tried and miserably failed, now all of them have started enrolling Dalit and Muslim community members in order to show that they are not against them. MIM should develop local leadership everywhere. MIM should have a team of influential speakers. Speakers should at least have working knowledge of English, urdu, Arabic and local languages. Besides they should possess knowledge of Holy Qur’aan, teachings of Prophet Muhmmad (PBUH), Constitution of Indian, Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code etc., MIM should train them effectively, conduct formal orientation program and allow them to come on stage. Speakers should be well aware of a basic fact that a big majority of Muslims and Dalits are illiterates. Apart from speaking on injustice, MIM speakers should offer viable solution for specific problems. Speakers should discuss about individual responsibility of every one, as community member, as citizen of this country. Their speeches should help preserve the composite culture of INDIA. No speaker should ever utter a single word which might attract any legal provision.

We should always bear in mind, our opponents will come out with new controversies from time to time. They do so because of ineffective and partial enforcement of law. Besides, their agenda is to instigate Muslims emotionally. If Muslims get instigated they will be happy. If Muslims ignore their comments, they are angry and will come out with a fresh controversy.

Holy Qur’aan (29:2-3) says, “Do people think, just because they verbally accepted faith, they will be left and they will not be tested? Surely we did test those before them, and ALLAH will certainly know those who are true from those who are false”

What all kinds of tests Muslims will have to face in this world? Holy Qur’aan (2:155) outlines “Surely we shall test you with (1) fear (2) hunger (3) loss of goods (4) loss of lives (5) loss of fruits (of your hard works) ; But give glad tidings to those who remain patient ; when all such calamities befall them; they just say verily to ALLAH we belong and we will return to him alone"

All sorts of problems will come and go. Nothing is permanent in this life. In this wonderful country of ours, there are people who believe in ONE GOD, and people who worship several GODs, there are people who totally deny existence of GOD. Our country accepts all because freedom of religion is a fundamental right guaranteed under Art. 25 of Constitution of India.

Invoking religion for political gains should be avoided. While senior Owaisi is the recipient of prestigious ‘Sansad Ratna Award” (Best parliamentarian award) but junior owaisi is always branded as “Hate Speaker”. This label should go. MIM should work out to disown this “Red Label”.

MIM’s role is outstanding while fighting for Muslims’ constitutional rights. At the same time MIM should educate its masses about their individual responsibilities and guide them how to surpass all hurdles and join national mainstream. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Said: “Every individual is responsible”. Community should be reminded on this repeatedly again and again. How long we keep shedding tears as if the Govt. is solely responsible for our drawback. Why don't we realize what all benefits we continue to enjoy?

MIM should take a lead role in negotiation process with Govt. No matter who occupies seat of power, be it PM or CM, it’s a constitutional position, we must negotiate for our constitutional rights. Constructive opposition is strength of any healthy democracy. Why can’t MIM adopt a policy to support Government’s constructive efforts and oppose if things go otherwise. How long we will keep talking about Gujrat riots? we all know politicians are seasonal decision makers. Many political parties carry accusation of direct or indirect involvement in communal riots. To single out any party would be unfair.   

Reservation for Muslims, allocation of sufficient funds for Muslims' and Dalits' welfare, closure of false cases and release of innocent Muslim boys languishing in jails without trail, rehabilitation of those affected by beef ban and other similar issues should be brought to negotiation table. Emotional speeches would never help community nor MIM. Confrontation will not help anyone instead it will aggravate the situation. Let us give a serious thought before its too late.