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Rape in Kashmir and other letters to the editor

Rape in Kashmir
If what is reported at Kashnet through (about 7,000 Kashmiri women raped in Kashmir and about other atrocities by security forces on Kashmiris) is true then (being citizen of democracy where people are real sovereigns who control State functionaries) it is a matter of shame for every Indian. And any Indian who can work for the rectification of this despicable state of affair should come forward. I believe that people are interested especially in protecting the honour  & respect of women of J&K, which is possible only when adequate people & financial resources are pressed in the service of this cause (which I can help mobilize in Kashmir) in view of the fact that this problem (of human rights and honour of Kashmiri women) is linked with chronic and gory Kashmir problem, the solution of which requires nothing short of an India level all comprehensive revolution emanating from Kashmir. I can assist any NGO in J&K (existing or new) in a very effective way even by going to and staying in Kashmir [at my own expenses (for personal needs) in rented room] in order to ensure (by said mission) that human rights of Kashmiris (especially of women) are no more violated and they get justice in those cases where their human rights were violated. If you are interested in this mission please contact me at email :
Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru


Solution of the Naxalite menace
Now it is enough is enough the police has failed to combat with The sleuths were always put before the guns. They are mostly Dalits and scheduled tribes. Now we should change our strategy, We can avail the services of old politicians like LK Adavani Subramunian Swami and young politicians as Rahul Gandhi and Religious leaders like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar some guys from RSS and Bajrang Dal,Shiv Sena Chief Udheb Thakey,Seeta Ram yechuri and some talented persons Must be air dropped in the Jangal where Leaders of Naxalites dwell They must be informed that our aim is just to have discourses with them let our leaders should show some courage The Pakistani terrorists take risk and enter in Mumbai from Kerachi and kill 166 innocents and Three ATS officers. Our leaders live all the time in police Security They lag behind to tske any risk Any way the police gave their precious lives to curtail the Naxalite problem But it is not the law and order problem it is social and economic problem let our leader Come out from their shells and try to solve this vexing problem If Advani succeeds in solving this problem he should be made prime minister of India it will be relevant award for him Yechuri has good convincing capacity let him try his luck.
AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

Media conspiracy to create pro Modi environment
National Hindi daily (10 April 15) put a caption in bold letters on front page “If acceleration of Achcha Din not stopped” (Kahin Thum Na Jaye Achche Dino Ki Raftar” as if after formation of Modi’s government inflation came down, suicide of farmer stopped, rapes don’t take place, water food, road, electricity etc. problem solved black money brought back (15 L Rupees reached in every Poor man's account) etc. Modi is hell bent to create poor Modi environment.
S. Haque, Patna

Saffron mentality made judiciary dwart
P M Naredra Modi said “If politician or government make mistakes there is scope for repair…. But if you (judges) commit a mistake every thing ends.” He also said “Don’t let perceptions cloud judgements” (Joint Conference of the CMs and state CJs / 05/04/15) Patna H C Summoned Saharsa DM and threaten to impose cost on him in a regulisation of an ad hoc employee case (01/04/15) certainly for fetching justice it is a remarkable step of judiciary. But the same revolutionary zeal vanishes when Muslim matter comes. Md Aamir Khan (Delhi) who spent long 14 years in jail for no fault of his. Police slapped 20 coocked up terror charges against him. Dr Md. Qasim could be released after 20 years from TADA charges. Liaqat Ali spent years in jail and acquitted. Judiciary not asked govt to pay adequate compensation or not compensation cost realised from erring police officials and not punished the erring officers etc. Digvijay Singh senior Congress leader had said saffron mentality creeped into judiciary. Judiciary must ask question form their conscience.
S. Haque, Patna

Fact Seldom Comes out
Justice S. N. Dhingra openly said there is law in the country. Judiciary can do what they want like review revise, alter, redefine etc. in any case. Where is law? Desh Mein Kanoon naam ki koyee cheez nahin hai. In a programme on Focus News / 12/02/15 Aman Sinha, senior journalist Vinod Agnihotri were present in the programme about Administrative and judiciary tussle Sr. journalist Vinod Agnihotri candidly said that judiciary helping hand in the rise of BJP cannot be denied. On behalf of justice loving people of India I salute justice Dhingra, Sr. journalist Vinod Agnihotri and Focus News.
S. Haque, Patna

Biased police from Furguson to Forbesganj
Congratulation Zia Haq for selecting form Furguson to Forbesganj in his article “it’s not always with you or for you” in English daily (20 Jan. 2015). He mentioned 11 members national advisory commission set up by US President Lyndon Johnson in July 1967, on civil disorder up to “explain the riot”. The report’s conclusion was scathing “our nation is moving toward two societies - one black one white - separate and unequal” In Furguson white polie shot unarmed black youth and in Forbesganj police killed four innocent Muslim and police rapidly stomped on the corpse of Muslims. In every anti Muslim riot police silent spectator role (Many inquiry commission mentioned) and war on terror became, terror on Muslims is the opinion of second largest community. To make police responsible Muslim must be fair representation in police has become essential.
S. Haque, Patna

Petition filed to declare RSS a terror group
Sikhs for justice (SFJ) filed a law suit in federal court, southern district of New York to designate RSS as a foreign terrorist organisation for believing in and practicing fascist ideology and running campaign to turn India into Hindu nation. Accusing the RSS of targeting minorities, demolition of Babri Masjid, instigating army operation in golden temple, rap in nuns in 2008, burning churches and raping Muslim women in Gujarat anti Muslims riots 2002 etc. Will the low suit bear any result? Because the similar case against Narendra Modi the then CM of Gujarat for not protecting Human lives during 2002 Gujarat anti Muslim riot was dismissed by US court.
S. Haque, Patna

Md Shahid is ray in the gloom.
Ummah has lost positive path of educations and the reached to the lowest than the Dalits. But Md. Shahid who has lost his household including study materials in Azizpur of Muzaffar Pur riot like more than hundred Muslims houses burned by mob and 4 persons were killed in a feeble ray in the gloom. Md. Shahid class 10 student said “I do not know whether students of my class will ever sit together and whether I can complete my matric exam. I could not submit exam form which were burnt. Whey Am I Punished for no fault of Mine?” He is worrying for education. His version indicates that some awareness for education creeped into Ummah, is ray in gloom.
S. Haque, Patna

Judicial reluctance denies justice to Muslims
Mass rape committed by Army’s 4-Rajputana rifles in kunan-Posh Pora on February 23-24’ 1991. 40 innocents were raped by Army’s as matter hanged for 22 yrs and on 16 January 2015 J&K high court stayed reinvestigation in mass rape dastardly incidence and posted the case for hearing after 2 weeks. The bench headed by CJI k G. Bala Subramanium rejected the contention of civil rights when Prashant Bhushan very senior lawyer appeared on behalf of “Anhad” said “Batla house encounter had shaken the confidence of a large section of society” The Bench showed displeasure “you need not identify any section of the society. Criminals are criminals why you identity a community”. Thus jjudiciary Blocked the flow of justice. If a proper section f society is targetted and appeared. Then certainly that very section of society must be identified as oppressed. The udiciary must give priority in providing justice to that very section of society who is subjected to injustices.
S. Haque, Patna

Kis se Karein Ummeed
Judges, top officials etc were given responsibilities to enquire against any injustices like riots, fake encounters, arresting on the basis of coocked up terror charges etc. The enquiry commission and committees set up to fetch justice but commission and committees drag many years as it becomes redundant. But when Muslims get the chance, the commission report should have historical in exposing the conspiracies in Bihar MLA Akhtarul Imam and Moulana Shamimudidn Monami were given responsibility to enquire into disappearing of enoconous area of Soghra Waqf Properties The Soghra Waqf state was biggest waqf state. According to sources more than 4000 acre of land was waqf for the benefit of Ummah. Muslims were members and Motawalli and waqf board is having control over all waqf properties. Now Soghra waqf state is having only 400 acre four years passed but two members committee did not give its report and former MLA Akhtarul Imam and Moulana Shamim Monami just said there were huge corruption in the waqf and they withdrew themselves form responsibility. Then enquiry has been given to anti-corruption Dept but kept in abeyance.
S. Haque, Patna


Rahul’s Sabbatical waste
Rahul is the lad with out a master. He did not have any religious guidance or political acquaintance Man cannot guide and trained himself with out a master or a mentor He just wasted his time in Mynamar He proved that he is a LAWABALI Youth He is is also wasting his marriageable age In Indian conditions if a man does not marry till the age of 40 years his kin become doubtful about his vitality and advise him to tske the advice of a doctor But it is peculiar that non of the congress personnel or his,mother is coercing him t o get married Marriage will make his personality credible That will make him a responsible person of the Party,Now The BJP and even the senior leader of congress Sheela Dixit has openly criticised him It is better congress should join BJP and contest in Bihar Elections,There is no future of Congress in the leadership of Rahul or Sonia Now all the party bosses including Sonia are well off and have no any sympathy toward poor and down trodden
Abdul Hameed, Hyderabad 17/04/2015

Are IITs ungrateful?
First Education of Minister of India Moulana Abul Kalam Azad’s vision provided India a launching pad to excel in Technical field. He established Pioneer technical Education institutions (IITs / UGC etc) IITs should remember Moulana Abul Kalam Azad and organise grand programme at Azad’s birth day.
S. Haque, Patna