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Eight Unusual but Great Spots for Romantic Trips

Going away for a couple of days or more is something that every couple needs sometimes. Forgetting about work and responsibilities and just enjoying beautiful surroundings and each other is very exciting, isn’t it? Here are some unusual romantic spots that can be perfect for all that.

The Valley of the Butterflies

Rhodes is a great place to go on a romantic trip. The valley of the butterflies is a unique place that with amaze you by its beauty. Thousands of butterflies make this valley alive and very vivid. This valley also has some small waterfalls, interesting rocky ledges and other small residents of this place including lizards, rare birds and crabs.

Iguazu falls, Brazil

Nature for sure creates the most beautiful and romantic spots for us. Emotions from seeing something huge and powerful are usually unforgettable. These waterfalls are among the biggest ones in the world and they seem endless and eternal when you look at them. So, this place is definitely worth stepping by before you have a dinner in some nearby romantic restaurant.

Trincomalee, major resort port town of in Sri Lanka

Bright equatorial sun, calm rote of the Indian Ocean, coconuts, straw café on the beach, friendly waiter who brings you a glass of banana fresh: do you feel the vibe? You can spend a couple of days looking at the ocean without a worry in the world. Besides, it is quite cheap here, which is also very pleasant.

The Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

If you don’t like passive trips, this one is definitely for you. “The roof of the world” in the Himalayas can offer you the freshest air and the heady feeling of happiness and piece. Having a romantic picnic at the height of 4500 meters is an unforgettable experience. You should be able to walk for a long time to get there, but it is definitely worth it.

Romantic Athens at night

This ancient and at the same time modern capital of Greece has a lot to offer to those who seek romantic getaways. This city never sleeps and at nights it is especially charming. Everything is glowing and you have a huge choice of romantic places to spend with your beloved half.

Dinner above Bangkok, Thailand

Apart from all the great places to see in Bangkok, this city has many beautiful high-rise hotels to stay in. You can order a room on, let’s say, 71st floor and enjoy a romantic dinner with an extraordinary view.   

The Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

The Dingle Peninsula is a remarkable and very romantic place. Ireland is well known for its long history, mystery legends, beautiful nature and architecture. You can stay in one of the cosy hotel with the ocean view and enjoy all the beauties of this magical place.

Indian charm: Ahmedabad

India is a very beautiful and exotic place to visit. Maybe, it is not the first choice for romantic trip for many people, but it definitely has a lot to offer.  Ahmedabad is the great city to spend a couple of days with your beloved one. If you are interested in sightseeing, you’ll find plenty of things to see there. If you just want to spend time with your partner, you can have a great place for a couple of days near one of the beautiful lakes and enjoy the nature and quite of the marvelous Ahmedabad.

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