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“Hindus incapable to rule”

Being a majority community Hindus are primarily responsible to ensure that peace and political stability remains in SAARC region. Even before independence it was clear to all that Hindus do not understand politics and are incapable to rule hence India got trifurcated. Again presently Hindus have brought not only India but entire SAARC region to a political mess hence Pakistan may be right when says - 'Hindus incapable to rule' as explained at It is time Indian Muslims take lead in shaping unified India / SAARC.    Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru


Open letter to the delegation of ulamas which met PM

You met the Prime Minister; we are happy. We would have been sorry and angry if the P. M. had declined to meet you. A careful and dispassionate study of the Reports in the Press regarding your Memorandum shows clearly that it is a 'GOSPEL OF HATE" against the Wahabi Ideology and a tirade against Wahabis.. This is borne by the fact you have asked for a separate Wakf Board for WAHABBIS. The time is not far, when on the same analogy, the HANNAFIS will clamour for a Hannafi Wakf Board; the Shafis for a Board for them and the Malikis and Hanbalis likewise Boards for them. Alas! you have failed and neglected to condemn and call upon the P. M. the pernicious ghar vapasi" programme of the Sangh Parivar. You have NOT called upon the P. M. to ban fundamentalist outfits such as the RSS and the Hindu Mahasabha? You have NOT protested against the ban on cow,- bull - bullock and calf slaughter. why, may I ask? Alas! Your meeting the prme minister was yet another drama of ' mulaqaathan; baykaar kay gufthan, biscuit aur chai qurdhan, photo kheechwan and barqasthan May Allah Subhanathallah guide you aright. Aameen Summa Aameen.           S. M. PASHA, Chennai


"Suryana mashkar is for Hindus only"

"Walkover To Superstition" (MG, 16-31 March, 2015) is worth reading. India is a secular country. How can Rajasthan and Madhya Prades governments make Surya Namaskar mandatory? It is contrary to the rules and curbs the rights of the common man. Muslims and Christians and other Hindu castes will never follow ''Surya namashkar” and Yoga. This is nothing but full-throttle safronisation which is not acceptable under our constitution. Mr Abdul Rasheed Agwan has rightly mentioned the demerits of ''Surya namashkar in detail. The PM should take necessary action.

Mohammad Azam, Karimnager


Fatwa needed

I seek a fatwa from Ulama-e-Deen through the hospitality of your columns, whether buffaloes can be sacrificed on the occasion of the EIDUL AZHA. I am seeking an answer since to my knowledge slaughter of buffaloes is not banned.         S. M. PASHA, Periamet, Chennai 600003

MG: Both Islam and the law of the land do not prohibit slaughter of buffaloes, so where is the need for a fatwa?


Justice denied

Thirteen persons were acquitted after 12 years from Pota charges. These 13 persons were arrested in connection with the Mumbai terror blast. They all are Muslims. Solapur sessions court acquitted them on 24 Feb. These innocents lost their precious 12 years in jail and terror taint got stuck to these innocents. Abdus Samad Sameer Khan got bail after nine years. ATS arrested him with other seven person in the Aurangabad Arms Haul Case. Mumbai special court granted him bail on 18 Feb. A series of such examples can be put on record in which after several years courts acquit them but without fulfilling the demand of total justice. They should have been fairly compensated for wrong confinement as Dr. Hanif was compensated by the Australian judiciary. To wash the taint of terror, these victims must be given job in the police department. Humanity suffers not because of the oppression of police but because of the silence of judiciary.              S. Haque, Patna


Judgement on Hashimpura Genocide

This judgement is a living example of justice delayed is justice denied .The judgement has shaken the faith of Indian Muslims in Indian Judicial system and is a big setback to Muslims. If guards are criminals then "Who will Guard the Guards" and if this is the way of delivering justice then " Who will Judge the Judges". It is most shameful that none of the so called Secular Party claiming to be protector of Muslims interest has come out against this injustice in the name of Justice . The most shocking aspect of the whole episode is that all of Community self claimed champions of Muslims cause including Muslim MLAs MPs and Ministers are having Criminal Silence on this issue of mass murder by Govt Security forces.

Prof Shamim Ahmad, AMU


Harmonize and make a peaceful country

Nowadays murder is widespread. The lives of innocent people became the cheapest thing in our country. Blood is flowing like water. The burning event of Hyderabad is witnessed this bitter fact Yesterday. This is not only the matter of some people or some communities or some states, but it is the major question before the government. The government must take a strict step to harmonize the situation and to make it peaceful. Your faithfully,

Muzammil Ali, Jogeshwari Mumbai, 400102


Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami

We are all very sad to read in your esteemed magazine passing away of Janab Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami who was Sajjada Nashin of Dargah of the Sufi Saint Hazrat Khwaja Nizamuddin Aulia . You have very well written about his personality and the work he did in his lifetime on many issues. He was a very well respected scholar and the friend of the Sikh Community. He had the distinction of having been a guest of honour on to historic occasions of the Sikh history in recent past. In 1999, the Sikh celebrated 300th of the founding of Khalsa at Anandpur Sahib. Khwaja Sahib was on the Dias along with the Prime Minister and other dignities. In 2008 he was again on Dias with Prime Minister and other Dignities in Hazoor Sahib, Nanded in Maharashtra when the Sikhs in lakhs gathered there to observe the 300th year of the installation of Guru Granth Sahib as a living deity. I may also add here that this Dargah at Nizamuddin is associated with the Great Sufi Saint Baba Farid of Pak Patan (Pakistan). Baba Farid verses incorporated in our holy Guru Granth Sahib and daily recited in all Sikh Gurdwaras.                Sardar Tarlochan Singh

Ex-Chairman, National Council of Minorities, New Delhi


Babri demolition

Why were Advani, Joshi and others assembled on the terrace of Ram Katha Kunj? There seems little doubt that they were there because the place afforded a view of the Babari Masjid site. There seems little doubt that they had assembled to witness something which they knew was about to happen at the site. How, then, can we not speak of conspiracy? These were influential people who did nothing to prevent the destruction of the mosque. The then chief minister of Uttar Pradesh belonged to the party of which they were leaders. While Advani may not himself have shouted "Ek dhakka aur," he does not seem to have stopped his companions from doing that. He was either a part of the collective hugging when the Masjid fell or a witness to it. The bald fact is that many leaders of the movement which wanted a Ram temple built on the site of an old mosque were present when that mosque was razed.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Why only conditional regret?

It refers to a conditional regret made by Union Minister Gririraj Singh that too on directions of his party High Command for his yet other highly objectionable racist comments for Congress President Sonia Gandhi, which has created even global reactions especially from the affected country Nigeria. It is beyond understanding why the irresponsible minister did not make an unconditional apology on his remarks in his own interest so as to be careful in future while speaking. Ruling BJP with a massive majority has many deserving Parliamentarians capable of holding ministerial posts. BJP once having claimed to be a 'party with a difference' should get rid of such ministers who are repeated offenders for their irresponsible comments putting his party and government in big embarrassment. Sacking a minister like him for his unpardonable comments will also make other ministers behave responsibly.

 Madhu Agrawal, Dariba, Delhi-6


Why idols prefer to “appear” only in Muslim properties?

The world had seen how clandestinely the idol of Ram lala was placed in the historical Babri Masjid. Idols of devis and devtas routinely appear in Waqf properties and in public places like roadsides, on chowrahas or on nalas etc. Idols love to appear in Muslim properties and in public properties. It should be a matter of research. Recently an idol of Ganesh appeared on the Waqf property room's wall in Bhagwanchak's Shaikhutola of Begusarai district in Bihar. It is Shaikh Muhammad Haider Ali waqf estate no. 371 having over 9 katha costly land. It is a conspiracy to capture Waqf land. Are idols of devis and devtas helping to capture Muslims properties?           S. Haque, Patna


Murder most foul

The heinous & violent murder of the Afghani woman Farkhunda is condemned by us in strongest terms. Unfortunately, such barbaric acts of merciless, torturous beating & lynching are not unknown in our own land, the land of great worshippers of Ahinsa (non-violence), Mahatma Gandhi & Buddah Very shameful, indeed. History stands witness to a very long and shocking tale of criminal acts against the weaker sections of the society, minorities and Dalits. Actors, often change but victims remain the same. In short, in less than an year the lynching of one Mohsin Shaikh in Pune in 2014 and another accused and prisoner S. S. Khan in Dimapur on March 5,  2015 will illustrate the point. More recently the acquittal of the accused in Hashimpura massacre of Muslim in 1987 case, is a signal, a threat to the peaceful existence of minorities. To make the nation advanced, developed and strong, strong and quick remedial measures are the need of the hour.            Prof. Shaista Bano

Former Principal Women's College, AMU, Aligarh


Mahatma Gandhi at Parliament Square, London

A nine feet bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi unveiled at Parliament Square in London at the hand of British Prime Minister Mr. David Camron recently. The unveiling Ceremony was attended promptly amongst others included Indian Union Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitely, MR. Amitabh Bachchan and Mr. Gopal Kirishna Gandhi, Grand-Son of Mahatma Gandhi. The subject matter is susceptible if considered different angles as Mahatma Gandhi was the living force behind dragging out the Britishers form the Indian Soil who happened to be the daredevil enemy of the Britishers and responsible to push them out through his non- violence movement and other such peaceful invisible weapons forcing Britishers to handover the administration of the country to its true subject i. e. Indians which ultimately compelled the foreigners to respect the wishes of Mahatma Gandhi. However the broadminded and open hearted Britishers never treated Mahatma Gandi or his associates as their enemies as despite unsuitable and unaccepted condition in their case of departuring form Indian side they continued showering all sorts of blessings, co-operation, love and affection towards the Nation and its leaders once upon they were the rulers. Such generosity of Western Nation deserved to be applauded, cheered, and appreciated by every Indian honestly as despite punishing them out of India, the Britisheres evidently shown the way of open heart and broadmindedness by installing bronze statue of Father of Nation in London by proving that they are the Nation of moral and character as they are ready to honour the sacrifices of the people for their nations like Mahatma Gandhi. Whereas in India those remained indifferent, completely disassociated with Freedom Movement, discarded and rejected the said Movement and somehow supported the British Government, after Freedom praised highly ranked patriots more above than Mahatma Gandhi as nationalists with their statutes comingup freely in every nook and corner in the country. Their names are prominently seen in the educational books with their self created performances during and after Freedom Movement. Recently some Sadhus and sadhvees in a rather challenging tone turned down the participation of Mahatma Gandhi in Freedom Movement in any way. Mr. Arun Jaitelly belongs to the same family of Hindutva put question mark for his presence o the occasion as till day his party under the guidance of Indian P. M. Narendra Modi never realised the gravity and seriousness of spewing poison against Mahatmaji and subsequently the Nation itself. Traditionally we are so backward that we can not tolerate statue of any foreigner on our land. O my contrary, we are on the rampage to remove out all statues of foreigners alongwith the names of their memorials being replaced by Indian names unreasonably.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13


What kind of Pak sarzameen is this

According to Jeanne Moreau, the French actor, cinema is the mirror of the world. With little modification, one say that films or serials are the best medium of the true reflection of human society or nation is the best admissible truth, if so, Pakistani serials shown around the clock on Indian Chennal "Zindigi" Pakistani "Humsub" carried the same story. Those watch the serials one after other must have realised that the country founded in the name of Islamic Nation as ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN wit its majority of Muslim followers is fully gripped tightly and sticked with the Western thinking, way of life, manners, traditions, customs and affairs in daily life to the extent that the same have become part and parcel of near about 40% of the Muslim Society of that Country whereas another 40% Muslim Society following Religion and Way of life in a formative manner whereas 20% doing their job immensely over and all. Those watching Zindagi must have understood that the cultural Westernisation of the Islamic country is in full swing with all its anti -slamic ingredients. The Society therein appears to have catagorised or classified like billioners, multi-millionaire, millionaires, crorepati, lakpathi down playing each one under materialistic egoism and luxury. Teaching through Urdu medium is taken as backwardness and to be a future peon whereas education through English medium treated as dignified acquisition of education Both college or university students seen competition each other in makeup and fashion designing with majority of them putting half nude dresses thus educational places presenting themselves the places for fasionshows rather than building the Nation through educational process. The free mixing of boys and girls in higher educational institutions, places, malls, markets and other public places provide them only an opportunity to discuss and move around one topic only i. e. love and marriage without thinking about the building and developing of the country, producing technologists, scientists, expert doctors, bureaucrats, administrators and so on. Every educated person has a dream to shift in US or any other European country as future in homeland is dark and uncertain. The elders and National leaders much earlier threw off the national dress substituted by English dresses with no scope even for JInah Cap. All kinds of corruptions and corrupt practices at each level are the day of order without any check, fear and action. May Allah save the neighbouring Nation.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Muslim should boycott puppet Muslim leaders

Faridabad is a fast developing town having sizeable Muslim population. Haryana is the state where Congress ruled two terms before losing the 2014 assembly elections. Muslims are facing problems of graveyards. Under Congress rule, Aftab Ahmad was minority welfare minister. Muslims have been imploring for grave land but their request was not fulfilled. Now Aftab Ahmad is bragging that he tried! Muslims must boycott those who avoids Muslim cause.

S. Haque, Patna


Cow issue

Ram Puniyani referring to Professor Dwijendra Nath Jha, who incidentally happens to be my teacher, in his Holy Cow Beef in Indian Dietary Tradition, has espoused the usage of beef in ancient India to the dislike of many Hindus who refuse to accept changes that took place in Hindu civilization with the passage of time. That the Vedic Aryans had a strong appetite for beef is undeniable and was considered necessary to become a good Hindu. Here I would like to cite an earlier source in support of Ram Puniyani and D. N. Jha. This is Aina -i Tarikh Numa (in 3 parts) written in the 1860's by Shiva Prasad or Raja Shiv Prasad (Sitara-i Hind). He writes that Hindus would worship the objects of nature and would offer sacrifice to God of those things which they would consume such as Ox, Cow, Horse, Sheep, Goat, etc. They would boil the flesh or roast it. During the days of Lord Ramchandra animals were hunted and their flesh dried and used for eating. When Raja Dashrath (father of Lord Ram) died, cow and calf were sacrificed and the flesh distributed. When Bharat (brother of Lord Ram) was invited for dinner he was served with meat of deer, sheep, wild pig, partridge, peacock. The practice of drying meat/ flesh existed in many parts of India as late as during the life time of Shiva Prasad in the nineteenth century. He also records that during the days of Lord Ramchandra, Sati was not practised. All this has been written to rethink over a matter which remain a major cause of dissension between the Hindus and Muslims, and the issue should be studied in its proper perspective.

Javed Ali Khan, Azamgarh


What ails Muslims?

Maulana Maududi, the eminent Islamic scholar, in his series of khuthbaat (lectures) has clearly explained why Muslims are suffering. Hence, one is entitled to question: where is the necessity to write about the same subject once again? What he wrote was about Muslims in general. I am writing a few lines why Indian Muslims are suffering. Because Indian Muslims are slowly becoming Hinduized by adopting their ways of life. Can anyone truthfully deny this fact? Since the Government is in the hands of Hindus, it does all that it can do to strengthen Hindus and weaken Muslims. Flouting promises and non-punctuality is very common amongst Muslims today. They are following, though not openly, the pernicious caste system. Is this not a fact? As regards, salaat, permit me to quote the great philosopher poet who lamented: masjid toh banaadee shub bhar mein eemaan kee hararat waloan nay; mun apna puraana papee hai, barsoan mein namazee ban na sakha." If Indian Muslims follow the sagacious suggestion of Allama Iqbal, they can regain their lost glory. He advised Indian Muslims thus: "Sabaq pardh thoo phir sadaqat ka, adalat ka, shujaat ka; Liyaa jaayegay thujh say kaam dunya ki imamat ka."

S, M. Pasha, Chennai


What is this violence?

What would you call the following incident hate crime or road rage?:  In the night of Sunday night of April 5, 2015 when Shahnawaz and his two sons and wife were returning from a wedding dinner on their motorbike they had an ‘accident.’ It lightly grazed a car by its silencer. The five men inside the car came out and quarreled and then beat Shahenawaz with iron rods in full view of his two sons and wife and also molested his wife. His 14 year son Fahd saw them beating his father for 15 minutes until he died. There was traffic disturbance at Turkeman gate area. Next day one of the attackers was arrested.                 Mustafa Khan, Malegaon


An Open letter to the CM, UP

The decision of U. P. Chief Minister to constitute a State Minorities Education Commission (MG, March 16-31) will go a long way in instilling the confidence among the minorities. The decision will also have a long term bearing on the advancement & upliftment of minorities. in general & Muslims in particular. I am appreciative of Shri Akhilesh Yadav's plan However, the limitation of such efforts are well known. Children are most important asset of nation building & their welfare & well - being is directly proportional to the healthy development of any society. In this regards, I submit:- (1) Provision of Govt. Schools, in abundance, on priority basis specially for girls, Beti Padhao-Andhkar Mitao.  (2) Establishment of some sort of Military School, Centre or Coaching & Guidance Cell. (3) Reservation for Muslims on the basis of educationally & economically backward community. The community looks up to you, with expectations & to your positive response. This will strengthen the cause of education among minorities.

Shaista Bano, Ex-Principal, Women's College,

Aligarh Muslim University