Petition against Shia Waqf Board chairman

Allahabad: According to Farman Ahmad Naqvi, advocate in Allahabad High Court, Muhammad Haidar Naqvi, a social worker of Lucknow has filed a PIL in Allahabad High Court against UP Central Shia Waqf Board Chairman, Wasim Rizvi, state government, Waqf secretary, Director General of CBCID, SSP of Lucknow, SSP of Agra and others. Persons concerned, in addition to Wasim Rizvi, are Ghulam Saiyyadain; Baqar Raza and Shazab Rizvi. It is stated in this PIL that these persons should be arrested immediately and should be barred from interfering in Waqf Board’s work because arrest warrants have been issued against them and also, six FIRs against Wasim Rizvi and others (3 in Saharanpur, 2 in Agra and one in Kanpur) have been filed and registered under different sections of IPC including section 420 (cheating). It is also requested in this PIL that all orders issued under UP Shia Waqf Board from 17 January 2015 till date should be declared void because all these orders are illegal. Advocate Naqvi said that UP government had issued an order to CBCID Inspector Shri Krishn on 4 July 2012 that many complaints of scandals in Shia Waqf Board were being received and hence an enquiry be made into all transactions and activities of Shia Waqf Board during the last 10 years and report submitted to the government. He (Naqvi) said that arrest warrants against all these were issued from Agra on 17 January 2015 and the responsibility of arrest was given to SSP of Lucknow. He said that in its report to SSP of Lucknow, the CBCID of Agra said Wasim Rizvi and three others were found guilty on the basis of proofs. Report of this has already been submitted. Naqvi said that in spite of the arrest warrant issued on 17 January 2015 their arrests have not so far been made nor they were ever presented in the court on the lame excuse that Wasim Rizvi is not traceable whereas the fact is, according to Naqvi, that Waqf Board’s office is just near SSP’s office where Wasim Rizvi comes daily and issues orders. Advocate Naqvi’s question is: when on state government’s order CBCID had investigated the scandal / scam in Shia Waqf Board and FIR also was filed, why no action is being taken? 

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