Support Delhi's LG Najeeb Jung

Najeeb Jung the current Lieutenant Governor of Delhi is one of the few upright and highly credible and capable Muslim senior officials in India. He is from a distinguished Delhi family with two of his brothers being IAS officials (retired now).

In the dispute on the powers of LG and Chief Minister of Delhi, several Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) politicians are making derogatory personal comments on him. They think that because he is a Muslim and hence supposed to be weak, he will buckle in the face of harsh attacks.

In the sting tape recording Arvind Kejriwal had said. "What choice Muslims have but to support AAP". Now Kejriwal who has shown himself to be a dictatorial politician is trying to usurp LG's powers. Since the central government has emphasized that the laws and constitution must be followed in this respect, Kejriwal is trying to create ruckus in the streets through unlawful means.

For Muslims it is always safe to stick to the laws and constitution. When Kejriwal can turn on his senior leaders why will he care for Muslims if they do not behave like “Yes men”? Jung is fighting to preserve the laws and constitution and integrity in government. Let us all support LG Jung.

Kaleem Kawaja, is an NRI, lives in the US and is deeply involved in community activism.