Saying it’s a place for prayer, Punjab Sikhs return mosque

Panipat:  In the village of Takhtupura Moga district of Punjab, a wonderful show of communal harmony was witnessed when an old historic Masjid, in possession of non-Muslims, was handed over to the Muslims of the village on 21 May. The non-Muslims did it saying, “Masjid is for prayer only”. Muslims had lost the possession of this centuries-old Masjid in 1947, when all the Muslims of the village migrated to Pakistan. The Masjid had been under the control of Pradeep Singh and Boota Singh all these years.

The efforts of a few well-wishers of both the communities produced good results, when, on 21 May, the head of Jamia Darussalam Ambala, Maulana Javed Nadwi, Haji Muhammad Mursaleen, Vikram Singh and Om Prakash completed the transfer of the Masjid to the Muslims and five-times daily prayers were re-started in the Masjid. Speaking on the occasion, Pradeep Singh said that the Muslims and the Hindus are like the two eyes of India. If one eye is in danger, the second eye must come forward to defend it. This is necessary for the development of the country.

Maulana Javed Nadwi, on the other hand, said that some half a century ago, it was difficult for those wearing beards and caps to work in Punjab, and it was far difficult for them to even live here. But, all thanks to Allah, now the Muslims and non-Muslims are living in this state side by side with dignity, and we can hear the sound of “Allah-o-Akbar” here five times a day. He exhorted Muslims to discharge the rights of neighbours, keep promises, speak truth and be trustworthy. These are the qualities which ensure respect.