Huge Paradigm Shift in Health System Envisaged

Book: Qur’anic Paradigms of Sciences & Society” First Volume: Dynamic Paradigm of Health
Author: Dr. Javed Jamil
Year: 2014
Pages: 290
Publishers: Mission Publications, New Delhi
Price: Rs 450 (India), US$18 (foreign)
ISBN 81-88268-11-9
S.A.R Adil

The author gives a new definition of health, which does not merely describe what health is but also how the onus of preserving the health of mankind falls not only on individuals but also on family and the socio-political system - national and international. This definition obviously is set to bring in a huge paradigm shift from the current internationally adopted paradigm of health, which puts the onus entirely on individuals, allowing the system to expose the people to items and practices associated with huge risks to health.

If Dr. Jamil has not attracted as much attention of the world so far as he deserves, the simple reason is that his whole mission is largely directed against the current forces ruling the world. Had it been the opposite, he would have become an international celebrity by now. But this is exactly the reason why he needs to be admired by the seekers of the truth. His contribution to both the philosophy in general as well as Islamic thought in particular is unmatched in terms of depth as well as implications. They are not aimed at just joining the intellectual discourse but are meant for changing the very basis of organised human existence. The most noteworthy aspect of his work is that he seems to be least awed, by so-called modern developments - philosophical as well as structural. With the passage of time, he has become increasingly dismissive of current ideologies, which he finds unworthy of acceptance in a civilised society. He has effectively unveiled the designs of the forces that are spreading certain concepts, ideologies and programmes with the sole aim of monopolising the world.

His work becomes even more important from the Islamic point of view because he does not view Islam simply as a religion or “way of life”; for him Islam is a system, which needs to be enforced in totality if the world is to be saved from the disastrous policies of the notorious forces that control the world today. He has recurrently called for a “total ideological onslaught” against the New World Order, and argues that an overwhelming majority of the modern concepts are disastrous for peace and healthy living of mankind. He has succeeded in giving a new language to the Islamic response to the modern developments; instead of being defensive and apologetic like most of the Islamic clerics and scholars, he has embarked upon an aggressive, unapologetic, straightforward and dynamic approach in dealing with the world issues. Rather than studying Islam in the light of modern sciences, he critically analyses modern sciences in the light of Islam, and succeeds in giving devastating blows to a number of modern theories. He is not fighting in the realm of Islam but has taken the fight to the realm of the New World Order. In the process he has introduced many new terms, concepts and programmes, which have the potential to substantially change the world for the better.

Dr Jamil’s works like The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism and The Killer Sex have exposed the disaster that the ideology of economic fundamentalism has wrought all over the world. His last book, Muslims Most Civilised, Yet not Enough successfully punctured the claims of the West being “civilised” relative to Muslim World. The latest work, “Qur’anic Paradigm of Sciences & Society” is set to challenge the very foundations of the modern paradigms of sciences and society, including health, physics, economics and law. The first volume of his four-volume work, “Dynamic Paradigm of Health”, which is to be released shortly, thrashes the current international order for its colossal disregard for health. His argument is simple, well thought out and elaborately enunciated. He argues that human life and health of life are the most important parameters of human existence, which cannot and should not be compromised at any costs. But thanks to the designs of the forces of economics along with their political stooges, economics has emerged as the boss with health pushed down to an insignificant position. All the legal, administrative and political decisions today by the countries and international organisations are taken not to save life and achieve highest standards of life but to protect the interests of the forces of economics, especially the corporate world.

The ideological position of Islam on the other hand, argues Dr Jamil, is entirely different. In Islam, life and health of life are the ultimate goals of the whole system it seeks to establish. Its three-dimensional system of Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Prohibitions is a fool-proof order to save life and safeguard health. Economic and all other policies will have to change in order to safeguard health and move towards “highest standards of health”. He gives a new definition of health, which does not merely describe what health is, but also how the onus of preserving the health of mankind falls not only on individuals but also on the family system and the socio-political system - national and international. This definition, obviously, is set to bring in a huge paradigm shift from the current internationally adopted paradigm of health, which puts the onus entirely on individuals, allowing the system to expose people to items and practices associated with huge risks to health. He also argues that a strong family system is one of the most important factors in attaining the highest orders of health. Violation of family system is invitation to death and destruction, abuse and exploitation. He also introduces several new concepts like comprehensive hygiene (including sexual hygiene), primary prevention, therapeutic sociology, and many others. He lambastes the World Health Organisation for acting like a mere pawn in the hands of the hegemonic forces and failing to pressurise the international institutions for securing best standards of health by making the system health-protective. In addition, he brings out several interesting aspects regarding wudu, salat, ‘iddah, breastfeeding and circumcision. He has also drafted comprehensive Islamic models for control of AIDS and family health.

The great quality of almost all the works of Dr Jamil is that he produces enormous international statistics to prove his theories and presents comprehensive rather than half solutions. In this work, too, he has presented all the relevant statistics to show how the problems as well as the solutions have become big industries. The forces of economics first earn through creation and industrialisation of problems and then make huge earnings by industrialising solutions. Market is all that matters to them, irrespective of how it affects human beings. He has shown that although the fact that more than 70 million human lives are lost yearly on account of the vices prohibited in Islam, they are popularised, glorified and commercialised on global scale.

The book’s foreword is by internationally renowned expert on Community Medicine and former director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Prof. Lalit M Nath. His concluding remark makes the point succinctly:

“This is a book that highlights many issues that need to be considered by all people, no matter what their religion or ideology. For more than a billion who believe that the Qur’an is the word of God, the messages here are very important and relevant. For others like me that were born to a different faith and belief sets, the social and moral issues raised are relevant regardless of the religion we follow. For those of us who are interested in “health” and not merely in “disease” the concepts are an important reaffirmation. It is to be hoped that these basic concepts will permeate to the health experts and policy makers and the institutions that regulate international affairs.”

There is no doubt that this work is a kind of intellectual revolution in itself. The need of the time is to turn this intellectual revolution into a revolution of the whole system. The day the world recognises the value of his work, the beginning will be made for a cleaner, purer, healthier and more peaceful world. The Islamic world of course is duty bound not only to admire his work but do everything in power to convert his ideas into actions. The work needs to reach the academicians including medical experts, Islamic scholars and social reformers. Hopefully, the coming volumes will be equally effective in thrashing the current atheistic philosophies in the field of physics and economics. “New World Order” needs to be beheaded with the sword of ideological counter-revolution.