Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


Hindutva attacks on Christians

I read your report about persecution of Christians by Hindutva forces. Very good humanitarian work. But could you find any Christian or Christian media projecting Muslim plight either in India or in the international level unless it affects them too? They never touch the topic. In fact, they take an anti-Muslim stand all over the world. As I am living in a Christian-dominated district, I know their attitude.

N. Ahammed Nazeer

Welfare Party: why this brouhaha?

Lately I came across a news about the formation of the "Welfare Party of India" at Constitution Club, New Delhi. I found nothing strange in it, because political parties of this kind have been formed in the past too. But from the next day critical reactions started in newspapers. It seems that the formation of the party shocked some people deeply. I failed to understand the matter. There are so many parties in this county like JDU, LJP, Shiv Sena, RJD, Samajwadi, NLP, RLD and many more which are working in the country in a democratic way. I don't see that the formation of any of them has caused so much disturbance or maligning. It is strange, especially, that Muslims would have made statements in this inept manner. Now some are saying that the party has a saffron colour. Some are asking why a Muslim name was not given to it? If you want to get registration of a party with the Election Commission, your party should operate in a democratic and secular way and should serve the people. Only a party can be registered whose written manifesto declares that the party will work only in the interests of the nation and on secular lines. This is a different matter which kind of people join it later or with whom its ideas will conform.  No party will be registered by the Election Commission if it has a Muslim, Christian or Hindu name. For getting registration in Election Commission it is a prerequisite to have a secular charter. Therefore, I request all well-wishers of the community that they must first look at this party and examine its activities. If you feel that the party is not working in the interests of the country and the people, you are free to either complain against it to the Election Commission or not cast your votes for it. Now, when only a few days have passed since its birth, it is improper to criticize it on the ground that so and so people or such and such organizations are or have been its partners in the past. Secondly, our country is democratic, having a secular and democratic constitution, which allows every citizen to vote for a party or candidate of his choice, to fight elections, to form a party. Therefore, how can you prevent anybody from forming a party? Yes, you are free not to join it and not to cast your vote for its candidate if you differ with its ideology. You have to use your choice but let others also do so. Premature opposition makes your intention doubtful. For God's sake, don't mislead the community.

Javed Rahmani

Prof. Mansoor Hassan

A perplexing report about Prof. Mansoor Hassan and his lineage of genealogy (MG 16-31 March) by Haider Abbas gave shocks and forced me to explain some historical facts about Pathans. Pathans belong to Semitic race and have never been Hindus, Shavites (as Prof. Hassan claims to be) or Buddhist. Their Chief “Qais” reached Medina along with some eighty other Pathans and embraced Islam on the hands of Prophet Mohammad (SAWS). The prophet (SAWS) changed the name Qais with Abdul Rasheed. After the demise of the Prophet, they all returned to their land, Afghanistan. Thus all the tribes embraced Islam. Before embracing Islam, Pathans followed the religion of Abraham. Some are of the view that they belonged to one of the lost tribes of Jews. The language of Pathans is Pashto, so they are called “Pashtuns” also. Pashtuns are mostly inhabited in north Afghanistan, comprising only forty percent of the total Afghan population. Prof. Mansoor Hassan, as he says, belongs to southern Afghanistan, bordering Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. These people were Hindu and Buddhist as all the remains of pagan races still exist. I also sought information about the Panini tribe, to which Mr. Hasan belongs, from Wikipedia but it responded as: Panini can refer to……Panini, formerly a zoological tribe containing chimpanzees, now usually reclassified as the sub tribe Panina. The website could also not help me. I would suggest prudent and sagacious, Padam Shree Professor Hassan, to kindly go through the history of Pathans.

Mohammad Sharif Khan Akuzai, Jail Road, Rampur (U. P.)


Impressive person and thoughts. But first he should condemn the wrongs and injustice against Indian Muslim rather referring to Pakistan. What is going around in India is more important because it is our country. Muslims killing Muslims in Pakistan is worrisome for us but why to make a comparison that we are better than in Pakistan. Agreed but does it make any sense that injustice done against us has any justification. However, concluding remarks is inconclusive 'first round is Namaz (prayer of five times a day) and then Adaab-e-Muhammadi, Ikhlas-e-Muhammadi and Akhlaq-e-Muhammadi, i.e., courtesy, humility, compassion, tolerance and flexibility-all performed and encompassed by the Prophet.

Suhail Raza(feedback on MG website)

Modi today

The Gujarat CM appears to be a hounded man.More he tries to hide himself behind vibrant Gujarat hype,more skeletons tumble out of his closet. Now one more IPS officer has spilled beans regarding Modi’s late night rendezvous with his staff[katal ki raat], before the murder,rape and pillage of Muslims took place all over Gujarat the very next day.The mayhem happened under the very nose of the CM,  yet he never tires of projecting himself being the most efficient CM. Sanjiv Bhatt may have his own reasons to come out belatedly with gory details and there might be many more whose silence was either forced or bought, but the ghost of 2002 cannot be laid to rest easily. Going one step further,he has claimed that the present SIT ordered by the SC is as dysfunctional As previous ones.It seems something is rotten in the state of Gujarat which is headed by a person who has never felt any remorse for the mass killings. If SITS supress evidence,then it will not be justice denied but strangled.

Yunus Chitalwala- Dhoraji - Gujarat


Though many voices were raised against Narendra Modi alleging his role in the killing of Muslims in 2002, they were never heeded. Now that a Gujarat’s top cop has implicated Modi in an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court as having deliberately restrained the law and order machinery from stopping the massacre, one hopes the apex court will render justice to the relatives of the victims. Kudos to Mr. Sanjiv Bhatt though he heard the call of his duty after a fairly long time. I hope those praising Modi as an able administrator and pioneer in development will now introspect.   

Mohammed Hanif, Kadapa, AP


Syedna and Bohra community

I appreciate the contents of letter from Janab Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani Rajkot, with a photograph of Dr. Syedna felicitation. In this respect, I request the Ulemas of different school of Sharia to take a notice and request the Syedna to match their steps with other sects of Islam for the safety and peace to twenty crores Muslims in India. The Syedna may declare in public that Bohras are not the part and parcel of Islam and the Syedna is free to take any decision for Bohra community. I have gone through the clarifications of Syedna that he safeguards the interests of Bohras in Gujarat, it is like to sacrifice the Muslims of Gujarat for the safety of Bohras, is it ‘Danishmandi’ on his part.         

Inayat Husain, California, USA

Tomb being converted into a temple

What a pity on the ASI and other relevant agencies that such developments are taking place in broad daylight. I think filing for a RTI would be a better action to prevent such wrongful activities for this and all future nefarious designs of the Hindutva forces. I would also like that Muslim organizations such as Waqf board etc. must initiate a videography program to film all our mosques, madrasas and other monuments throughout the country to have authentic evidence of such places. This will not only serve as a deciding factor in the fight for the title suits but also avoid communal disharmony.

Nisar Ahmad Khan(on MG website)

Indian secularism shall never perish from the earth

The Welfare Party of India spawned from the Jamaat-e-Islami-e-Hind reminds one of the BJP, the offspring of the mother RSS. Its Christian Vice President Father Abraham Joseph brings back the memory of the BJP’s almost permanent Vice President, a Muslim Sikandar Bakht. When Ashok Singhal of the VHP hears of the Gayatri mantra being chanted at the launch of the WPI, he will exclaim–without a veg McCBurger in the hand- “I am love it.”

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054

Conspiracy against AMU campus in Kishanganj

Kishanganj being most backward district of Bihar and dominated by Muslims. It is educationally backward district. That is why the need to establish AMU campus was taken by UPA. Bihar government NDA JD (U) + BJP) is playing tricks and dilly-dallying on allotting lands for the purpose and this becomes evident from RTI. On the other hand abundant land was made available to Nalanda University & Chanakya education hub and Bihar government distributed 3445 acres of land to different industrialist out total acquired land 5084 acre and have decided to acquire 1100 acres of land for Mega Industrial Park in Bihta.        

S. Haque, Patna

Lokpal Bill

Draft of Lokpal Bill in its present form cannot prevent common people themselves who presently take it a status-symbol to ‘tip’ at private establishments like hotels, restaurants etc. Likewise gifts at festivals like Diwali or giving gifts at private functions like in marriages are at times a sort of bribes. Joint Drafting Committee for Lokpal Bill should also consider some effective way or even legislation whereby paying or receiving ‘tips’ even in private establishments may be taken as offence. Former President APJ Abdul Kalam on his retirement-eve had also rightly criticized gifts by quoting from Hindu code in ‘Manusmriti’ that gifts coming with a purpose cause persons losing their personality greatly. Presently Diwali-gifts have remained a tool to bribe rather than exchanging pleasantries with babus openly asking for their Diwali gifts! Government should at least impose a complete ban on giving/taking gifts by government employees.

               Madhu Agarwal, Delhi-6


Have you forgotten that Anna Hazare only justified inclusion of father & son duo in the committee when objected by Ramdeo. Secondly, don’t you remember that NDA too was a ruling party at the centre within this span of 42 years? And highlighting only one sided lapses/blemishes too creates suspicion. Just as Babri demolition inquiry was kept hanging for not less than 18 years by all & sundry, then why not Lokpal Bill for 42 years? Who is to blame & who dares to blame? Please ponder on the “WeakiLeaks” disclosures to know the real face of our politicians. Who is ruling India now & how? Any type of “Lokpal Bill” passed will not check corruption. The only remedy is to dare and call a spade a spade and keep away the foreign handlers, from corrupting their Indian puppets and in meddling with Indian Governance. Let justice prevail, giving rise to true patriotism and see how the corruption will vanish. In a democracy, elected Majority cannot be termed as brute. But a scanty minority, donning the veil of National Protectors, though rejected by the people, should be termed as brute. Seasoned thieves, who actually defy the Indian Constitution, are now portraying themselves as National Protectors & the gullible Indian is falling prey to this fascist propaganda. Mera Bharat Mahan! 

Shafiq Ahmed


The idea of having the politicians and the high dignitaries of the government under the scrutiny of a strong ‘Lokpal’ is almost old as the country’s Constitution. The ruling political party, particularly the Congress with its brute majority in the parliament, kept the Lokpal Bill pending for 42 years without any plausible reasons. One cannot view this inordinate delay without a rightly concluded suspicion. It appears that the politicians were motivated by the idea that nobody should sit in judgment over their arbitrary and corrupt way of functioning. Consequently the graft and corruption increased in leaps and bounds in our country. Now the people are pushed to a critical stage of taking the issue to the streets, instead of resorting to a democratic and acceptable process. This finally resulted in ‘devil may care’ attitude on the part of sensation mongers and innocent idealists. Under the threat of suicide attempts, through ‘nirahar satyagraha’ - the only language our politicians understand, an idealists group led by Anna Hazare brought the government to act in panic. As a sequel to the created situation, we have now landed in the worst confusing state of chaos where in the joint committee for the drafting of the said Bill seems to be falling apart.

Major Mathew Oommen(Retd), Pune 411060


I wonder how naïve our countrymen are. Any person like Hazare can lead and misguide the entire nation. How our media also can back the drive of a driver. Are there no intellectuals in our society who can understand the method being adapted to curb the chronic malady of corruption? It is just like the AIDS patient getting treatment from a quack. The famous Urdu poet Iqbal has said long back, QAOM KIA HAY QAOMON KE IMAMAT KIA HAY KIA JANEN YE DO RAKAT KE IMAM The man who leads in prayer is called Imam. He cannot know the leadership of the Muslim community. In the same way an army driver cannot know the reformation of a great Indian nation

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


In making a justified call for putting a button compulsorily on all Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) at the end for opting ‘None to Vote’, Anna Hazare has endorsed idea already mooted by present Chief Election Commissioner SM Qureshi. Present cumbersome method to exercise such a right already available under article 49(o) is not known even to most poll-officers posted at polling-booths. Moreover, presently exercising ‘None to vote’ option through 49(o) is not secret as it is specifically to be mentioned on poll-registers by the poll-officers on duty. At a time, when people have lost faith in political community in general, a button on EVMs compulsorily for ‘None to Vote’ is need of the time. It is unfair that a voter may be forced to select one of the many listed at EVMs even if he/she does not like any of the candidates.   

Madhu Agarwal, Delhi-6


This refers to the latest report that Japan has raised the severity of its nuclear disaster, putting it on a par with the world’s worst nuclear accident at Chernobyl. While this is so, I am aghast to see a total absence of seriousness even in our intellectual circles on the safety mechanism in our nuclear plants. A majority of Indians are unaware of the pros and cons of nuclear energy and I hope some social activist of the kind of Anna Hazare would start a movement to explode the myth of nuclear energy being the safest energy substitute. Because it is not corruption alone that is afflicting our nation – but there are larger issues like the neoliberalism which has deprived livelihood to scores of peasants and artisans in our country and also the obsession towards nuclear energy which would serve the interests of the imperialist forces by keeping dozens of Indian cities at constant risk.              

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)

SIMI and Binayak Sen

BJP government of Chattisgarh charged Dr. Binayak Sen of sedition and put behind bars. Chattisgarh he convicted life imprisonment to Dr. Sen for sedition. But on 15 April 2011 Supreme Court released Dr. Sen on bail and said that being a Maoist sympathiser was not a crime. SC observed “We are a democratic country. He (Sen) may be a sympathiser but that did not make him guilty of sedition.” The worst can be said that he was found in possession of general document (Maoist literature) but how can it be said that such possession would attract the charge of sedition” SC rightly observed that merely having a biography of Gandhi one could not be Gandhi wadi. Supreme Court in other decision said that on being a member of any banned organisation didn’t make him liable to punishment until involved in crime. SIMI was banned by NDA govt. on 27 Sept. 2006. Many dozens Muslims are languishing in jail on being a being member of SIMI and on the charge of possession of SIMI (Jihadi Literature – police termed) Literature even Delhi HC Justice Geeta Mittal observed that banning SIMI was illegal because very feeble and impersonated documents were produced.   

S. Haque, Patna

Stop female infanticide

The discovery of 14 dead female foetuses near a Bihar clinic, points to a systematic killing of the girl child due to illegal sex determination tests. Despite ban on sex determination test based on ultrasound, scans and sex selective abortions, the practice is going on everywhere. It shows rampant female infanticide taking place in India particularly in urban areas. Those who are indulging in such inhuman heinous crime, including doctors, illegal practitioners etc. should be awarded harsh punishments. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was the greatest exponent of Female’s rights and benefactor of womankind. He said, “Whoever has a daughter and does not subject her to a mean treatment and does not give preference to his son over his daughter, God will make him enter heaven.”

G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.)

Muslim talent from Bihar

A young Muslim Sharique Ali Khan of Narkat Ghat Alam Ganj Patna, Bihar has achieved distinct position in France. He got top position with distinction in Mobile Communication Masters degree exam. Foundation, Telecom of France gave Sharique Ali Khan a scholarship. He is only one who got scholarship from India. His father Jawed Ahmad Khan is a professor in Jamna Lal College Haji Pur.

S. Haque,Patna

Supreme Court grants bail to Binayak Sen

Dear Mr. Binayak, I have also faced sedition charge! I have been myself a victim of sedition law.In 1985, the Government of India launched proceedings against me under section 124a(sedition) and 505b Indian Penal Code simply on the basis of an article, namely ‘Secularism vis-a-vis Hindu Chauvinism’, published in Radiance Viewsweekly,Delhi.The other accused were late Mr. Ameenul Hasan Rizvi(editor) and Mr. Iqbal Waraqwala(publisher).The case continued for 15 years at Tees Hazari Court, Delhi. After acquittal, I wrote a book ‘Secular Horror- A Real Story of Fifteen Years Ordeal with Indian Secularism, which was published by Pharos Media ( Milli Gazette),Abul Fazal Enclave, New Delhi, and can be seen on, and can be purchased either from the publisher or any bookstore. It is available in almost all the Libraries of the world. So nobody can understand the pains of section 124a of Indian Penal Code better than me. May Mr. Binayak Sen be saved from the clutches of this most draconian section and the state barbarities committed under it?                    

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


It is a sad thing that the grant of bail to Dr Binayak Sen is being hailed so widely, while he, in the first place, should not have been in jail at all. I particularly find it comical that P. Chidambaram has expressed happiness over the court decision to release Dr Sen. Dr Sen was incarcerated under one of the most draconian amended UAPA [Unlawful Activities Prevention Act] of which Subramaniam was the author-in-chief. He has also lauded the Indian judicial system which gives a convict a chance to move higher court. Let him lock himself up for a few days in his self-contained air-conditioned chamber with food and newspapers provided with no contact with outside world and he will realize what Dr Sen and thousands detained without trials feel in Indian jails. Dr Sen was jailed for two years from May 2007 to May 2009 under Subramanian’s draconian laws; part of the time in solitary confinement. He was then again locked up from 24 December 2010 as a pakka convict serving life term. A child-specialist serving a life imprisonment for the crime which - the Apex court said today- he has not committed.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054