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Muslims role in freedom struggle

A well known Telugu writer Syed Naseer Ahmad’s who is bringing out books exclusively on The Role of Muslims in the struggle for India’s Independence recently brought out a book titled Akshara Silpuls, which literally means Sculptors of Letters. Book contains personal-literary details with the photos of 333 (Three Hundred and Thirty Three) Muslim Telugu writers-poets. It is of 180-page, priced At Rs. 150.00 Akshara Silpulu is appreciated by Central Institute of Indian Languages (Mysore, Karnataka) and Raja Rammohan Rai Library Foundation., making the comment as ‘this book will immensely help to the history of Telugu literature’ and purchased number of copies to distribute among the famous public and private libraries of the country. This book may be obtained from the author by depositing the Amount in his account

Syed Naseer Ahamed, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Message from Mohali

Make Hindustan and Pakistan a peaceful (sthaan ). People generally like peacefulness. Let political leaders shed selfishness otherwise both will become Samshaan and Qabrastan

Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150

Save precious Parsi community

It refers to online petition presently been signed by many against decision of Bombay Parsi Panchayat’s (BPP) now to approach Supreme Court of India against Bombay High Court decision involving ban on two community-priests for their conducting Navjote ceremonies of children of women married to non-Parsis, conducting marriages where one partner was a non-Parsi, and for conducting after-death prayers for Parsis who were cremated. Earlier also such reforms initiated by some Parsi youth through Association for Revival of Zoroastrianism (ARZ) by bringing non-Parsi family-members into the Zoroastrian fold were resisted. But all these reforms are need of time to prevent world’s most talented Parsi community from total disappearing. Parsis are the only community in the world which is fast decreasing in number due to strict community restrictions. Even United Nations Organisation and Indian government should take necessary steps to save world’s most talented community from being totally finished. It is rather necessity of the society to preserve genetic features of this great community. Best thing about the community is that they live for society rather than for themselves or for producing children! Parsis topped every field of life may it be, industry, sports, legal or any other field but with hardly any examples of corruption, favouritism or self-interest. 

Madhu Agarwal, Delhi-6

Story in The Hindu deserves applause

The Hindu deserves applaud for making an energetic appeal for an octogenarian and infirm Pakistani national Dr.Khalil Chisty ( editorial ‘Free this man’ – April 19). The Rajasthan High court’s observation that ‘no leniency’ could be shown to him as he was a Pakistani…although appeals by three others convicted in the same case were granted – has brazenly defied natural justice. Even if he was really involved in the killing of a person (for which he was implicated) – was he not adequately punished by the trial court which delayed the verdict for 19 years? It appears, there are dozens of the likes of Gopal Dass and Khalil Chisty who have become victims to the hostilities between India and Pakistan. The editorial has appropriately made a plea to the Indian government that – in view of the release of Gopal Dass from a Pakistani jail on an appeal by the Supreme Court of India, Dr.Chisty who is already in the twilight of his life, should be allowed to return to his country.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)

India needs Bala Murgan type I.A.S.

Mr. Bala Murgan D. is an I.A.S. and posted as DM of Jehanabad where a big Qabristan at Sarthua village is at the target of saffron brigade since last three years. Bhagwa brigade tried to light holika dahan (agja on holi) to make claim that Qabristan land is not Muslim properties. This year Mr. Bala Murgan (D.M.) and SP Chandrika Prasad trampled the saffron brigade plan and D.M. Bala Muragan d. reffered action against Amrendra Sahi S.D.M. and N.K. Thakur D.S.P. for irresponsible behaviour. Mr. Bala Muragan.d’s step certainly thwarts officials hand in glove with communal forces mentality. Certainly Bala Murgan’s type Officer (I.A.S.) can save India from claw of communalism.            

S. Haque, Patna

“Live lustfully”

They say “No harm even in becoming gay”!

But do not indulge in corruption”

What, after all, is this corruption?

Meaningless talk creates confusion.

Is it not mere hypocrisy?

Emptying human heart of mercy?!

There is a proverb in Persian

Which indeed is full of reason

A blind guide issues an order

It creates only disorder

Binding my hands and feet,

You are throwing me in water

And also caution me to keep my dress dry in water!!!

S. A. U. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150

The Crazy act of the Qur’an burning in America

Afghans protesting the burning of a copy of the Quran at a small Florida church stormed a U.N. compound in northern Afghanistan a few weeks ago and killed at least seven international staff. At least four protesters were also killed. About 30 people attended a mock trial staged by the church (Dove World Outreach Centre) on 20 March as part of the “International Judge the Quran Day.” The church’s website stated that after the five-hour process, the Quran “was found guilty and a copy was burned inside the building. A picture on the website shows a book in flames in a small portable fire pit. The church on Friday confirmed that the Quran had been burned. Burning the sacred Quran was certainly a sacrilegious act done by a group of lunatics and the what the Afghan Muslim insurgents did out of religious fanaticism and anger is equally condemnable. It is equally wrong on the part of Western Governments (in this case the US Administration) to keep repeating the mantra that the church has its democratic constitutional freedom to do the outrageous act though it is un-American act. The same constitution has failed to protect the profound and deep rooted religious sentiments of American Muslim minorities. Does the law allow all sorts of gimmicks, nonsense, mockery, insults, vilification of Islamic culture to continue, on the pretext of freedom of speech?

PA Mohamedameen(via email)

The Government of the National Capital Territory has organised, together with an organisation named Seher, a “Bhakti Utsav” of religious music of different kinds. The first day includes a solitary Gurbani, the second day includes Kabir (which is really neither here not there), and the third day includes Sufi music. Other than these three certainly calculated deviations, all the “items” are from one or other variety of what is called “Hinduism”. Why the hell is a state government promoting religion in this way? Why the hell is it promoting one so-called religion? Despite the trickery practised, this is not what secularism is about. It shows pretty clearly that India does have a State Religion.                Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar, Delhi- 91

Boycott song which starts with azaan

“I am” movie 2011 contains a song which starts with azaan. If possible, please oppose this film.         

  Arid Ghanchi

Earth Day

Earth Day in 2011 being observed, we being a responsible citizen should act and promote its message of preserving the Earth’s natural environment. Its time to pledge to commit one act of green, whether it is of tree plantings, switching off the lights and replacing the old one with CFL or doing laundry with cold water, and much more. This action of green will not only save your money in terms of gas and mileage on your vehicle. So, let’s try the following simple actions which can make us an active participant on Earth Day 2011. Reduce the usage of air conditioning by making an organic roof garden. Water the plants every day, smell the fragrance of flowers, and watch small creatures flying around! When your laptop battery is full, just unplug the power source. Use a hybrid electric source and a laptop with an earth friendly battery! Save paper by printing double-sided. Refill ink cartridges instead of buying new ones. Remove the hard drive from old computers then recycle it. Spend some of the time you would usually be commuting growing fresh herbs, veggies, fruit in your garden and compost!

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur – 440013

WikiLeaks on Mamta Banerjee

The latest WikiLeaks cable which has revealed the U.S. Consulate’s advice to the Obama administration to ‘cultivate’ Mamta Banerjee – proves beyond doubt that the U.S. is meddling in the internal affairs of our country. The American distaste to the Left parties in India is well known and the U.S. administration would find Mamata as its latest arsenal to topple the 33-year long Left government in West Bengal. But the scepticism expressed in the cable whether she is ‘willing to accept outside advice’ has more to it than meets the eye. History is replete with instances where the U.S. has interfered in the sovereign matters of other countries – in the name of democracy, liberty, civil rights and freedom – only to play its hegemonic role.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)

Is Hinduism a religion?

In my assessment it doesn’t qualify to be a religion. There is no single book or Godly person. No good and bad concept, all related to time. No set life style. It is based on atheistic philosophy but talks of formless god but advocates worships of innumerable forms all called Gods. At the most it can be called a philosophy of life, philosophy of birth and death, philosophy of meta-physical world and its implication on the worldly things. At the most it gives an unique identity for the for the people living east of Hindu kush mountains and west of Burma, from the Himalayan plateau to the seas of Indian Ocean. One billion plus people representing a culture that has no ancient that their culture and traditions have extra-terrestrial nature. All in all it is attractive and has inbuilt mechanism for freedom....not just physical but also mental. May be that is why, even the most forceful invaders could change it colour or texture. Those who changed to have the colour of the invaders became culturally bankrupt. ... Violent, unable to concile to religious thoughts, which do not permit them to look beyond... because they could not answer the basic question why God created humans?   


Most violator of Security Council resolutions is Israel

Israel’s rejection of the Arab League land-for-peace formula put forward in Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 puts Israel in violation of these resolutions. Israel has defied Resolutions 267, 271 and 298, which demand that it rescind its annexation of greater East Jerusalem. Israel violates the Fourth Geneva Convention which includes deportations, demolition of homes, collective punishment and seizure of private property. UN Security Council Resolutions 446, 452 and 465 require that Israel evacuate all its illegal settlements on occupied Arab lands. How many of these 223 UN Security Council Resolutions has Israel complied with? See:

Kodimirpal(via email)

French Ban on Burqa: Inequality of Freedom

Quite many non-Muslims are confused and some are even perverted. It is absolutely wrong for them to say that every foreigner has to follow the Muslim dress codes in Muslim countries. Go to Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco, Lebanon, and Beirut, Turkey, Palestine, Brunei and Bangladesh and very many others. In those countries foreigners wear what they like. People may find thousands of ladies in mini-skirts and blouses with cleavage revealing low cut necks in those countries. Is it not a wrong argument that Western woman may unbutton her top and walk in the bazaar simply because that is her freedom? Is it the case? If the France allows its ladies to reveal as much as they wish to sensually reveal, that is their fundamental right. Exactly the same way a Muslim or a Hindu lady should be allowed to cover as much as she wishes to cover, that is her fundamental right. Why two different sort of fundamentalism. France need not point fingers at Saudis who constitute not even 2% of the world’s Muslim population. No one in the world should interpret Islam by Saudi practices. Interpretations vary depending on who the interpreter is. What appears in the West to be the emergence, return to, or resurgence of Islam is in fact a struggle within Islamic societies over the broader definition of Islam. No one person, authority or institution has total control over that definition. But writers in the West assume their own definition and their own interpretation.

PA.Mohamedameen(via email)

China’s India policy

It is regrettable that our foreign policy makers could not understand the Chinese mind set of our prime minister, external affairs minister and the foreign secretary showing an appeasing stance to Chinese authorities. In the presence of our Prime minister his counterpart spoke sweet language. But the old record shows some negative aspects. After the return of our president Smt Pratibha Patil China gave two atomic reactors to Pakistan to erase the effects of friendship. China is adopting the same policy which we are adopting towards Pakistan. China does not want to annoy Pakistan. Just after Manmohan Singh’s return China will again make some mischief on the POK border or Tibet border. India should try to understand the depth of friendship between China and Pakistan and coin the foreign policy in the view of past incidents. The naïve PM, the foreign minister and the lady foreign secretary should not go on the face value of Chinese authorities. They should try to understand the deep undercurrents of their policy vis-a-vis Pakistan, America and China are treating us like a Jersey Cow they milk their interest is just to supply us fodder to give them sufficient milk that’s all. Both the countries will have the last laugh India is pleased to see the green fodder

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga

Right to education and employment

1. Absolutist monarchies and presidents-for-life have combined corruption with repression It was impossible for “imperialist” powers to do what they have done without the active collaboration of corrupt elites within these countries and in a specific cultural soil. 2. In Egypt alone, some 80 million jobs are required over the next 15 years just to keep pace with the population explosion. Same story of unemployment crisis in many other Arab States. 3. All the Arab states together, with their combined population of 350 million, produce less in economic terms than Italy’s 60 million people. Only three percent of the Libyan population works in the oil sector. What exactly did the rest of the population do? Official youth unemployment is at 26 percent in a rich oil-producing country like Saudi Arabia, while the unofficial rate in the countries of North Africa’s Maghrib region lies at 70 percent. One third of the people of Mauritania and Yemen, and one fifth of Egyptians, live on less than $2 a day. 4. The Syrian regime, born out of a coup, has, in the name of resistance to Israel, transformed into a repressive regime resembling a National Socialist society, where advancement is closed to all but the elite few. 5. The Arabs have taken to the streets without burning flags, but with extraordinary passion and generosity, and while employing peaceful means are demanding freedom and the recognition of their dignity.

Kodimirpal(via email)

Obama’s military action in Libya

Controversy raised by some Congressmen in USA in relation to the provisions of War Power Act regarding President Obama’s military action in Libya, is puzzling to say the least. Whereas on one side the supporters of Obama’s action say in media that:-”[President notified Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to Libya. The 60 days action with a further 30 days for withdrawal hasn’t expired yet so he doesn’t need Congressional approval yet. The President  has attacked Libya on the back of UN Security Council Resolution 1973 which satisfies the requirements of the UN Charter which the United States has signed and ratified and is therefore part of the supreme law of the land pursuant to article 6 of the Constitution.]” On the other side the accusing Congressman say the following as reported in media and also in letters by these Congressman to people in reply to their queries / letters etc that:- “[- The actions of President Obama give the appearance, the President believes the UN has more authority than our Constitution when it comes to military intervention. As prescribed in the Constitution, the President must first gain a declaration of war through Congressional authorization before taking military action unless addressing an imminent threat to the United States. This is not the case in Libya. - The President has limited authority to use military force without authorization from Congress when there is an imminent national security threat, but he made clear that he acted for humanitarian, not national security, reasons. That is a clear violation of the War Powers Act.  

                Hem Raj Jain, Mankato, MN - 56001, USA.

Corruption in Arab states

The Arab rulers spend a lot of money to run their security network. The funds derive not from public budgets, but from different corrupt and illegal sources of revenue. And Gaddafi’s immediate unauthorised cash holdings of billions of dollars are thought to be funding his mercenaries and supporters to defend him. After the spectacular 1973 rise in crude oil prices, Middle Eastern revenues increased considerably swelling the pockets of well connected people through the immoral distribution circuits, and in collusion with major multinationals. A big part of the revenue went direct to the coffers of the royal or “republican” families instead of to the state. Nor was oil their only source of revenue. Money came from commissions (bribes as we have in India, our notorious Spectrum corruption) on major public contracts, civil and military, privatizations of public services such as mobile telephone network, construction contracts and so on. The major multinational operators, influential businessmen and governments made huge incomes.  The senior management of the global corporations knew exactly where major decisions were taken and who the imposed local partners were for any new investment: the Trabelsi and Paterfamilias in Tunisia, the Ezz and Sawires in Egypt, the Makhlouf in Syria, Hariri in Lebanon and innumerable Western multinationals. Land was expropriated and then sold cheaply to property developers.

PA Mohamedameen(via email)