Several new books have been launched in the last few days. .
The Kiss of Life by Emraaan Hashmi with Bilal Siddiqui (Penguin - Ramdom House). It focusses on this actor’s young son’s battle with cancer and, of course, his survival.
It seems Sahara Group’s Subrata Roy wasn’t sitting brooding in the Tihar Jail, for he has just come out with his book, written in jailed condition - Life Mantras - a book by ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy (Rupa Publications) .
And the latest book by Professor Ram Puniyani is Indian Nationalism versus Hindu Nationalism (Pharos Media). To quote:
“India has been witnessing an intense debate over the concept of nationalism for the last few decades, especially with the Ram Temple issue and Babri demolition, though its roots lie in the colonial period when two types of nationalisms came up simultaneously… This book casts a serious look at the RSS, its emergence, ideology, growth pattern and impact on the society and politics of India during the last few decades…The book compares and contrasts the political phenomena of fundamentalism and fascism with the programme of Hindutva. It elaborates the agenda of Hindutva which strives to create a Hindu Rashtra (nation) and also discusses its impact on the rights of the weaker sections of society, Dalits, adivasis, women and workers in addition to its politics of the intimidation of religious minorities, Muslims and Christians.”  
War correspondent Shyam Bhatia’s book, Bullets and Bylines (Speaking Tiger) has survival stories, including his eyewitness experience of a mini massacre on the Kabul Kandahar highway, followed by his own detention, torture and daily threats of execution by the mujahidin. “ The Afghan experience was followed by an equally chilling episode in southern Sudan where Bhatia’s media convoy drove over a carefully concealed landmine, resulting in one colleague’s death and injuries to several others…”  
Another new book is Eternal Guru Speaks by Dr Shardha Batra (Partridge India). To quote,  “Reading and imbibing the words of the gurus, philosophers and scientists with an open mind will enable you to appreciate the nexus of invisible forces which cause and shape your visible life. You may also be able to glean some practical tips to tune in to the nature forces within and without you, and thus enable you to enjoy the pleasures and joys of material life with more authenticity and spiritual awareness and wisdom.… When you discover a recurring pattern in your life be sure that it is not coincidental and since everything comes from something this pattern must be arising from something which is related to you. That something is your destiny. A continuity of life seems to be the only answer to the perennial and plaintive “why me? “... I realized that we as medical people tend to compartmentalize the human being into systems and organs. Super specialization has robbed us clinicians of their bedside manners and a holistic clinical perspective and acumen. Unlike in the good old days when the physician keenly observed everything about the patient right from his shuffling gait as he walked through the door, to his mentation and emotions, these days the doctor is mentally listing the investigations even before the patient has opened his mouth. And so from being a doctor of the physical body, I went on to tap and use the powers of breath, sound and mind to heal myself and others.” Humra Quraishi