Signs of the times — Tell me why

No, I’m in no mood to write a ‘tell- me-why’ series, though several whys are bothering me – Tell me why we are getting hoodwinked by the who’s who in today’s political set-ups; can’t we see through those hollow words and fake assurances? Tell me why we, as a people, are hell bent on getting ruined by those tactics and tilts? Tell me why we are banning a this and that - unmindful of the increasing numbers of the hungry and jobless; after all, these bans on the sale of meat will affect not just the suppliers but eateries and those connected offshoots? Tell me why we don’t seem to realize that non - issues are raked up so that the dark realities never come forth? Tell me why we don’t focus on babies getting sold by their own biological parents - because they cannot afford to feed their children on those parched stretches with a sense of nothingness hovering around?

Tell me why French publications like Charlie Hebdo mocks the tragic death of the Syrian child Aylan Kurdi - wouldn’t you label this lampooning completely perverted and blatantly ruthless? Tell me why we are not questioning the ruling class, asking them this basic query - if they cannot fight mosquitoes then how the hell will they fight other supposed enemies? Right now our biggest enemy are these in – bred little insects yet with all our supposed development we haven’t been able to demolish these dengue spreading demons terrorizing the hapless ! Tell me why we haven’t been able to clear the filth and mess around in spite of all those publicity -dripping cleanliness drives by those BJP brooms? Tell me why we are allowing ourselves to get divided - more divisions and displacements and partitions taking place today than during under that angrez regime? Tell me why can’t we control and counter the divisive poison - dripping speeches of ministers? Tell me why can’t we be foresighted enough to sense that we are being dragged towards a hopelessness of sorts?

Along with all these whys, the vital - how to feed the hungry and dying in these dark times. In fact, for days I have been thinking and trying to offload this particular thought - instead of adopting a child one should think in terms of adopting a family. If each middle class family provides some basic support to one disadvantaged family in their locality or mohalla or neighborhood or in any of the drought affected villages and locales then, perhaps, there would some sense of equality and less pain …

In fact, this noon a particular news story caught attention. Read it on the Mumbai based website, Metrognome. It focuses on a middle class Mumbai gentleman, Mark D’Souza, who provides free lunch to several senior citizens living in and around his locality. To quote from Metrognome – ‘ It was in 2012 that Mark pondered over the question of senior citizens who are incapable of cooking their own food. “That’s when I decided that I would start a free lunch service for elderly people in the area. I took Rs 5,000 from my wife Yvonne (a social activist) and she also helped me find suitable elderly people in the area,” he says….Everything fell into place at the right time, and from an initial five lunches, Mark delivers free lunches to 30 people in the area. Hearing of his work, many friends and well wishers also came forward to donate money, or even lunch boxes to encourage his efforts…”

Mark D’Souza may be contacted at Crrystal Care Service, K 3, Vershi Villa, Opposite IC Bakery, Near IC Post Office, IC Colony, Borivali West. His mobile number is +91 98338 53523


This month Saudi Arabia has been in news for all wrong reasons. The crane tragedy at the grand mosque in Mecca, killing over a hundred pilgrims and injuring more than three hundred. Though a supposed official finding mission seems ongoing but there seems no dearth of rumours - rumours ranging from sabotage to foul play by foreign powers at work. Its important and urgent that the exact cause of this tragedy is made public and within a set time frame.

Then, this news that Saudi Arabia government will build mosques in Germany if Germany accepts to take in Syrian refugees, seems not just bizarre but completely out of place. [Later it was found that was a fake news] Why can’t Saudi government settle the fleeing refugees on its land? Why can’t it open its cities and towns and vast stretches for refugees? Why can’t it offer to build homes and schools and hospitals and food canteens and camps for the Syrian refugees? IN fact, it ought to take in as many refugee families as it can …

Then, those rape charges against a senior Saudi diplomat posted in their embassy in New Delhi. Till date no concrete conclusion. Its crucial and important that detailed investigations are complete as urgently as possible and the truth be told.