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Who is this Freedom fighter from Bihar?


He was born in village Dihuli of District Muzaffarpur, in Bihar on 3 March 1900. His father Moulvi Hafizuddin Husain was a zamindar. He first went to a Madarsa, then to North Brooke Zila School, Darbhanga, from where he was expelled for opposing the Rowlatt Act. He passed the matriculation from Pusa High School and was admitted in B.N. College, Patna, for higher studies. His mother died in his childhood. His elder brother Maulana Manzoor Ahsan was also a freedom fighter. He was married to Azizul Fatima. His marriage was all Khadi i.e. Bride and Groom both wore hand woven Khadi clothes. After nikah marriage function was transformed into an a public meeting for freedom struggle.

He left his studies at B.N. College to follow Gandhi and joined the non-cooperation movement in 1921. There after he actively participated in the freedom movement. He mobilised masses against Britishers by organising volunteer corps, Ramayan Mandali, and also collected fund for freedom struggle through 'Muthia' drive. 'Muthia' meant to take out a muththi or fist of grain before preparing every meal to fund freedom struggle. Once Ajazi unknowingly reached at house of his cousin sister in a remote village. He asked for a 'Muthia'. He got answer in negative. His sister recognised him and requested him to take meal. But Ajazi refused to take not only meal but even a glass of water. When his sister promised to take out muthia and donated the dues then he agreed to take meal. He organised 'Sewa Dal' established by Sarojini Naidu and formed 'Ajazi Troop' to promote and train youngsters for freedom struggle. He first time attended AICC session held at Ahmedabad in 1921 and supported the motion of Maulana Hasrat Mohani on 'Complete Independence'. He represented Central Khilafat Committee at the All Parties Conferences. On the direction of Mohd Ali Jauhar he took the charge of Khilafat Committee Calcutta. There he was arrested in a protest march led by Neta ji Subhash and was arrested and released at a farther most place from Calcutta. He obtained degree from Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College. In August 1942 movement his house was searched and he worked under ground, though his promising eldest son Muzaffar Husain Ajazi died at young age on 25 July 1942. Ajazi opposed Jinnah's Two-nation theory. Muslim League workers used to come in batches at his residence, virtually spitting and shouted slogan. Ghaddar-e-Qaum. He was also a poet and writer in the Urdu language as well as an orator. His papers, diaries, letters and files are preserved in national libraries.  

After independence Ajazi devoted his whole life for the welfare of the downtrodden and for protection of rights as well as development of Urdu language. He was also actively associated with trade union movement.
Ajazi died on 26 September 1966 at his residence in Muzaffarpur city.     [Answer at the bottom of this page] 

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