Mob and my secret guilt

Ritzy Pushpraj Rajaswi

I was out on a run in a beautiful garden. Everything seemed so romantic. Beauty still exists in this world. In one corner of the garden, I saw some people cuddling up. There were huge cries. So I ran faster towards the crowd.

I saw a splendid scene on reaching there. There was a couple earlier seated on the same seat where the crowd was crying out as if India had achieved something. I think India did achieve something on that  day. It united people for a great act. If I am not forgetting, it was the same Gujarat which gave birth to a prime minister. The mob was creating a scene in a wonderful garden. The kid was being beaten up for talking to a girl. They were in a relationship. How dare someone display his/her love in the open. It was their sheer guilt — stuff like that happens only in Bollywood.

Getting to the point. Soon, there were people crowding in and being part of the show. They were crying out for a spectacular beating. Well, the mob now decides how the law works in our country. We have many successful stories of maintaining law and order - Woh kahte hain na, Qanoon ke hath bade lambe hote hain.

The Dadri and Godhra spectacles are famous examples. Here in the garden, they dragged this kid out and started abusing, spitting and crying for a savage beating. The boy was lynched and was almost dead when few of the same ilk arrived in a van. Even they carried the same act of traditional beating and took him along in order to cut the celebration short. The kid perhaps survived.

He was a Dalit! Irony is an integral part of the traditions followed in Gujarat. One man laid his life to save people and the masses respected him keeping his photos in their pockets. The segregation still exists. Instead of holding these thoughts within ourselves, we should have the courage to put up hoardings in public areas saying, “dogs and Dalits not allowed” as we may be brown from the outside but white to the core. Dalit’s are a hindrance to the values of the nation. They make places filthier and beautiful gardens are ruined due to their presence. We wish more cases like RohitVermula to take place. Dalit’s need to be suppressed. What gives them the right to live? Burn them! At least they would provide some warmth in the process. We are fed up of these people begging on the roads. I think the mob shall be remembered and would be commemorated for an act of preserving the nation and most importantly the traditions of Gujarat.

At least, God could say these people were a boon to science. Pardon! God only exists on these celebratory occasions. I hope I am not confusing you with my dialogue. We follow a different philosophy in Gujarat.A person who kills the most becomes the top seed.

Our civilization has grown so much that now we don’t need courts to provide justice. It is dispensed on roads, then and there.

All this while I was part of the celebration. I stood there like a statue. I don’t know, but a sense of guilt ran down my spine.

The author is a student of 12th Grade
in The Doon School, Dehradun