Babri Masjid Issue

“High Court handed over the key of Ram Mandir to Muslims”

Faizabad: After carrying on the Ram Mandir movement for 30 years, Sangh group at least succeeded in convincing a large section of Hindus that lakhs of years ago Ram Chandraji was born at the same place where Babri Masjid existed. Right from an ordinary Hindu to honourable judges started going for darshan of Ram Lalla. The first wish of honourable judges who went to Faizabad was to have darshan of Ram Janmabhoomi and district administration provided all the facilities to them for this. Another big success of this group was that Babri Masjid was demolished in broad daylight on 6 December 1992 and the forces which were posted there for protecting the Mosque in the custody of Court, instead of protecting it were enjoying the scene of Uma Bharti embracing Murli Manohar Joshi in celebration of demolition of Babri Masjid. Police force which was deployed for protection of the Mosque, instead, began to protect the karsevaks who were the destroyers of the Mosque. The third and the biggest success of Sangh group was when on 30 September 2010 the three honourable judges of the High Court pronounced the verdict that Ram Janmabhoomi is at the same place where the demolished mosque existed and where after its demolition Ram Lalla was seated because that was Ram Lalla’s place.

The High Court by its verdict did give the Sangh group occasion to celebrate its victory but gave the key of building Ram Mandir to Muslims. By giving one-third of Babri land to Muslims, probably the court has tried to put balm on the wounds of Muslims inflicted by Babri Masjid’s demolition. In the light of Court’s verdict Ram Mandir can be built only when one-third right of Muslims is accepted. Now it depends on Muslims whether they are prepared to build the mosque on this small piece of land or by building something else there, they want to keep Babri Masjid’s memory alive. But it is now certain that two-thirds part received by Hindus can be used only when Muslims use their portion. By its verdict the Court has given the key of Ram Mandir to Muslims. So it is the responsibility of Ram bhakts to obtain this key from Muslims by force or through love and peaceful means. Babri Masjid was raised to the ground in 5 hours and Ram Lalla was got seated at the disputed place in 36 hours. This was done easily but the dream of building a grand Ram Mandir cannot be achieved so easily.

VHP has been repeatedly saying that at no cost Masjid will be allowed to be built at the disputed site but if Muslims agree to build the mosque beyond a distance of 5 kos (about 16 kms), they can possibly talk to them (Muslims). The question now arises that if Muslims leave their land there and go to a distance of 15 or 16 kms, what is the need for them to talk to anyone else and on what subject they should talk?

Obviously, Muslims do not need any new mosque and if at all they need it sometime in future, why should they obtain VHP’s permission. The important thing to talk about is the right which is given to them by the Court and on the basis of the same right today Sangh group is able to speak something after demolishing Babri Masjid otherwise after demolishing the Masjid its leaders were absconding and hiding like criminals. The obstinacy and insistence of Sangh group leaders that the mosque should be built beyond a distance of 15 or 16 kilometres itself indicates that their objective was never to build Ram Mandir. The existence of Mosque was liked by these people neither at the time when it was there nor now at any place nearby. The true Ram bhakts will now have to think whether they want to see a grand Ram Mandir or because of Sangh group’s obstinacy they would like to see Ram Lalla in taat forever.