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Symposium on Ayodhya verdict

Aligarh: Idara Tahqeeq-o-Tasneefe Islami, Aligarh has organised a symposium on Ayodhaya Verdict and beyond on 31 October, 2010. The symposium was presided over by Professor Asmer Baig wherein Dr. Abdul Wahid, Dr. Aftab Alam, Dr. Abdul Majid Khan have expressed their opinions about the repercussions of the verdict on the Muslim identity and survival. Dr. Safdar Sultan Islahi, Ameer Jamat Islami, Aligarh unit has highlighted the tensions and simmering discontentment prevalent among Indian Muslims. The verdict not only affected the Indian Muslim but put a question mark on the credibility and accountability of judiciary towards the constitutional precept of rule of law and secularism. He expressed his great dismay. Dr. Aftab Alam lamented  the judicial recognition of astha by delivering inter-community property disputes in fulfilling their allegiance to religion. Dr. Abdul Wahid underlined the sociological implications of Ayodhya imbroglio and expressed optimism in bringing attitudinal change in Muslim psyche. Professor Md. Idress maintained that Hindu chauvinists have internationalised the Ayodhya dispute and launched tirade against the Muslim identity across the globe.

Dr. Abdul Majid Khan has forecasted about turmoil in the making, destined to be precursor of major upheaval in Muslim society. In his presidential address professor Asmer Baig opined that the judiciary has silently tilted towards religious discrimination giving way to religious extremism and chauvinism besides tarnishing the image of rule of law.