Babri Masjid Issue

Advani & Co. should be tried for sedition

Lucknow: This 18th anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition, was this time equally unique, in the sense, that a stage has been reached when the title-suit of the same, had got decided, which was being contested between the Hindu and the Muslim side, in favour of the Hindu side, from the Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court, Lucknow, UP, on Sep 30. The judgement, officially, and ironically though,  gave a preference to the required underpinnings, in the wake of some of the findings of archaeology and history, which of course, are not always capable of neat and unanimous interpretations, and are thus, not amenable for a judicial dispensation. But, yet it happened. The full bench consisting of Justice SU Khan, Justice Sudhir Agarwal and Justice DV Sharma gave a two-third of the Babri Masjid site to the Hindu side and one-third to the Muslim side. Both the sides have now decided to go to the Supreme Court.

Dharna by Indian National League at Lucknow
Dharna by Indian National League at Lucknow

So with the title-suit slated to be fought in the Apex Court, another issue of the Babri Masjid demolition of Dec 6, 1992, had to be brought to light, as Muslim organisations sat-in for a day long protest at Shaheed Smarak, Lucknow. The five parties protest had been made by Indian National League (INL), All India Muslim Majlis (AIMM), All India Muslim Forum (AIMF), Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) and Communist Party ( Marxist-Leninist). A modest crowd of around 200 people, of all the protestors put together, sat throughout the day decrying the demolition of Babri Masjid.

Muhammed Sulaiman, the national president of INL who had come from Kanpur, took the occasion to demand the reconstruction of Babri Masjid at its original site, as the way it had existed from 1528 until Dec 6, 1992 and those involved in its demolition to be tried under Section 124-A of Indian Penal Code so that the charge of sedition be proved against them. “We have assembled here to not only mark the anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition but also the anniversary of demolition of our Constitution because with Babri Masjid the Constitution of India had also been razed. This had happened out of well crafted and a well executed strategy as the date of Dec 6 was chosen deliberately to kill two birds with a single shot. As on the same day BR Ambedkar had died. The communal and fascistic forces like RSS, VHP and BJP wanted to celebrate the death of Ambedkar and the destruction of Babri Masjid on the same day,” he paralleled. BR Ambedkar is said to have written the Constitution of India.

“The demolition of Babri Masjid was premeditated for two years in advance as it was the final culmination of the rath yatra of hatred by LK Advani who vitiated the plural and secular ambience of the nation to no end. The Justice Liberhan Commission has found the demolition of Babri Masjid as a manifestation of a well chalked out plan, and hence, those responsible for it should be tried for being ‘anti-nation’ also and charged with sedition. Those eight high profile demolition accused like LK Advani, Vinay Katiyar, Sadhvi Rithambara, Giriraj Kishore, Ashok Singhal, MM Joshi, Uma Bharti  and VH Dalmia should be brought under the charge of sedition in the wake of the findings of Liberhan Commission,” he said. He further said that it has almost become a fashion that the CBI, in its chargesheet always tends to drop crucial charges, obviously at the behest of the government at the helm, and thus, the credibility of this investigating agency has been eroded to the bottomless pit. The same has happened quite predictably in context to the Babri Masjid case,” he lamented.  INL also submitted a memorandum which referred to Yajurved (a Hindu holy book) which has exhorted that God is a shapeless entity and which cannot be conditioned into an idol, something which the holy book of Muslims-Qur’an also insists. Hence, both Muslims and Hindus ought to make this nation idolatry free, and the first step for it, would be to get the idols of Lord Rama removed from the demolished Babri Masjid site-as they had been stealthily and scrumptiously smuggled into it, on Dec 22/23 1949.  INL has also decided to initiate an intervening-petition, regarding Babri Masjid case, in the Supreme Court.

“The progenies of RSS had blown the Constitution, democracy, judiciary and all forms of parliamentary traditions, to the smithereens on Dec 6, 1992, and the ever enlarging black blot on the secular face of India is yet to be washed out. The only way to redeem the lost ground is to get the Babri Masjid built on its original site, something which was promised by the then Congress PM Narsimha Rao-only to meet its dead end,” said Manzoor Ahmed, the president of AIMM. He is a former IPS officer.   

Khan Muhammad Atif, the Ex. President of AIMM would signal towards the diabolic conspiracy of RSS, which has instead, very steadily got innocent Muslim youth to be branded as terrorists and thrown into jails, whereas, those responsible for Babri Masjid demolition are allowed to roam scott free. Atif has been an Ex. MLA. He was joined by Khalid Sabir, another Majlis stalwart and an editor of a daily newspaper.

“It is indeed worth for a laughing stock that since the tabling of Liberhan Commission report, around one and a half year back, there is yet to be any action, from the government on it. What is UPA waiting for?” questioned Sabir. He called the whole report as an exercise of mockery, which had seen the public money being floundered on it, for 17 years and all it could notch is a big no. Sabir expressed his grave surprise as to why UPA has drawn cold feet to act against RSS when its cadres have been named in so many blasts in the country. “When is the likelihood of RSS being banned if not now?” he questioned. Sabir is also an Ex. President of AIMM. AIMM further released a charter of a few demands which said that innocent Muslim youths, caught in the charge of terrorism be released along with compensation, and that a probe under the sitting judge of the Supreme Court be made against RSS and its allies, for their involvement in the various blasts across the nation. It was also demanded that Babri Masjid title-suit be decided within a particular frame of time in the Supreme Court. All India Muslim Forum observed the day as ‘Save Constitution Day’ by taking a cue from the Sep 30 judgement which stemmed itself from faith instead of the facts and it was lamented that even after 18 years of demolition of Babri Masjid, the perpetrators of the heinous crime are no where even near to be punished, and which has given a severe blow to the peoples faith in the judiciary. The other two protests were from IUML which strangely had got written Indian Union Muslim League on their banner and did not express any regret on it. CP (ML) also joined the chorus saying that it is binding on every law abiding citizen to express solidarity with the cause of Babri Masjid and seek that its culprits are brought to justice.