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MG   An excellent magazine, particularly for Muslim community. G.A. Rahim, I.P.S. I.G. (Rtd), Hyderabad, AP   II Alhamdulillah, The Milli Gazette has completed 11 years of its publication. Thank you and your team members for the opportunity that you have provided to us to know about the Ummah. It would have been very good for North-East region Muslims if you could publish more news and articles related to various issues of N-E Muslims. Elias Uddin, East Garo Hills, Meghalaya     So much charity, aukaf, but still we are backward I belong to Amroha and I saw lots of dacoits, beggers, dinosaur, dracula and witch in Amroha in Muslims. During service I saw the same in Dehradun, Meerut, Ghaziabad and now in Aligarh. Don't mind, India is a good country with secularism and democracy. There is good relationship and brotherhood in all communities in India. We should work hard for national integration. Educational backwardness, environment, speedy growth of population and AIDS/TB are important problems. There is progress prosperity and development in our country. Mera Bharat mahan. Our Zakat, Fitra, Charh Qurbani and Aukaf have thousand, crores of income but Muslim community is backward why? Anwar Masood Siddiqui, Aligarh, U.P.     Anna Hazare's crusade against corruption While in no way denying that the prevalent all-pervasive corruption in the country has shaken the foundations of our secular democracy, equally it is unfortunate that Hazare's crusade against corruption has been targeting and slamming only politicians and has been responsible for creating a climate of disdain not only against parliamentary system but against democracy. Hazare has miserably failed to focus on other sections of Indian society like bureaucrats, top business magnets, corrupt judges, journalists and barons of newspapers and thoroughly corrupt and incompetent police officials who have amassed wealth. His praise for Narender Modi who was responsible for the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat and Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, who has been a faithful ally of BJP and an active association of Baba Ramdev and RSS cadres with his movement raises doubts about the secular and non-partism character of Hazare's campaign. He conveniently forgets that communalism posseses greatest danger to the existence of Indian democracy. He ignores the fact that India has a robust constitution and that there is no dearth of upright politicians in the country. Hazare has never raised his voice against chauvinistic communal Hindu organisations. His recent statement that NDA as graduated in corruption and while UPA has done Ph.D in corruption shows his softness and closeness to Hindu communal elements. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai Mayur Vihar Phase-I, New Delhi -91   Gujarat pogroms Gujarati Muslims were killed in broad daylight at: 1. Gulbarg Society, Ahmedabad, where 69 Muslims were massacred including an ex-MP Ehsan Jafri. The trial in connection with the death of 69 Muslims in the Gulbarga society massacre is in its final stage as the court completed recording of evidence last year. 2. Best Bakery, Vadodara, where 14 Muslims belonging to Shaikh family, who had taken refuge there, were killed on March 1, 2002 during the post-Godhra riots. In February, 2006, the sessions court sentenced nine accused to life imprisonment. All the convicts have filed appeals in Bombay High Court, which are yet to come up for hearing. Farooq A. Gaffar Bawani Rajkot (Gujarat)   Israel is the bigger enemy There is currently a bloc of nations whose utmost desire is the destruction of the United States. That bloc grows larger every decade. While there may be a few nations that feel that way (China comes to mind), I think the only significant "bloc of nations" opposing the US do so only because of the US's continued support for Israel. There is certainly a bloc of nations whose utmost deisre is the destruction of Israel, and I think if the United States were to halt aid to Israel and begin to publically support the Palestinians, the US would very quickly turn from an enemy to a friend in their eyes (it's even widely speculated that Iran is interested in restoring ties with the United States but cannot reasonably do so until the US stops supporting Israel so forcefully and publically). Sheikh Gulzaar, Editor, Asia-Middle East Affairs   Osama, at what cost? After 1.3 trillion dollars expenditures, killing of thousands of people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and near a decade search US finally got its target in Abbotabad Pakistan. After killing of Bin Laden popularity of US president increased dramatically in United States. US president personally monitored Abbotabad operation with his senior advisers including secretary of state Hillary Clinton.. After successful operation Obama said that now after death of Bin Laden world is more safe place than before. Despite claim of US president ground realties are very different. US authorities made same claims after death of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and death of Baitullah Mehsood in Pakistan but condition are still going bad to worst in these countries and instead of peace and economic stability deaths, destructions and worst economic conditions have become routine in these countries. Now true reality is that Abbotabad operation and killing of Bin Laden can boost falling graph of US President Obama after worst economic conditions, unemployment in USA and huge war expenditures in US occupied countries but can’t change ground realties in present world specially in US occupied countries. US illegal operations on Pakistani soil and announcement of sea burial of Bin Laden add further fuel on anger of the Muslim world. Al Azhar Egypt openly criticized US decision as inhuman. Sentiments’ are already high in Muslim world after killing of Gaddafi son in Libya by NATO bombing. Several western embassies and UNO office already attacked. After death of Bin Laden war of words are going on between US and Pakistani authorities. Recently US accused Pakistani ISI of secret contacts with Haqqani network. Now most of Pakistani rightly believe that death of Bin Laden near capital Islamabad is big conspiracy against their country some sources are trying hard to wide their war agenda from Afghanistan to Pakistan and recent Abbotabad operation can provide them wrong justification to pursue their war agenda against Pakistan. Khwaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah 21472, KSA   II The more America piles up lies after lies in the media, itself confused as how to respond to the challenges from different sections of world's populations, the crime of 9/11 gets more and more fuzzy, raising doubts, if it was not an inside job, most audaciously imposed on Osama, Al Qaida and the rest of Muslim world. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   Gujarat violence a matter of national shame Anna Hazare's praise of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is condemnable. While addressing a meeting in Bhun (Gujarat) L.K. Advani had also praised Modi for doing a great job. What is Modi's great job? A 9-member high level tribunal of retired Supreme Court Judges, Senior Journalists, and human rights activist held Modi and his government. responsible for Gujarat carnage and genocide and had demanded arrest and prosecution of criminals. The tribunal accused Gujarat Police of not preventing ghastly crimes. It also charged Modi with influencing criminal investigation. Tribunal's 600 pages report titled "Crimes against Humanity" in two volumes, was released by Justice P.B. Sawant at the Press Club of India, New Delhi. It was submitted to President of India A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. In his address to the nation Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee had called Gujarat violence a blot on the fair name of India and a matter of national shame. Cases of fake encounters of Sohrabuddin, his wife and his Hindu friend Prajapati etc. are still going on in courts. G. Hasnain Kaif, (Bhandara)   Welfare Party The floating of a new political party, styling itself the ‘Welfare Party of India’ (WPI), by India’s apex Islamist outfit Jamaat-e-Islami Hind recently has, predictably, set off a vigorous debate in Indian Muslim circles. The men behind the party insist that it is not a Jamaat front, though critics argue otherwise, pointing out that the top-brass of the party are mostly senior Jamaat activists and that everyone knows that the party has been set up under the orders, and with the blessings, of the Jamaat top-brass. The party, for its part, explains its agenda in predictable terms: of promoting ‘genuine’ democracy, secularism, human rights, social justice and so on. The subtext that underlies its justification for its formation is that the Indian Muslims have been denied justice by existing political parties, and so a new party is necessary to secure justice for them, in addition to other marginalised sections of society. Pareethu Bava Khan   Jamia’s minority status A PIL challenging minority status of Jamia Millia Islamia was filed in Delhi High Court by Vijay Kumar Sharma, President of NGO, Yuva Bharti Samiti, alleging that JMI is not a minority institution as incorporated under Jamia Millia Islamia Act of 1988. Before arriving at this thought, we need to peep into JMI past. JMI was founded by the Muslims during Khilafat movement in 1920 on the call of Gandhiji, for the religious and secular education of Indians especially Muslims as has been mentioned in its aims and objectives. Jamia was a minority institution when it was declared a "Deemed University" status by UGC in 1962. It retained its minority status till the conferment of Central University status in 1988 by the Central Government. The central Act of 1988 deliberately diluted minority status of Jamia Millia Islamia. Another allegation is that National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions has no jurisdiction or authority to declare Jamia Millia Islamia a minority institution. His allegation is toothless because one of the functions of NCMEI is: To decide all questions relating to the status of any institution as a minority institution and declare its status as such. We should also understand the difference between the foundation of an Institution by community and conferment of status. JMI was founded by the Muslims and it was conferred Central University status in 1988 by the central government. To presume that Jamia’s secular credentials would be affected is baseless. Jamia was, is and shall remain a secular institution even after declaration of its minority status. Khalil-ur Rahman Khan, New Delhi-25   Are we democratic country? While releasing Dr. Binayak Sen from the charges of sedition and granting him bail, SC, said, “We are a democratic country.” As per ToI 17 April, corrupt politicians, complicit babus and biased enforcement of law have shaken the citizen’s faith in institutions. Governance deficit has dented India’s International image. In the chance of constitution Muslims are not given reservation and in the name of talent Muslims are denied their due shares. Merely having Jihadi literature (police named justice seeking literature as Jihadi literature) a secure of Muslims are sent behind bar where as SC observed that merely having Gandhi biography one cannot be Ghandhiwadi. Similarly having naxal literature does not make a person naxal. Yes we are democratic country where idol placed in Mosque in dark night and Masjid razed to ground in broad day-light. But judiciary and constitution let allow our democracy to flourish.                 S. Haque, Patna     Purulia arms drop case The TV news channel Times Now deserves praise for unearthing the motive behind the mysterious Purulia arms-drop episode in 1995. The disclosure that the arms drop was clandestinely allowed by the British intelligence service MI5 and India’s counterpart RAW is shocking. It was a serious assault on India's sovereignty and a diabolical plot against an elected government in West Bengal. Though the claim made by the key accused Kim Davy and Peter Bleach that the entire operation had the blessings of P.V.Narasimha Rao’s government appear incredulous, how can one understand when the aircraft which carried the cache of arms could escape the radar grab and then it had a refuelling at the airport Varanasi before the arms were dropped? What was more disturbing was that the huge cache of ammunition might well have fallen into the hands of Maoists. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa, AP   US and Gujarat May 4 newspapers report BJP president Nitin Gadkari as saying, "We must learn a lesson from the U.S. It did not forget the horrific crime [of 9/11] and took revenge even after ten years." Gadkari should know that the horrific crimes committed in Gujarat in 2002 have not been forgotten either. Punishment, not revenge, is the aim of those who remember. Mukul Dube, Delhi-91   Deaf and Dumb State ‘Right-To-Information Act’ is a successful tool to reveal information on action taken by companies and departments of the governments in the Centre and in the states on correspondence made by members of public in a time-bound period of 30 days. But ever-increasing work-load on officers handling RTI petitions and on Central Information Commission can and should be considerably reduced in benefit of public by making it mandatory for all departments and companies of the governments to compulsorily reply to letters received by them within 30 days thereby negating any need to even use RTI Act so commonly. System should be for automatic follow-up by those departments where some department forwards communication/s received from commoners in a time-bound period just on lines of RTI petitions. System will thus fix responsibility and distribute departmental work to all those working in government offices rather than accumulating heavy work-load only in RTI sections of public-authorities. All government offices should then have a statistical data on communications received and subsequent action taken/or forwarded to other departments. National Informatics Centre should include provision of automatic generation of acknowledgement-number on letters mailed through websites of all departments and companies of the governments towards a paperless e-governance with liability on government-departments to act on communications received on websites in a time-bound period. Madhu Agarwal, Delhi-6   26/11 attack on Mumbai not serious enough: US Media-reports about US saying that 26/11 attack on Mumbai was not as serious as 9/11 attack on US World Trade Towers establishes US to be a selfish nation which cannot be trusted for its lip-talks to fight against global terrorism. It may be recalled that US also did not provide any assistance to India during IC-814 hijack at Kandhar (Afghanistan). India should be proud of our brave forces for self-defence when Indian Army Chief assured that Indian Army can also do what US did to finish Osama to practically fight terrorism. Pakistan’s boasting that it would not allow similar operations by any country including US, were soon deflated by US making a drone attack in Waziristan. SMSs going around on mobile phones like ‘Kasab safe in India but Osama unsafe in Pakistan’ are reflective of general mindset of Indian people against not-very-strong attitude of Indian government against Pak-sponsored militancy in India. Indian government should take some firm decision including immediate punishment to those confirmed death-sentence by Supreme Court for attack on Indian sovereignty. Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi-6   Acquittal of Muslims from terror charges-unnoticed A large number Muslim organisations have mushroomed in Muslim localities. They play vote catching role during elections and these organisations beat drum after any government announcement. When any Muslim is caught on terror charges media give full coverage to such news but not when the same person gets acquittal from court. Media doesn’t give importance to Muslims acquittal. On 6th May Haroon and Rashid released from jail because police story of bomb blast in train didn’t stand in law of court. The national media didn’t mention this news. It becomes the duty of Muslims organisations expose police atrocities. Muslim organisations should publish leaflets, pamphlets and booklets about the Muslim kept in jail in the name of terrorism and their acquittal. Let us not go unnoticed our sacrifices. S. Haque, Patna   Anna Hazare’s defamation It would not have been difficult for the office of the charity commissioner to verify if the complaint against Anna Hazare’s Hind Swaraj Trust had substance and veracity. The fact that someone in that august body chose to send to a person like Anna Hazare a showcause notice cannot be without receiving consideration from some person, persons or entity that are out to malign Anna Hazare. The person or persons or an entity that can influence the office of the charity commissioner has to be powerful. It is extremely important to go to the bottom of the matter to find out who was behind this misadventure on part of the charity commissioner’s office. An apology from the office of the Charity Commissioner amounts to letting the actual perpetrators of the offence and their masters go scot free. The Commissioner should have on its own ordered an inquiry into the matter and taken severe disciplinary or legal action against the persons responsible. Anna Hazare has done the right thing by asking his lawyers to proceed against the wrong doers, whose names and the names of their “handlers” come to light. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054   Let’s give a push to the Jan Lokpal Bill Some weeks ago former telecom minister A Raja was arrested for taking an alleged kickback of 200 crore rupees and awarding the 2G licence to Swan Telecom. Then Congress MP Suresh Kalmadi has been arrested for indulging in financial irregularities in the recent Commonwealth Games (CWG). Eradicating corruption in the country will not be as easy as Anna Hazare perhaps assumes. We don’t know how effective this Bill would be to fight against the epidemic of corruption, but it’s clear that many high-rung politicians in the past resisted the bill for which it has been stuck in the backburner for more than four decades. Still some politicians appear to be resisting the bill now and it has been a cause of worry for the citizens who have stood up to fight corruptions on all fronts. The government’s proposed draft suggests the Lokpal as an advisory body with no unobstructed powers at its domination. At large however the bill seems to be just eyewash. It seeks to completely insulate the politicians from any kind of punitive action against them if they indulged in corruption. Such a bill, when it turns into a law, will be toothless one in its fight against corruption. Mr. Hazare has turned an icon among ordinary Indians these days, not just because of his reputation as a campaigner for basic rights for the aam admi, but because ordinary citizens feel tired or troubled with increasing trend of corruption across the country and Anna provided them a platform to vent their protest against the menace. Whatever the final outcome, let’s hope that the Jan Lokpal Bill will be able to weed out governmental corruption, at least to some extent. Aziz A. Mubaraki, Kolkata