Ayodhya Jama Masjid’s trustee seriously ill, hopeful of solution

Faizabad: Asghar Abbas Rizvi of Siddharth Nagar district of U.P. who appeared on the scene in 2002 to find a solution of Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi dispute by mutual talks with the then Prime Minister Vajpayee’s blessings, is seriously ill these days. Being a sugar patient, both his kidneys have failed and because of dialysis twice a week, he is unable to travel anywhere. When he was employed in central government’s Ayodhya cell, he was looking after the Ayodhya problem and after retirement, he constituted Ayodhya Jama Masjid Trust and for the solution of the Ayodhya problem through bilateral talks, he met important Hindu and Muslim members of the Ayodhya dispute alongwith Maulana Umair Ilyasi, President of All India Masjid Imams Organisation, Maulana Kalbe Rashid, Kartik Chopra, Capt Sikandar Rizvi etc. His talks with VHP’s Ashok Singhal and ‘Mahant Avaidyanath had reached an advanced stage but ultimately remained inconclusive.

Inspite of his heart operation, failure of kidneys and being serious ill, his speech and memory are surprisingly quite normal. Equally at home in Urdu, Hindi, English, Persian, Arabic and Sanskrit, he has made an appeal to one and all who are associated with the Babri Masjid-Ramjanmabhoomi problem to pray for his speedy recovery, so that he may be able to solve this problem before he dies.