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Zakir Naik’s NGO red-flagged

Mumbai: IRF, set up by Dr Zakir Naik, is due for licence renewal this year, and is among around 150 NGOs against whom security agencies issued adverse reports last July. Naik came under the authorities’ scanner when two of the Holy Artisan Bakery attackers in Dhaka claimed they were ‘inspired’ by him, a claim which was later denied. Despite the IRF featuring on the list, its FCRA licence was renewed on 19 August automatically through the online system. An FCRA licence is a mandatory requirement for an NGO to receive foreign funds; the licence is renewed every five years. The first complaint against the IRF had come in 2012. Action against it was not taken till a year later by the Home Ministry, when the complainant sent a letter to the then Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh. thequint