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Number of Muslim graduates increasing

New Delhi: It is stated in a report based on the statistics of 2011 census that as regards the educational progress of different communities, awareness about education is increasing fast among Muslims and Buddhists. According to this report, awareness about education among Muslims (who were till recently considered most backward educationally) and Buddhists has been the maximum. According to this report, as compared to the year 2001, in 2011 graduates among Muslims have increased by 60 percent whereas in Hindus, the increase in the number of graduates is 55 percent; but the maximum increase in the number of graduates as among Buddhists i.e. 74 percent. Buddhists are mostly Dalits who, following the example of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who embraced Buddhism about half a century ago, also have embraced Buddhism. As regards technical education, national ratio from this point of view (i.e. tech education) is 68 percent and this ratio or percentage among Muslims is 81 (percent) and among Buddhists is increasingly 130 percent. According to this report, people belonging to Jain community are most advanced educationally. However, in spite of the speedy increase of graduates among Muslims, they (Muslims) are still, on the whole lag behind in education. The number of graduates in the country on an average is about 6% and Muslims share in this is about half whereas among the people of Jain community more than 25% are graduate or post graduates. As regards technical or technological education people belonging to Christian community are ahead of all among whom 2.2% people are Diploma holders. After Christians are people of the Sikh community, 0.8% of whom are Diploma holders.