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Urdu Darwaza being built in Deoband

Deoband: UP Urdu Academy is building a grand Urdu Darwaza in Deoband as a memorial to the freedom fighter Sheikhul Hind Maulana Mahmood Hasan Deobandi, the foundation stone of which was laid by UP chief minister Akhilesh Singh on 8 September. Speaking on this occasion he said that this ‘Urdu Darwaza’ is dedicated to Urdu language, and it is named after a great freedom fighter and crusader. He said that Chairman of UP Urdu Academy Dr. Nawaz Deobandi, by building this grand Urdu Darwaza and by associating it with Sheikhul Hind, Maulana Mahmood Hasan, the very first student of Darul Uloom Deoband and commander of the war of independence., has added a new chapter which will be remembered not only by Urdu speaking people but by all freedom fighters and patriots who are familiar with the history of the country’s independence and will get inspiration from it. He said that our government, by setting up Rafiqul Mulk Mulayam Singh Yadav Urdu IAS Study Centre through UP Urdu Academy, has given an opportunity to the new generation of minority community to succeed by building a bright future and serving the country through good governance. He said that credit for this should be given to UP Urdu Academy’s Chairman Dr. Nawaz Deobandi.

UP’s minister for urban development Muhammad Azam Khan who chaired this meeting said in his presidential address that Urdu language, is a great asset of India which played a historic role in the country’s war of independence and the history of country’s war of independence will be incomplete without mentioning the role played by Urdu in this war. He said that UP Urdu Academy, by building the Urdu Darwaza in memory of Sheikhul Hind, Maulana Mahmood Hasan, the great freedom fighter and author of many books, has paid true tribute to him. He said that after setting up Urdu IAS Study Centre, it is now setting up ‘Urdu Mass Communication and Media Centre’ in Lucknow soon which too will create new opportunities of employment and will be helpful in solving the problem of unemployment of Urdu knowing people. He said that along with promoting Urdu language and culture, on our request the present government has also permitted the Haj Houses in Lucknow and Ghaziabad to be used, after the Haj season, as coaching centres for preparing and training Muslim children / students for IIT, Medical and other All India competitive examinations and the responsibility of running these coaching centres will be given to Dr. Nawaz Deobandi on behalf of UP Haj Committee.

Dr. Nawaz Deobandi, thanking Akhilesh Yadav and Azam Khan and shedding light on the activities and achievements of UP Urdu Academy said that the present government has doubled the annual grant to Urdu Academy from this year (2016) and has also made an increase of Rs. 50 lakh in the grant of Urdu IAS Study Centre. He further said that after the grand success, 41 boy and girl students of Urdu IAS Study Centre are preparing for Prelim examination and 30 students are preparing for Mains (of UPSC). He said that all facilities are provided free in the Study Centre. He also said that Urdu Mass Communication and Media Centre will start (working) in about a month. He further said that UP Urdu Academy gives scholarships to Urdu students from class VI upto PhD and in addition to this it also gives cheques of Rs. 5001 and books free to all those students who top in Urdu in high school and intermediate exams in all districts of the state. In addition to students, the (Urdu) Academy also gives cheques of Rs. 2000 to teachers of the students along with commendation certificates. He said that monthly pensions are given to litterateurs and in case of serious illness, also provides financial assistance and also gives financial assistance for publication of their books. The Academy also runs schemes like teaching Urdu to high officials of the government. Coaching centres have also been set up in all districts, particularly for teaching of Urdu reading and writing.