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Delhi government admits to shortage of Urdu teachers

New Delhi: According to Delhi government’s department of education, there is a shortage of Urdu teachers but in spite of this, teaching of Urdu has been started in some new schools and also there has been an increase in the number of students. At the same time education of Urdu has been stopped in six schools this year. These pieces of information were obtained in reply to a question asked by Zarf Educational and Welfare Society’s President, Manzar Ali Khan under RTI. According to the information received under RTI, this year (2015-16) Urdu was being taught in 265 schools of Delhi and on the basis of the number of (Urdu) students, 400 posts of TGT Urdu teachers were sanctioned under PFC (Post Fixation Cell). In the current year (2016-17) Urdu is being taught in 272 schools of Delhi. There has also been an increase in the number of students because of which 565 posts (of Urdu teachers) have been sanctioned. This means that this year Urdu has been started in 7 (new) schools and there has been an increase of 165 posts of Urdu teachers. This year the post of one (Urdu) teacher has been sanctioned for 200 students and for 300 students 2 posts are sanctioned and teachers have been appointed. As regards PGT (Post Graduate Teachers) Urdu teachers, condition is the same as before, seeing that last year in 11th and 12th class Urdu was being taught in 47 schools whereas there were 54 posts of Urdu lecturers. In the current academic year, however, under PFC Urdu education in 11th and 12h class is being provided in 46 schools, though 54 posts (of Urdu teachers) are sanctioned but it is a pity that last year Urdu in 11th and 12th class was being taught in six schools but this year (current year) neither is it being taught there nor is there any post of Urdu teacher. In order to compensate this, government has started Urdu education in five other schools. Demand however is being made to re-start Urdu education in the six schools where it has been stopped. The reason for stopping Urdu education in some schools is that there are no teachers but children are reading Urdu at their homes. There is at least one such school is in Yamuna Vihar area where there is no Urdu teacher but children are reading Urdu at their homes.