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MG   By this time, I am a bit satisfied with the publications of articles in MG from learned writers and the scholarly chief editor and the editorial team of MG. The content in MG is the treasure of knowledge which helps the Muslims readers to add to their knowledge in particular and other readers in general. The frank, bold, authentic and impartial articles, letters etc. on national and international issues, enlighten and illuminate readers and it serves the readers further as a discovery to most of them. In MG issue no. 8 / 11 the article on, 'Was Qaid-e Azam Jinnah the only founder of Pakistan?' by Mr. S.M. Pasha, is a type of example.             Y.R. Pathan (Kathore), Surat,Gujarat   II   You are indeed doing a great job for projecting and protecting interests of Indian Muslims. It is quite heartening to see you projecting Kashmir grievances too. Besides devoting a full page for Kashmir coverage, the book on missing persons is a great contribution. What we could not do in Kashmir you have done it from a far away place. May Allah Bless you and your team. Rashid Ahmad, Editor, Honour, Srinagar     Welfare Party   Pardon me for expressing my own intellectual anguish and astonishment over your highly unwise decision to take an active and leadingoffice-bearing part in the establishment of a really Muslim-dominatedbut nominally "neutral" political outfit in the Hindi-Hindu hinterland of India's Gangetic Belt, called the "Welfare Party of India". And, it follows from your conduct that the Milli Gazette is bound to serve it, in effect, as the official, or at least the semi-official mouthpiece thereof. I wonder why it never occurred to you to invite the readers and subscribers of MG to express their views for and against the establishment of what you have established, without any such attempt to know what any of them have to say thereon. Given your evident indifference to the readers opinion on the matter concerned, I need not bother you any further thereon, in respect of my "pardonable" expression of anguish and astonishment, in connection with.          A.S. Beg Retired Professor of Political Science, AMU, Aligarh Editor: I fail to find any indication that MG has become a mouthpiece of the Welfare Party. The new party’s activities have been reported in MG just like any other milli organisation like Jamiat Ulama, Jamaat Islami, Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat etc. I was the president of Mushawarat for two years and am its current working president, but no one can say that I turned MG into a mouthpiece of Mushawarat. It is our duty to report on the good and bad news of the community while affiliation to this or that organisation should remain a matter of one’s personal choice and should not be questioned unless a sin or evidently anti-Islamic behaviour is involved.  Readers’ opinion is always valued and published but readers do not have any trusteeship over the paper which is published at great personal sacrifice and financial loss.   Who is the Bigger Satan?   Who is more condemnable, Osama or the devils who nourished the son of Laden to loot the Arab oil and to massacre Muslims?! Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh – 392150   Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat   The article by Mr. S.M. Pasha on the birth of the MMM in 1964 says little but quotes at great length from contemporary reports of from Washington Post and the London Times. The account is incomplete without the names of its original members and office bearers and without explaining why the JUH did not formally join the AIMMM.             Some idea of the original Dastoor of the Mushawarat should also be given. The text of the final resolution adopted in 1964 does not indicate that the objective was to create a Muslim political party. In fact, when one of the founders, Dr. A.J. Faridi, raised this question, it led to a split and U.P. Muslim Majlis was born. The fact remains that the Mushawarat was originally formed as  an organization to provide relief to the victims of communal violence and perhaps the underlying intention was to remove the  growing alienation in the community from the ruling Congress Party. Syed Shahabuddin, ex-MP, President, AIMMM   II  

The article by Janab S.M.Pasha, on 'The birth of Muslim Majlis e Mushawarat', brought back dark memories of what our community has gone through since Partition. After every riot our leaders have met to discuss how to stop these killings of Muslims. It was so after Jabalpur in 1961, after Jamshedpur in 1964. Yet the intensity of riots have increased.  Ahmedabad in 1969 was worse , for it occurred in the period when the great Frontier Gandhi was visiting Gujarat.  Sadly the blessings of JP, gave the RSS national acceptance and later power. This painful story goes on. The peak was the organised killings in 2002, in which the BJP and the Government machinery colluded to wreak as much damage as they could on the Muslims of Gujarat.

Yet by the Grace of Allah we have survived. Our population has increased to over 170 million, from just 40 million in 1947. Muslim literacy rates have gone up, so have our representation in political office. Muslims have turned towards business. Yet we have a long way to go. In the ultimate , the only way to prevent communal killings is a sharp rise in  our social and economic levels, combined with a wise use of political power and scientific / technological know how. What we need is an assertive affirmation that we are a part of this country, and as such demand justice for every communal killing, loss and unjust confinement suffered by Muslims. It must be eternal vigilance on the RSS and the likes of Narendra Modi .  J.S.Bandukwala, Vadodara,Gujarat   III   The birth of Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, by SM Pasha, in your issue of 16-31 May, is excellent. Afzal Ali Shah, Lucknow     Syed Shahabuddin’s reaction on Yugal Shastri formula   My dear Shastriji,
I have seen your article in the Milli Gazette on ‘An Amicable Settlement’ of the Ayodhya Dispute. Just before the Demolition in 1992, I had gone to Kanchipeetham for an audience with then alive Paramacharaya. I proposed to him that the disputed site be divided along a north-south line separating the inner courtyard, which was an extension of the main hall of the Masjid, and the outer courtyard in which the Ram Chabutra stood. I suggested that the door which was opened in 1986 should be closed and the walls razed, to separate them. The Hindu community should take as much land as it needs likes outside the Masjid to build the Ram Mandir with Ram Chabutra as the base. The Paramacharaya asked me many questions and he appeared to be in agreement with my approach. He blessed me when I left and even asked me to visit the historic Masjid close to his Math before I left the town. However, the proposal was not acceptable to the VHP and it managed to kill it with the help of the present Shankaracharaya Jayendra Saraswati. I still believe that this is the only practicable solution. This is more or less in line with your suggestion for amicable solution at Sr. No. 2. With kind regards, etc
Syed Shahabuddin, ex-MP
President, All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, (AIMMM )
New Delhi. -   Age of liars!   Most of misleaders of today are only spreading lies despite their cries of being truthful to make others fool. As a whole lie cannot be sold. They make a show of being bold. Instead of telling only untruth. They spread half truth. Agents of the devil. Can only extend evil. Long live supporters of truth. Down with advocates of untruth. S.A.U. Patel Khanpur Deh - 392150   Satya Sai Baba   I read with intrest the opinion offered by Sanal Edamaruku, who is the President of the Indian Rationalist Association (MG-16-31 May 2011). It is an eye opener for all the people of India and abroad. In the name of God, SAI BABA performed many tricks like a magician and played with the sentiments of belivers... every word of this report by Mr. Sanal is true and believeble, without doubt. In fact, he is not a godman, but a fraud-man. He knows the art of mesmerism and victimised millions of believers.. I congratulate the editor for publishing this mind-opening article. Mohd.Azam, Karimnager, Telangana   Mystery of 1947 partition riots   Terrible communal riots had broken at the partition time of ancient India when the British rulers left after transferring power to the remaining India and newly created Pakistan. There were then sudden mass migrations involving heart-rending human tragedies. After 64 years now, the attitude of people appears to be altogether different. It tends to indicate that those stories were perhaps politicized. A group of three writers and journalists of Haryana who had gone to Pakistan to visit their ancestral homes have brought very warm accounts of decency and hospitality. The group included 84-years old Prof. Uday Bhan Hans, poet laureate Haryana who recently retired as Principal of Ramjas College, Hissar; 76–year old Urdu writer of Ambala, Mr. Mohinder Pratap Chand and 55-year old Mr. S.K. Jain, a Hindi journalist of Hissar. Of them, the spokesman, Mr. M.P. Chand, told us that as the rioters were then roving in various streets, a Sikh neighbour, Sardar Gurmukh Singh, came forward to protect a friendly Muslim neighbour and facilitated him to lie in his sick wife’s bed, shielded and protected, in her long blanket. During the present visit, his young son came to them and informed about his father’s death one year ago teaching them a firm “advice that this family should always be kind to the Sikhs as their “respected uncle Gurmukh Singh saved his life”. Mr. M.P. Chand further informed that in 1947 riots, local Muslim (Police sub-Inspector) came to them and assured safe transit. G.D. Chandan, Sector-30, Gurgaon   Redefine Terrorism   Even after 24 years justice has not been delivered to the victims of Maliana, and 63 PAC men including Commandant of Batallion-42 R.D. Tripathi are still roaming free. The genocide is a documented fact but most shocking is the attitude of Mulayam Singh Yadav who is supposed as Muslim friendly. Yadav granted permission to prosecute only 19 PAC men and promoted 44 PAC men including Commandment Tripathi. None was suspended. This fact has exposed Mulayam Singh Yadav’s double face. Jasim Mohammad, Forum for Muslim Studies & Analysis, Aligarh   Fake encounters   The landmark judgement (death for fake encounter - May 14) by the Supreme Court should be hailed by every citizen of the country. Fake encounters occurred mainly in Gujarat and Maharashtra by the so called encounter specialists and even for that misdeeds they have been rewarded and promoted. According to the Amnesty international there are nearly 1224 fake encounters in India between 1993 and 2008, and by these encounters 2560 deaths are reported. But by the intervention of the Supreme Court, several cases of the Gujarat and Maharashtra Courts have been reopened and retried. Finally it proved that most of the encounters are fake. The custodial death of Khwaja Yunus and the alleged fake encounters (of Lakhan Bhaiya, Ishrat Jahan, Sohrabuddin, his wife Kauser Bi and witness Tulsiram Prajapati  by encounter specialists and their teams are just some examples of human rights abuse by the police. After Supreme Court’s verdict for fake encounters which is cold-blooded, brutal murders by people who are supposed to uphold the law. The guilty Policemen must be hanged without any further delay. So by taking a lesson, the Policemen should perform their duties well according to the law and norms of the land, and should not even think about killing any innocent life in the name of encounter. Atiq Khan, Mumbra   Femala foeticide a national epidemic   Female foeticide is not the disease it is the symptom. The disease is faithlessness .which leads to materialism. In Arab this was the practice that all female children were buried alive after the delivery. The Arabs thought it expensive to nourish the female child till the time of her marriage therefore they used to bury her. There were no scientific advancement to determine the sex of the child in mothers womb. Therefore they had to wait till the delivery of the child. Mohammad (PBUH) the prophet of Islam propagated the message of Islam effectively .The Arabs accepted the Islamic faith en block and left all the sinful habits and also left the killing of female child even now Muslims are away form this inhuman practice. Muslims think that they are answerable before Allah. .The faith of accountability was so deeply  affixed in the hearts Muslims never think of female foeticide .Now in India we are suffering the same epidemic that of  Arabs .To eliminate this epidemic Islam is the only remedy. .No other treatment will be successful, Apart from this epidemic there are number of other serious maladies our Indian society such as atrocities on women are increasing day by day .No other religion is competent to curb all such epidemics Our Hindu brother leaving the prejudice should try to study Islam and the code of life which it presents .lest the women folk will vanish from the country Dr Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Urdu and Indian Muslims   With reference to the articles 'Urdu in India: victim of Hindu nationalism and Muslim separatism--'1&2'(1-15&16-30 April,2011) by Syed Shahabuddin, Hindi-Urdu controversy is meaningless for today's Indian Muslims. Bread-and-butter issue is of prime importance for them. Indian Muslims, the most marginalized, the most ghettoized and the worst victims of genocide, persecution and discrimination, are struggling alone to get rid of the vicious circle of abject poverty and illiteracy. They do not know who Mirza Ghalib was and who Prof. Shaharyar is. The so-called Urdu Tahzeeb is confined to elite Muslim homes. They should go ahead with any language---Hindi, English or Malayalam, which can fetch them good jobs and help them tide over the economic crisis. Moreover, Urdu has neither the potential of becoming a Pan-Islamic language nor it is associated with our faith, Islam. We would think about the fate of Urdu after our hunger is satiated. Globally, if Muslims from different parts of the world were to participate in The Holy War, they would not be able to even communicate with one another in the battle field in the absence of a lingua franca. What to talk of winning the war. Arabic, the language of divine communication, has the potential of becoming the lingua franca of the entire Muslim world. Maharjuddin, Mawana, Meerut   Just 3 percent Muslims qualified UPSC   Of the 920 candidates who cleared the 2010 Civil Services examination, the number of Muslims on the list is 31 or just 3 percent of the total number of candidates. In comparison, the community constitutes 13percent of the country’s population. [News item in the DNA of 15 May, 2011] The DNA reporter has mentioned the percentage of the successful Muslims in IAS examination [just 3%] with their percentage in the population of India [13%] implying that this is highly disproportionate and hence unjust to Muslims. The report is quick in mentioning how scheduled castes and scheduled tribes groups succeed in proportion to their percentage in the population; Indian Muslims who are 13percent of Indian population come up with only 3 percent among the successful candidates. The report fails to state the percentage of Muslims among the candidates who actually appeared in the examination. Therefore it is impossible to determine if the 3 percent successful Muslims is a good figure or bad. From what Qasam Imam of Burhani college states it seems that not sufficient Muslim candidates actually took the examination. Qasam, in fact, tries to explain that there is not awareness among Muslim youth about these examinations and there is a lack of understanding about the importance of the IAS and IPS services. The cabinet secretary Saifullah hints at certain favouritism which may be going against Muslim candidates. It is better for Muslims to rid themselves of this victim mentality and as the former Principal of the Anjuman-i-Islam’s Akbar Peerbhoy college Sam Hashmi suggests that Muslim candidates should be helped in overcoming their shortcomings. Better results will follow. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai   Minorities of India   Christopher Jaffrelot a Paris-based sociologist has rightly observed that ‘India is becoming an ethnic democracy where minorities are regarded as second class citizens. As I understand, on paper constitutionally India is a Secular, Sovereign Republic. Nevertheless, the fact is different; Indian Government is working on the agenda of Saffron Forces, and unable to take action on RSS & Co or Sangh Parivar.  Indian secular image is merely a phobia Muslims and minorities; it is good, just to show international community that we are secular; we are taking care of Minorities.  In fact, Indian public as well as public servants are communally biased. Partition of India into several parts in 1947 is the biggest example of communal theory.  Because Vallabh Patel who was the biggest supporter of Hindu Mahasabha and RSS wanted, first Prime Minister would be a Hindu rather than a Muslim. Other hardliners and Hindu groups supported that theory.  It looks that Muslims have no contribution for independence of India. Principally British took charge from Mughals who were Muslims; they should handover the charge of the country to Muslims only. But Patel was adamant to his theory and issue cannot resolve amicably and India bifurcated into several parts. That communal theory got strength in the year 1984 of Sikh massacre, 1992 Babri Masjid demolition followed by countrywide communal violence and genocide of Muslims, 2002 Gujarat Muslim genocide, and 2008 Kandhmal Orissa Christian massacre.  Minorities are not safe in India.  For what we are claiming a secular nation. India must consider Muslims as equal citizens and not as second-class citizens as they do now and give them all benefits at par with Hindus. Zuber Ahmed Khan, Mumbai 410210   Mamata’s victory in West Bengal   Mamata Banerjee deserves praise for steering her party to a landslide victory in West Bengal. But, there is a superfluous hype by the corporate media describing the Left’s poll debacle as an end to the socialist policies.  Had the Left not given good governance, the people of West Bengal would not have voted it to power for a record 7 times.  The Left Front rule has literally revolved a full political circle and it would have been impossible for any political party to withstand anti-incumbency after 34 years.  It is good that the Left has got a break to do a serious introspection over its mistakes and serve the state as a responsible opposition party.  Especially the Left parties should understand that the Muslims who traditionally voted them for years have switched away their loyalty.  Though the implementation of Ranganath Misra Commission recommendations was a welcome step…it was perceived by the community as too little and too late. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)