Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


Muslim personal laws   The Indian Express in its editorial has advised the Indian government to codify Muslim personal laws. Before giving such advice to the government our journalists should have the basic knowledge of Islamic Laws. The history and their impact on the Indian society. The present moral conditions of the Indian society are worst. Before raising up the old issue which was dealt in detail by the Islamic scholars the learned editor has neglected and with out knowing the present stand of Ulamas tried to pen down the editorial and thinking it a service to the nation and Muslim community. The motives behind the move seem unhealthy and a bias to the Islamic laws is perceived. Presently thousands of Hindu brides are burnt alive for dowry. Only in Delhi every year 900 brides are burnt alive. Previously, there was no concept of divorce in Hindus. But Muslims are practicing since last 1400 years. Instead the Hindus were practicing Sati thousands of widows were burnt alive in the pyre of died husbands. In Muslims’ regime the cruel and criminal practice was stopped.The ladies could not get their share in the property of deceased father and husband Muslims are giving the share of ladies since the advent of Islam. The sister is able to get the share half of her brother and the widow1/8th of the property of her deceased husband. Any lawyer or knowledgeable person knows better the supremacy of the Islamic Laws. Earning of livelihood is the obligation of husband not the wife. She can remain in the house peacefully along with her young ones and take care of the house hold obligations. Islam has protected the family system Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism are not capable to curb materialism it has superseded their faith Dr AH Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Minority coaching programme   UPA government has announced free coaching programme for minority students under PM’s new 15-point programme. It appears that minority especially Muslims are tired of PM’s old 15-point programme and that is why new 15-point programme has been launched. Any coaching programme and institute displays its successful candidate in competitive exams but govt. minority coaching programme never published the successful candidates. Before Bihar assembly election, Bihar minority department launched minority coaching for Bihar police selection but how many minority got success and how much amount spent? These all are secrets? Rahmani-30, Hamdard Coaching, the coaching programme organised by Zakat Foundation etc. are best to watch and join. S. Haque, Patna   Kashmir an economic issue   This is in response to Army statement that ‘Kashmir is an economic issue. Breaking all the promises again I am going to retort and retort inconsiderate of consequences. I can bear anything but cannot digest the statements, of so called intellectuals which are misleading and illogical.  I was surprised to see the statement of General Officer Commanding Kilo Force, Maj Gen Ravi Thogde that appeared in local daily Rising Kashmir. There are many questions which are haunting my mind. Are Military officials so careless that they don’t think before they speak? Are they unaware about the facts and figures? Don’t they know nature of Kashmir dispute? Are they so ignorant that they don’t know for what terms and terminology stands for? Or is it just to befool the public?  That statement is not only far away from reality but contrary to international conventions which do consider Kashmir a political issue. If I remember correctly General Hasnain in very recent past advocated for political solution of the Kashmir issue. The statement of General Officer Commanding Kilo Force, Maj Gen Ravi Thogde has not only put Gen Hasnain upside down but depicts in co-ordination among army. His statement is not contradictory to other officials of army but to activities of army also which army does carry in Kashmir. Had Kashmir been an economic issues we would have not seen more than 7 lakh armed forces present in valley. In very polite way may I dare to ask, Maj Gen Ravi Thogde, what these 7 lakh armed forces are doing in Kashmir? Do they help Kashmiri’s in exploring economic resources? Or are they ruining the resources of the valley? If Kashmir is an economic issue why you and your forces need draconian laws like AFSPA? Fayaz Ahmad Bhat, New Delhi-25   Hike in petrol price   That the hike on petrol price has come just a day after the poll results, speaks volumes about the hypocrisy of the Congress-led UPA government.  The economist Prime Minister has failed to understand that petrol is the prime transport fuel of the common man and any hike on its price will have cascading effect on other essential commodities.  Assuming that petrol price hike was inevitable owing to its link to the international market–why can’t the Union government reduce the burden on the common man by cutting central taxes on the product and advice the state governments also to follow the suit?   Syed Sultan Mohiddin,Kadapa (A.P)   Death due to starvation   It is a shame that the Supreme Court of India, in response of a Public Interest Litigation, has to remind Manmohan Singh government that there are people dying of starvation in the country and they need government’s urgent attention. The apex court has also expressed its anxiety over the likelihood of starvation deaths in as many as 150 districts of India out of 650. In other words in one fourth of India people will continue to die out of hunger unless more food is rushed to them. This is a disgraceful show of an act of omission on part of the government who is all out to make India an economic powerhouse. Like this PIL by the Peoples Union of Civil Liberty [PUCL] some more PILs are needed to show other sins of omission by the government of India. Our health care does not match that of China or even Bangladesh. While China spends 2% of their GDP on health we spend only 1%. Indians die of preventable ailments. Every third child in India does not get immunized with DPT, the basic triple vaccine against Diphtheria, Pertussis [whooping cough] and Tetanus, while Bangladesh immunizes 94% of their new-borns with this essential vaccine. This poor country is much ahead of India in a number of United Nations Human Development Index criteria. Life expectancy is higher in Bangladesh. Infant mortality rate and the mortality rate of children under the age of 5 is lower. Bangladeshis have succeeded in curtailing their fertility rate much better than Indians. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054   Jayalalita victory in Tamil Nadu   The absolute majority the AIADMK headed by Ms. J. Jayalalithaa has received in the assembly elections to form a government of its own is mainly due to the 2G spectrum corruption charges against Mr. Raja and others and the mindset of the people to change the government from one Dravidian party to another after every term. This time it was the turn of the AIADMK to receive the support. Moreover the AIADMK is considered as a lesser evil in comparison with the DMK. The landslide victory the AIADMK has received is in the interest of not only this party but also Tamil Nadu and its people. There is no doubt that the change of the government will be smooth and bring progress and prosperity to the people of Tamil Nadu. The new government should also give importance to law and order, eradication of corruption, industrial development, improvement of educational institutions, minority rights etc. It should also make amendments in the samacheer syllabus and give opportunity to linguistic minorities to study their mother tongue which the DMK usurped from them. V.M. Khaleelur Rahman, Ambur, TN   Human Right Commission, Karnataka   Karnataka police caught Abdur Rahman and put him behind bar. J.C. Nagar police station caught innocent Abdur Rahman and beat him black and blue and forced him to say that he fell down from stair otherwise even more danger he would face. But Abdur Rahman wife approached Karnataka Human Right Commission’s inspector general Muhammad Wazir Ahmad. Muhammad Wazir Ahmad visited the lock up of J.C. Nagar police station and whole police story exposed and released innocent Abdurrahman. All praise to I.G. Muhammad Wazir Ahmad and Human Right Commission of Karnataka. Minority Commission of other states must learn some lesson from it. S. Haque, Patna   Bringing Mumbai attackers to justice   I am unable to make out whether this is good or bad for India. The first question arises whether India being a super power of the sub continent is unable or incapable to bring the perpetrators to justice. Pakistan is not stronger than India. In such a condition India should not rely on US to nab the culprits. Pakistan had good friendship with China and even US had intimacy with Pakistan. In such circumstances will the US fulfil its promise done to India? The sympathy shown to India is genuine or just hoodwinking? The Americans know pretty well the enmity of India with Pakistan. It can conveniently misguide India with false promise. America is reeling under recession and badly needs monetary help from India. It will try to sell India some costly logistical weapons to sympathize India as per the need of the hour. Before giving the date of operation it will try to complete the deal and get some billions of dollars as the remuneration of the operation. Dr AH Maqdoomi,Gulbarga   Who knows Hinduism?   Only Allah knows what Hinduism is. What we observe is that Hinduism is a mentality of obtaining material benefit in any way, either by crushing the ruled under feet or licking the ruler’s feet; by looting every honour of the ruled or submitting all self-respect to the ruler. They say God is one but worship everything under the sun including stars, trees, stones, humans, animals and insects. Everything giving benefit is their god and so also whoever and whatever that can harm is their deity. They say God is pure, sinless and colourless, formless. But they also believe that multi-colour gods and goddesses can indulge in every kind and have made their belief permanent by carving it on the walls of many big temples. Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh – 392150   Attack on Bhatta Parsaul  farmer is condemnable   The brutal crack down of farmer’s agitation by the Mayawati government at Bhatta-Parsaul is highly condemnable.  But it is obvious, with assembly elections in U.P just a year away, the Congress and BJP are vying with one another to be seen as the supporters of farmers.  These are the parties which were at the centre when farmers were committing suicides owing to neo-liberal policies.  And strangely enough, the UPA government has recently introduced PFRDA bill in the parliament with the support of BJP.  What prevented the two main political parties to collectively push the pending bill of 2007 which proposed amendment to the colonial Land Acquisition Bill of 1894-which is the root cause to the current crisis in Uttar Pradesh?   Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa, AP   IPL-4 is that interesting?   As the IPL-4 reaches the playoff phase, the question remains still unanswered as to what extent it satisfy the basic idea of helping to establish the careers of younger Indian cricketing hopefuls. Is the IPL still act on focusing on nurturing the local talents or has moved into a format of opting more foreign players? Ironically, the answer is still perplexing. The idea of clubbing commerce with sports seems to have spoiled the game. The IPL should not become a tournament for the foreign players or the big Indian stars or mere money making machine; rather it should remain the perfect ground for the young talents wherein they are being identified, nurtured and groomed by the best ones in the world of cricket. The governing body of the Indian T20 league should stick on with the four foreign players’ format so that more of our youngsters get their chance to exhibit their cricketing skills. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur – 440013   Is Clash of civilization real?   The British killing the Zionist terrorist (Abraham Stern) in 1942 was not the end of his group–rather the birth of Israel. Hamas did not die when the Israeli air force killed Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the paralyzed founder, ideologue and symbol of Hamas. As a martyr he was far more effective than as a living leader. His martyrdom attracted many new fighters to the cause. A real or imaginary enemy is a pre-requisite to keep the American Empire building to go on. There has to be a worldwide enemy, a sinister advocate of a new philosophy such as Al-Qaeda. Such were the Nazis and Imperial Japan, Communism and Catholic Religion in Latin America but they did not last long. The disappearance of the Communist threat left a huge gap which was filled conveniently by Osama Bin Laden who offered his services in 1979 to fight against the Russian infidels in Afghanistan. After all Bin Laden and the US helped each other. The 9/11 terrorist act produced many changes in the American way of life by providing a new global enemy. Overnight, medieval anti-Islamic prejudices are dusted-off for display. Soldiers, spies and Special Forces spread across the globe to fight terrorism. Bin Laden was everywhere. The war against terrorism is an apocalyptic struggle with Satan. The US military machine grows by leaps and bounds. Power-hungry intellectuals keep talking about the Clash of Civilizations and sell their stories for handsome royalties. Orientalists and the so called experts like Bernard Lewis throw all Islamic groups into the same simmering pot – the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Ayatollahs in Iran, Hizbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine, Indonesian separatists, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and elsewhere, whoever. All become al-Qaeda, despite the fact that each has a totally different agenda, focused on its own country. Kodimirpal (via email)   Money spent on Osama   After 1.3 trillion dollars expenditures, killing of thousands of people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and near a decade search US finally got its target in Abbotabad in Pakistan. After killing of Bin Laden popularity of US president increased dramatically in United States. US president personally monitored Abbotabad operation with his senior advisers including secretary of state Hillary Clinton. After successful operation Obama said that now after death of Bin Laden world is safer place than before. Despite claim of US president ground realties are very different.  US authorities made same claims after death of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and death of Baitullah Mehsood in Pakistan but condition are still going bad to worst in these countries and instead of peace and economic stability deaths, destructions and worst economic conditions have become routine in these countries. Now true reality is that Abbotabad operation and killing of Bin Laden can boost falling graph of US President Obama after worst economic conditions, unemployment in USA and huge war expenditures in US occupied countries but can’t change ground realties in present world especially in US occupied countries. US illegal operations on Pakistani soil and announcement of sea burial of Bin Laden add further fuel on anger of the Muslim world. Al Azhar Egypt openly criticized US decision as inhuman.  Sentiments’ are already high in Muslim world after killing of Gaddafi son in Libya by NATO bombing. Several western embassies and UNO office already attacked. After death of Bin Laden war of words are going on between US and Pakistani authorities. Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah 21472   Enemy identification   Perhaps Pakistan is the blindest country which fails to identify the bigger enemy, which is America, the founder of terrorism in the world. S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh – 392150   History's greatest terrorists   Afghanistan is very rich in respect of minerals, gold etc. Greedy colonial countries have been invading Afghanistan in the past. Brave Afghans had always defeated and thrown them out. In 1980 Soviet Union had invaded and occupied Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden, Taliban etc with the help of American dollars and arms, had driven out the second super power from Afghanistan. After that Society Union had waging a war against the American imperialists. When Osama Bin Laden etc. were fighting with the soviets, fighting with American and NATO imperialists. Since last 10 years America and NATO have been staging dance of death and destruction in Afghanistan. Their air and land attacks have killed and wounded lakhs of innocent men, women and children. Thousands of invaders have also been killed. History bears testimony to the fact that America had killed and wounded millions of people in China, Philippine, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Indonesia, Columbia, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan etc. Beware of American imperialists my countrymen. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.)   Advice   Sachin a great cricketer was deeply grieved upon the sad demise of saint Shri Satya Sai Baba, as he has been his disciple and having hearty faith in late saint. As per report, Tasleema a writer from Bangladesh has advised Sachin not to be grief stricken for the saint. Such comment is unwanted and amounting to hurt, one’s religious feelings especially when it is concerned with Indian people, where the constitution is embodied with secularism. The writer of any status must refrain from giving such statement, if at all–the statement is authentic. Y.R. Pathan, Kathor-Gujarat