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Need for research on Hijama

New Delhi: Regima Scientific Training Institute of Hijama Centre, Delhi organised a convocation at India Islamic Cultural Centre here  when certificates were distributed among the first batch of students who had completed their training in it. Dr. Shahid Malik, Mg. Director of Regima Health Group and general secretary of Scientific Hijama Society, who is considered a Hijama expert, in his inaugural speech praised all trainees associated with this Hijama Centre who not only acquired training devotedly and laboriously but also performed Hijama operations on hundreds of patients very carefully and cautiously and took all necessary precautions during their training period as well as during Hijama operations on patients. He also thanked Dr. (Ms.) Sa’dia Zahid, Director of Hijama Centre, Delhi who played an important role in training as well as organising the convocation. Dr. Fazil, Director of Hakeem Ajmal Khan Literary Research Institure said while speaking on this occasion that in today’s scientific and modern age Dr. Shahid Malik has played an important role in introducing this Prophetical system of treatment, which is not only a Sunnat of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) but also a better treatment but because of convenience of the modern system of treatment and surgical operation involved in Hijama, this system has been abandoned but Dr. Shahid Malik with courage and determination has played an important role in re-introducing it. Another Special guest Dr. Ghayoor Ahmad said in this function that Hijama is the best treatment with its advantages and importance but people were and are, so far not familiar and conversant. He further said that not much research also has been done so far on this system of treatment because of which people are not aware of its importance and advantages .Hence it is essential that researches anew should be conducted on this. This programme was chaired by Dr. Syed Farooq, Director of Himalaya Drugs who distributed certificates among those who had completed their training. Among these were Dr. Hena, Dr. Rohit Arora, Dr. S. H. Siddiqi, Dr. Bhanoo Prakash Mahaveer and many others. A lot of doctors attended this convocation along with students and common people.