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Construction of ‘Zakir Bagh-2’ started

New Delhi:   The Chairman of Jamia Cooperative Bank, Mirza Qamrul-Hasan, son of late Faridul-Hasan Beg, has announced the construction of ‘Zakir Bagh 2’, to commemorate the memory of his late father who had established the famous residential colony of ‘Zakir Bagh’ in South Delhi. Faridul-Hasan Beg had also established ‘Jamia Cooperative Bank’ which has a number of branches now in the area. Jamia students also receive a number of scholarships in his name. Taking a cue from his late illustrious father, Mirza Qamrul-Hasan has announced the launching of the dream project of Jamia Propmart ‘Aradhem Golf Homes’ in cooperation with the Aradhem Group in Western Greater Noida. Mirza Qamrul-Hasan said that a function was held about the construction of ‘Zakir Bagh-2’, which was attended by a large gathering of the Jamia alumni. The founder of the Propmart, Mirza Qamrul-Hasan Beg, Adnan and former councilor of Okhla, Jamaluddin, said in a joint statement that the Jamia Millia Islamia is the hallmark of India’s shared culture and the purpose of this project is to give an opportunity to the Jamia alumni to live in an open atmosphere and under own roof.