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Sharia laws safe: Memon

Mumbai: Eminent lawyer and Rajya Sabha MP, Majid Memon, referring to his meeting with Law Commission's Chairman, Justice B. S. Chauhan on 12 November, made an appeal to Muslims not to worry about government’s interference in Muslim personal laws, abolition of triple talaq and introduction of uniform civil code and have patience because Justice Chauhan has assured him that government or Supreme Court has no intention of interfering in these matters. While talking to media persons here on 13 November, Memon said that Justice Chauhan clearly told him that Supreme Court did not give orders to the Law Commission on any thing about these. Rather, he said, the Attorney General wanted to know from the Law Commission its views on the legal position of triple talaq in one sitting. He (Memon) said that because of Law Commission’s questionnaire Muslim are worried but Justice Chauhan told him that the questionnaire was issued and published through internet, newspapers etc simply with a view to know their views on the queries mentioned in it but if Muslims have objections over these, a supplementary questionnaire will be issued. Majid Memon said that Justice Chauhan also told him that Muslims are not bound to answer those questions and that they (Muslims) also have every right to submit their objections to the questionnaire. While advising Muslims to have patience, Memon said that Justice Chauhan told him that no actions on the questionnaire will be taken without the willingness and acceptance of Muslims on these delicate matters.