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BJP’s 47 Muslim candidates won in Maha municipal elections

Mumbai: After demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes by the present central government, local bodies / municipal  elections were held in Gujrat and Maharashtra, in both of which BJP-led governemnts came out, contrary to expectations, with flying colours. As regards Maharashtra, BJP and its allies (Shiv Sena in particular) presented a very good show. In view of the great difficulties being faced by people all over the country it was suspected that BJP will make a poor show but the election results have belied the hopes of people and rival political parties. However, surprisingly as many as 47 Muslim candidates belonging to BJP have won in local bodies electinos in this state, which has surprised even BJP also. At least two Muslim candidates have also been elected President (Pradhans) of two villages. President of Maharashtra BJP’s minorities Cell. Jamal Siddiqi expressing his happiness over the success of such a large number of Muslims, said that though we had put up 322 (Muslims) candidates in this local bodies elections, we did not know such a large number of Muslims would be victorious. He said that for the posts of Pradhans, there were 4 Muslim candidates of whom two were elected Pradhans in two villages. In these (local bodies) elections, Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) candidates also achieved great success and their (MIM) candidates were also elected Pradhans in many villages. Another surprising thing is that in addition to 47 Muslim victorious candidates, almost the same number of Muslim candidates, though not victorious, were at No. 2 i.e. secured the second largest number of votes after the victorious candidates. In all, more than 900 BJP and its ally (Shiv Sena) had won in these local bodies elections.