Musings on a new year

'Welcome anything that's new.' Years ago I read this message on the back of a car in London. The words got embossed on the palimpsest of my mind. Human mind is always intrigued by the idea of newness. It gets excited as well as scared when something new is on the anvil. That's the reason, the whole world looks forward to a new year despite the fact that it's a regular and yearly phenomenon.

Some critics, nay cynics, may say that what's so great about a new year? It's just a change of the digits on a calendar or almanac. But they are seriously mistaken on this count. It's not a new year per se we are all excited about. It's the desire to welcome and accept new things in a new year. It's the palpable curiosity, mixed with expectations, that's mainly sought after. Human brain is neurologically programmed to get rid of the old. And because of this nature's programming, we can survive with a minimum baggage from the past. The ensuing year fills the heart with aspirations, desires, dreams and happy tidings. Our ingrained optimism remains alive with the arrival of a new year.

What couldn't be achieved can be had in the forthcoming year, that too, with a vengeance! This heart-warming hope is the crux of a new year phenomenon and its unbound revelry. A new year also symbolises change(s). A change in digits is also a change in destiny. This cogently explains why all newspapers, publications and periodicals all over the world carry astrological predictions as to what's in store for the readers in a new year. We all want a change, in spite of ostensibly being afraid and apprehensive of it because though change is painful, it's ever needful. A new year brings along a bucket of changes in its wake. Revelry apart, the very idea that life can still be better and undergo a sea-change is what makes every year remarkable. Cynics can't perceive this joy. A simple and unquestioning belief in future can discern the excitement of a new year. 

So stop being too serious and ash-faced and welcome wholeheartedly the year 2017 because 'Har naye saal ka hai ye andaaz/Hota hai hayaat mein kisi khaas ka aaghaaz' (This is the uncanny way of every new year/Something nice and novel takes place in life).

Years come and go but the desirably euphoric frenzy associated with every new year remains intact and unalloyed. Enjoy that and drink life to the lees. Being too critical robs one of life's disarmingly simple pleasures.