Rebuttal to New Indian Express's baseless report "Caliphate Radicalisation Rising In India"

A Rebuttal to Rakesh K Singh's baseless article published by The New Indian Express Newspaper, which attacked the honour of organisations run by Indian Muslims

An article was published on the 9th April 2017 by the New Indian Express Newspaper, written by one Rakesh K Singh with a headling "Caliphate Radicalisation Rising In India". The article talked about the issue of radicalisation of the Muslim youths to join the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. It also said that the youths were getting indoctrinated by the materials available on the internet to do jihad or join the so called caliphate of Iraq and Syria.

In the course of listing names of organisations "influencing" Muslim youths, the writer has indiscriminately taken names of well-reputed institutions and organisations along with some unknown ones.

Baseless allegations were laid against those organisations that has on the contrary always been vocal against ISIS and the extremism promoted by the terror outfits.

The list of the reputed organisations that are accused by the writer are:
Niche of Truth (Kerala), 
Peace Educational Foundation (Kerala), 
Jamiat ul Muflihaat (Hyderabad), 
Discover Islam Education Trust (Bengaluru), 
Tauheed Educational Trust (Bihar), 
Islamic Research and Dawah Centre (Mumbai), 
Islamic information Centre (Mumbai) 
Popular Front of India, 
Jamat-e-Islami Hind, 
Tamil Nadu Tauheed Jamaat 
Kerala Nadwathul Mujahideen

The article does not make any reference to any content, or any statements made by any government official or the government department. The article didn't have any proof to substantiate the claims, except rhetorical content.

Most of the organisations listed by the writer have had a history of working in the field of da'wah and education. Da'wah means "inviting people to Islam". And some organisations have been in the forefront to work in uplifting the social and political status of the Muslim community. It is so unfortunate that a well known newspaper could allow such hate-mongering polarising articles in its reputed newspaper.

The article also mentions the increase in followers of Dr. Zakir Naik, by raising concerns over it. Why must Dr. Zakir Naik be feared when the charges against him were all proven wrong, while no connections to any sort of terror activities were proven. And no where can anyone find any statement of Dr. Zakir Naik prove him to be a promoter of terror. His past contributions to Indian Muslims, through his talks and conferences speak volumes of his mission to spread peace and harmony amongst the people of India. The whole world knows that the media trials were the cause for blemishing the image of Dr. Zakir Naik, that has happened only during the current BJP rule, while most of the TV channels are being purchased by big corporate houses, who serve the interest of the ruling BJP government, which is part of the Right Wing Hindu outfit RSS which dreams of making India a Hindu Rashtra (country). Hence one need not be a rocket scientist to connect the dots together to understand the unfolding events that are politically motivated.

Many baseless charges made by the paid and biased media have been time and again clearly exposed by the intellectuals of this country India.

Rakesh K Singh further goes to say that the "Growth of Wahabism-Salafism undermines Indian Islam which is based on Sufi-Barelvi practices that so far have been the most-effective counter to radicalization.” He says that the ideology of Wahhabism-Salafism undermines Indian Islam. Can he give any reference to any author or book that can define the newly coined term "Indian Islam"? There's nothing called the Indian Islam or the African Islam. Islam is one. And the Muslims are one community when they address the political issues, irrespective of their theological and methodological differences within them. The writer is trying hard to divide the Muslims between Salafis and Sufis to weaken the political strength of the Muslims of India. I can recall the statements made by the infamous economist and politician Subramanian Swami who once made a statement that he and his people will divide the Muslims into various factions, and divide the votes to form the government at the central. And it is now evident that all these articles are the manifestation of the vision of the ones like Subramanian Swami who are desirous to become the ruling statesmen of this country, after dividing the Muslims into bits and pieces.

Their purpose of publishing such articles is to demoralise the Muslim organisations, and to frighten the common Muslims from associating with these organisations, so that the common Muslims will be disconnected from those who are equipped and trained to guide them to progress and prosperity. People like Rakesh K Singh don't care of spewing venomous ideas into the masses by making up stories. Who makes them do yellow journalism is known to them. Why they do this, only they can tell.

Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering or sensationalism. And Rakesh K Singh seems be a club member of Yellow Journalism.

Meanwhile, we from all the organisations that are working to help the Indian Muslims strengthen their brotherhood and solidarity are taking legal actions and peaceful protests against such articles that aims at defaming the leaders of the Muslim community. We will not be bogged down by any infamous human being, while we know that the Greatest One Who controls all affairs is by our side. We rely on Allah, and Allah is sufficient for His slaves.

By the way, we acknowledge that there are various factions and sects among the Muslims. We have been holding dialogues and debates within the purview of the constitutional guidelines that is conducive to achieve peace and harmony by enabling each other to understand the perspectives. We have our differences since ages, but those differences must not let us resort to any violence in the name of religion. Religions must help people to have strong relationship with the Creator of the Universe. And religions must help people to be well wishers to one another, to help other prosper in this world and the hereafter. If religions don't work towards justice to all people, irrespective of their religions and nationalities, then they are only carrying the names with hollow philosophies.

Such articles must be condemned by the masses from our community to ensure that these things don't repeat in the coming days, God Willing. All those readers of this article, who are members of the listed organisations can do your bit by writing to the Editor of New Indian Express and by sharing your thoughts about the discreditable and disgraceful article written by Rakesh K Singh.

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The author is  President, Discover Islam Education Trust