Kashmiris will not forget Najma Ji

Prof. Saifuddin Soz, Former Union Minister, has issued the following statement to the press, today.

31st May, 2017

“Fellow Kashmiris,

Today, I want to invite your attention to a situation that you would describe as something said in a ‘lighter vein’.

I would not object to that perception of yours, but, essentially, it is an effort to show politicians who decide not to respond to their conscience as they want to enjoy life as a material situation to the farthest possible limits.

I know Madam Najma Heptullah very closely for her political nuances and she took a crucial decision at one point of time, without caring a bit for the sensibilities of her colleagues for three decades or more as she felt conformtable when she silenced her inner voice, for her ‘Future’!

That happened when the Congress party denied her 5th Term in the Rajya Sabha, she felt comfortable and crossed over to the BJP.

Sometimes politicians of this “ILK” think people are prone to forget events, but they are wrong. People have always feelings and they record things in their mind!

Fellow Kashmiris, when, very recently, Najma Ji (currently Governor of Manipur) extended her unqualified support to General Rawat on ‘HUMAN SHIELD’ issue, at first I blinked as to why it was necessary for a Governor to make such a statement.

But, then, I quickly realized that something more was in the offing for her.

I proved correct. The other day, Najma Ji has been appointed CHANCELLOR OF THE JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA. Naturally, she will hold that position concurrently with the Governorship.  Three cheers for Najma ji.”