Kudos to Pakistani cricket team

Pakistani cricket team has done it again! In 1992 World Cup, even an incorrigible optimist didn't give a ghost of a chance to Pakistan to clinch the World Cup. Yet it won under the efficient stewardship of Imran Khan Niyazi and stunned the cricketing world.

History repeated itself in the final of the Champion's Trophy in England when Pakistan outclassed India by 180 runs. No one expected Pakistan to win as it was the lowest-ranked team in the tournament. India started its campaign by comprehensively defeating Pakistan and got so badly intoxicated with the triumph that when they needed to repeat the heroics in the final, the whole team crumbled like a pack of cards. Pakistan simply pooh-poohed India and proved to the world that no one should ever take Pakistan lightly. This also shows the never-say-die attitude of the entire Pakistani cricket team. Despite their loss in the very first match, they didn't give up and bounced back with a vengeance. Full credit and marks to the winning team. Indians, who were associating this match with misplaced nationalism, are dumbfounded because Pakistan made a mincemeat of their much-hyped cricket team. Kudos to Pakistan team for such a brilliant win over its arch rival India.

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