Gauri Lankesh's murder and militant atheism

Just the way Dabholkar, Pansare and Kaburgi were killed for their anti-Hindutva stand, intrepid journalist Gauri Lankesh's voice was also silenced by those who don't want the voices of dissent to be heard. We're living in an age of violence and voices of reason are being silenced one by one. Hindutva forces are becoming increasingly potent and the lumpen elements are getting emboldened by the day. The government is doing nothing and its sheer apathy is adding to the worsening scenario. 

But all said and done, on the flip side, these slain activists were also at fault, though they certainly not deserved the violent end that ultimately befell them.

They were all atheists. Gauri also called herself an atheist and one notices that in the last two decades, atheism has emerged not as an idea but as an ideology and any ideology or doctrine has all the unwanted elements of an ism. Somewhere, I didn't approve of their militant atheism despite being a lifelong non-believer. When atheism becomes a fashionable ideology and a means to creating divisions and deviations, it's as bad as theism.

I've never believed in any god, religion or esoteric belief in my whole life but I've respected the theistic beliefs of other people as their way of life. But these slain atheists and others of their ilk have been pathologically against anything that constitutes faith. This is bad and monomaniac. They were disturbingly against all religious practices of Hindus and followers of other faiths. They could have been more tolerant of divergent and even diametrically opposite viewpoints. This obstinacy cost them their lives. Yet, their murders must be condemned in no uncertain terms.