Daughters of Kashmir condemn Army for not allowing reconstruction of destroyed houses

Srinagar (20 September 2017): Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) here on Wednesday alleged that police and security forces do not allow people to reconstruct their houses that were destroyed by the forces during encounters and gunfights.

Condemning the action and expressing serious concern over the issue, the secretary general of DeM, Nahida Nasreen, in an emailed statement here on September 20 alleged that the security forces first blast their houses and stage encounters and then blow them to ashes. “The households are ruined of everything. Their belongings are destroyed, so is their peace. This is highly deplorable and a cause of concern.” Nasreen added that security forces and the state government should have paid them for they destroy their houses and lifetime belongings. “But against that they are paid nothing. And when people in the society, including their relatives, neighbours or well-wishers try to help them to reconstruct their houses, they are not allowed to do so.”

She further said that the same is being done to harass the local populace and “to plant in them the reign of terror and to weaken them so that they do not shelter militants.” Quoting an example in south Kashmir’s Anantnag, she said that there are reports where a family was not allowed to reconstruct the house, but the police termed the reports baseless. “But, in fact, when we went to the spot, it came to fore that army had come there while the labourers were busy constructing the plinth of the house, they stopped the work and stayed there for several days and threatened the labourers to stop the construction. Army came and sat at the spot and didn’t allow them to work.” Nasreen added that the people of Kashmir were ready to sacrifice everything including their lives and would continue protecting militants in future.

On the other hand, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti while chairing a meeting with the District Superintendents of Police and range DIGs of Kashmir province here on September 20 asked them to be more relaxed and humane in dealing with the situations and advised them to act as an institution of public reassurance. She asked them to adopt social and community policing to track down the crime in the state. She also directed the District SPs to ensure that incidents of breach of SoPs by some jawans following a security operation in some isolated cases do not recur.

According to her a compassionate and responsive approach with the general population of law-abiding citizens would automatically isolate the criminal elements in the society. This attitudinal change, she said, would make the crime eradication in the society much easy and also improve the image of the force in the eyes of the public. She asked the District SPs to follow a social catharsis approach while dealing with youth which would persuade them not to venture on the path of violent waywardness, thereby utilizing these youth for positive and gainful purposes in the society.

Asking the District SPs to enhance their public outreach in their respective areas, the Chief Minister directed them to periodically visit the distant and far-off areas of their districts to get a feel of the needs and difficulties of people. She also directed them to pace up the investigations in cases which are of public interest nature so that the faith in the institutions is retained. Flagging drug abuse as a major challenge for the society, police and government, Mehbooba directed the District SPs to go whole hog against the drug peddlers and those involved in the cultivation, transportation and trading of Bhang in the state. She directed them to use the most stringent provisions of law, including Public Safety Act (PSA) against them so that the younger generation is saved from falling prey to drug abuse.