Will BJP construct Ram Mandir at Ayodhya?

It is a million dollar question why BJP is not constructing Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. Will it construct Ram Mandir before 2019 Lok Sabha election? This is a quite natural question as well as curiosity, as BJP is in power in both Centre & UP with a thumping majority. Here I want to narrate a real story. When I was posted as Circle Officer, one of my peons was suffering from hydrocele. Whenever a new officer came, the said peon used to apply for a loan from his GPF account in name of operation for hydrocele. But instead of operation, he used to give loans to needy people on interest. When staff members enquired about operation, he told them in lighter vein that it (hydrocele) is his Laxmi; how can he get it operated as it was his source of income. When I joined there, he again applied for GPF advance in name of operation for hydrocele. My staff members told me about his modus operandi.Before sanctioning his advance, I put a condition that the date of the operation shall be fixed by the doctor. He agreed and the date of operation was fixed. Then I sanctioned his GPF advance. Later I came to know that he went to the doctor on the appointed day but came back without operation with an excuse — how could he get his Laxmi operated. When I was transferred from that place, he again got GPF advance in name of the operation. But he was never operated and at last he died due to ulceration of hydrocele.

The above real life story and construction of Ram Mandir have some thing in common. Ram Mandir is Laxmi, i.e, source of BJP’s vote bank. Construction of a Ram Mandir at Ayodhya means the end of BJP’s last resort for polarization of voters. So BJP will never agree to build a Ram Mandir  in the near future or  before the Lok sabha elections in 2019. In my opinion, after demolition of the Babri Masjid the think tank of the saffron brigade was more shocked than Muslims as their Laxmi or vote bank was destroyed with that demolition. Now they are conscious and shall never allow construction of a Ram Mandir in near future.

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