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According to theory they should obey and support the Khalifa of Islam Abubaker Alboghdadi. It is more indispensable for the Muslims who are living in un-Islamic countries like India. They can support subject to the condition that they will not do anything against the interest of the country where they are living Now as president of Majlis-e Mushawarat you should call a meeting on this development and take joint decision on this important issue. Other organisations such as JIH, Jamia ulama, Jamiat Ahle Hadith etc should sit together and take a joint decision. Muslim personal Law Board may also come forward boldly and guide the Millat. There should not be any inhibitions in making the decision.

Dr AH Maqfoomi, Hyderabad

MG: It is not necessary to take notice of everything that happens anywhere. Do you take notice if someone in your own city who claims to be the Maseeh and prophet? This organisation is terrorist. Its exploits are there on the youtube for anyone to see - slaughtering and curcifixing people like animals without any judicial process, extorting, kidnapping, executing POWs by their hundreds, blowing up a building full of POWs, are some of its recent exploits. Now it comes with this claim of declaring Khilafat. Who gave them this authority; who is their hiding amir, is their choice acceptable to the Ummah, do they really control the areas they claim?, is there any possibility that such a blood-thirsty unrepresentative group will ever be acceptable to the world, let alone Muslims. Already its associates on the field have rejected this declaration and soon they will fight each other instead of their declared enemy. Didn't you see that Taliban regime in Afghanistan was recognised by only three states and these too hastily derecognised it at the American dictate? There is a certain agreed civilised and democratic behaviour for any regime to be acceptable to people and world and this small group lacks it completely. The spectacular results on ground in northern Iraq are not only its making. There are two bigger stakeholders, the Naqshbandis [Baathists] and the 'Ashaa'ir [tribals] who have been fighting the Maliki regime much before the arrival of this small group. Even these forces have not been taken into confidence. Such an event will not find mention even in the footnotes of history and will frustrate the very purpose for which they are fighting. ISIS is a pawn of CIA and the Gulf rulers, especially Saudis, and it will be ditched once its usefulness is over. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)


It is mandatory on Muslims to recognise, certify and support the new Caliph of Islam Khaifa is the man who enforce the Islamic laws or divine laws where in interest, wine, pork, gambling debauchery are strictly banned. zakat(poors due) ushr are made compulsory Hajj once in life is mandatory. Amputation of arms for theft. for rapist stoning to death are few cardinal and detterrent punishments. Initially or apparently look barbaric but after some days the criminals stop doing crimes due to scare of severe punishment in India there are 20 thousands Muslims morally and spiritually they cannot neglect The holy Quran has clearly instructed Muslims to carry out triple obediences God, Prophet Mohammad and caliph After the demise of prophet Sahaba(followers) took 48 hour to elect the Khaifa and then took the rituals of burials of the prophet. Such is the importance of the successor of the Prophet Till the years 1924 khilafat regime continued It was abolished byTurkish National Assembly NOW IT is necessary a delegation of Muslim Scholars proceed to Iraq to examine the reality of the claim of AbuBaker Al Boghdadi And decide to support him or not                 AH Maqdoomi, Hydeabad

MG: Where is "caliph" mentioned in the Qur'an??? The Quran uses the term "Uli al-amr" which means rulers and this word too is used in the plural. What was abolished in 1924 was "khilafat" in name only -- in fact it was a simple monarchy and a very bad one at that. The Arabs who revolted against this fake khilafat during the First World War had some reason to do so. Read Al-Kawakibi's Taba'i al-Istibdad to know what that khilafat had plummeted to. After the first four caliphs, only Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz could be described as "khalifah" -- the rest were mere autocratic kings. The world and the international system has since so much evolved that no government is acceptable which does not demonstrate popular support through the ballot. Even during the Omayad period, when a second caliph appeared in Andalus, it was agreed that there could be more than one caliph at a time. Todays'world is much more complicated with strict boundaries, international laws and treaties that cannot allow a gang of a few thousand armed to change universally accepted rules.(Zafarul-Islam Khan)


Where we lag?

Patna, Lucknow, etc. were Muslim Tahzeebi shahar where Muslim nawabs and zamindaars lived. Lucknow is famous for its shaams (evenings). Nawabs developed areas for dancers and tawaifs to live. The evening is famous due to the mujra, dances etc. Patna city where nawabs and zamindaars lived and here too they helped a famous tawaif mohalla  flourish. What is the Muslim condition? It is not hidden: destitution, lack of all sort of civic amenities, dilapidated houses, and taat ka parda hanging on doors, kids involved in illegal activities, women working as house maids. Why? An English newspaper published that 24 of Patna’s best schools secured best CBSE results. Out of these 24 best schools, there is not a single Muslim school or Muslim-owned school. This is the reality of Patna which was Azimabad dominated by nawabs and zamindaars.

S. Haque, Patna


Shia-Sunni Divisions

The divisions between Shia and Sunni sects of Islam are creating, or adding, strife in so many parts of the world.While Indian and Bangladesh  Sunni and Shia Muslims may not be in conflict with each other openly, they are not truly united either. If some 500 million Muslims (more than the entire population of Middle east Muslims) of the Indian subcontinent  became more unified they could do much more to bring peace to troubled parts of the world by their good example. Muslims have been gathered over the years from different countries and different strands of Islam to different countries and to the Asian subcontinent. If the subcontinent Muslims can unify, can leave behind their historic and outdated baggage and become one, they will send out a powerful sign to Muslims living in other parts of the world. They will provide an example by living together in peace side by side.                Mohamed Ameen


Startling revelation about Jinnah

The general impression about Mr. Jinnah is that he was a strict constitionalist and could never tolerate anything unconstitutional, but the following revelation made by no less than a person Ch. Khaliquzzaman - a prominent league leader demolishes this myth. Says he, "in March 1940 at its annual session held in Lahore the Muslim League adopted the main resolution which became its goal that no constitutional plan would be acceptable to Muslims unless it was designed on the following basic principles viz., that geographically contiguous units are demarcated into regions which should be so constituted with such territorial adjustments as may be necessary that the areas in which Muslims are numerically in a majority as in the North-Western and Eastern Zones of India should be grouped to constitute Independent states. When the British cabinet mission arrived in India in March 1946 to negotiate with Indian leaders about the transfer of power, a convention of Muslim League's legislature was held in Delhi in April 1946 which demanded the acceptance of Pakistan not on the basis of two states but on the basis of one state. When Mr. Abul Hashim, the secretary of Bengal Muslim League, raised the objection on the radical alteration from "States" to "State", Jinnah ruled out the objection on the ground that "states" was misprint. Nawab Ismael Khan and other prominent Muslim League leaders who stayed in India after partition wrote to Ch. Khaliquzzaman, how can a chairman disregard the phraseology of the written constitution. If the word had been a misprint, how was it that this was not rectified at the open session of the League as according to constitution any change or amendment in the constitution could be made only at the open session. In the subsequent additions of the constitution of the League which were published under the direct supervision of Liaquat Ali Khan, the General Secretary of the League, same words were repeated. I hae a copy of the latest edition of the constitution before partition and in that the word "the States" occurs (Pathway to Pakistan by Khaliquzzaman, pp. 344-5).

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP Delhi - 110091


Inclusive Governance

In what are the priorities of the government the proposal of 5,800-crore Prime Minister's Reconstruction Programme, the rehabilitation package that includes providing security and jobs for the returning of kashmiri Pandits and repair of their houses that were burnt or destroyed when they migrated from the valley is a welcome step but had not the similar steps been taken for the victims of 1984 Anty sikh riots, post Babri demolition riots and 2002 post Godhara riots in which many lost their lives, thousands displaced, there properties were captured and there business units and homes were burnt and destroyed leaving them with no source of the livelihood? Surely the belief of the people in democracy would have been strengthen many fold and hence it could have proved the inclusive approach of the government "Justice to all, appeasement to none".

Mohd Anas, AMU Aligarh-202002


Riot cell

It was massive and devastating 1989-90 anti-Muslim riot of Bhagalpur which led to the start of the Congress debacle in which Congress leaders were involved (see book Meri Yadein Meri Bhulein). Many commissions were instituted and still justice could not be done. In June 2014, i.e., afater 25 years, riot cell publishes a notice for payment of compensationat Rs 3.5 lakh for deaths, Rs 1.25 lakh to the injured. The notice published included four non-Muslims with their addresses who were not located. Amazing, it was an anti-Muslim riot and many Muslim organisations protested for justice. But government is searching non-Muslims to pay compensation to them. Muslim organisations and media must publish the dead and missing persons’ list and collect FIRs so that the real riot victims could get justice. Muslim orgs and NGOs should file RTI to RTI Cell, Zila Aapda Prabandhan Shakha Bhagal Pur Bihar to know the list.

S. Haque, Patna

Shariat courts

In view of Khap & other Panchayats, President ought to ask AG and SCI about court judgment related to Shariat court. As per media reports, the Supreme Court ruled that Shariat courts have no legal sanction and no one is bound to accept a fatwa or diktat pronounced by them. "No religion is allowed to curb anyone's fundamental rights," the court said, adding that the Shariat court can issue a fatwa only if approached willingly, and that too, will not be legally binding] On the face of it looks an innocuous judgement but given the pernicious influence it will have in emboldening Panchayats in villages (including Khap Panchayats around Delhi in Haryana, U. P. etc which have been harassing and persecuting brutally the young boys and girls who wanted to marry against the wishes of these Khap & other Panchayats) who will draw parallel between Shariat Court and Panchayats (including Khap Panchayats). Hence this Court judgement needs to be reviewed and suitably reversed.    Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru



VC Zameer Uddin Shah had dreamt of taking the University to number one position among the Indian institutions of higher learning. He is working really hard to make his dream a reality. In the recent years, performance of Aligarh Muslim University has improved tremendously as it can be seen from the rankings of Universities. Recently, AMU has secured 9th position among the top ten institutions of higher learning in India in a survey conducted by the Times Higher Education Supplement, UK. This is an amazing feat. Last year, AMU was ranked 5th among the top ten Indian Universities in India Today-Nielsen Best Universities Survey. Indeed in this endeavour, teachers and students have also contributed tremendously. We still have a long way to go. Insha Allah, the positive mindset will take Aligarh Muslim University to the top most position. main kahan rukta hun arsh-o-farsh ki awaz se mujhko jaana hai bahut door had-e-parwaz se

M. Yunus Khan


M. J. Akbar

M. J. Akbar was a successful editor for many years. He was a spokesperson of the Congress, a close aide of Rajiv Gandhi and even became a Congress MP. Now this worthy has made a complete flipflop. He sees everything wrong and disgusting in the Congress. He is all for Modi. But he forgets that he himself lambasted Modi ten years ago, in an article that made him very popular with the Indian Muslims. Where is the real M. J. Akbar? Does he really exist? Or is he just a sycophantsearching for his place in the sun? Suppose Modi loses in 2019, and Rahul wins, shall we see one more flip flop?

Dr. J. S. Bandukwala Vadodara; Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani Rajkot


Low Birth Rate And Crisis

In late 60s a neo-Malthusian theory came into fashion. According to this, if the population growth had continued the pace of recent years, it would have caused a phenomenon that in those years it was considered terrifying: before the year 2000 hundreds of millions of people would have died of hunger because of lack of resources. These theories widely disseminated by leftist sectors became fashionable by proposing once again the catastrophic prophecies of P. R. Ehrlich. This argued that the world population growth rate was too high and we had to stop it, otherwise before the year 2000 tens of millions of people would die of hunger especially in Asia, China and India. The reality is that they not only have not died of hunger, but they have begun to be richer than us holding up our economy. In the 80s, the developed world blocked the population growth from 4.5 % to a progressive fall to 0% in Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan. A zero population growth does not mean having no children, but means having two children per couple, which is the replacement rate.

Isabel Costa, Fraga, Spain


People's rep, life of kings

It refers to Central Public Works Department (CPWD) providing under RTI response a list of fixtures and equipments installed at official residence of the then Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dixit revealing amongst others as much as 31 air-conditioners, 15 dessert-coolers and 25 heaters installed at official residence 3, Motilal Nehru Marg, New Delhi of the then Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dixit. Consumption of electricity and expenses on such a large fleet of electrical equipments can be well imagined that too at a time when 'austerity-drive' was there in existence with shortage of electricity for commoners having been a common phenomenon. Our elected representatives should be role-model citizens adopting austerity in their personal lives especially when it is at cost of tax-payers' money. Enquiry should also be made if former Delhi Chief Minister was entitled for such princely facilities, and necessary action may be taken against concerned ones responsible for allowing expenses more than permissible limit.          Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006


Transparency and accountability

Resentment is brewing among the intellectual and academic circles of Muslim society in state over the government intervention in Muslim medical colleges. It is the duty of the every Govt to ensure Transparency and Accountability in every Institution ,even in working of purely private business houses. So the Community shall be happy if Health Minister Janab Ahmad Hhsain sb take some harsh steps in this direction. The scope of this beginning should be broadened to all other Educational Institution. Minority Institution tag does not mean licence for corruption. Minority Institutions are expected to be be more transparent than others but unfortunately that is not the case. Majority of these Institutions have nothing to do with the promotion of the Education among Muslims and are deeply involved in all type of malpractices. FMSA is no doubt is a registered body but it has no licence to speak on behalf of the Muslim intellectuals and community as a whole. Threatening Govt to launch agitation on this issue and claiming support of the community is misleading.            Prof. Shamim Ahmad, AMU


Are Muslims of Bhajanpura deceived?

With much publicity government of Bihar published information about solving the Bhajanpura police firing which killed four innocent Muslims and resolving the BIADA land dispute upon which a factory is going to be constructed. The villagers claim that NMC did not meet them and if the old public road is closed and justice is not done to the dead and wounded they would start agitation because they fear that they are deceived and before commission’s report and without punishing the erring policemen and a job to deceased’s dependent. Payment of some amount cannot be fair justic.

S. Haque, Patna


Pak PM Visit to Delhi

PM's visit to Delhi was a foregone conclusion from the moment the invitation was received and it was a wise decision. The drama of "to go or not to go" was staged to throw the onus of the blame upon others if and ever any untoward repercussions arose subsequent to the visit. The one to one meeting between the PMs, cleverly thrown in to give the yatra some semblance of a business tour, is not likely to yield anything as it would be too much to expect form only a day old Prime Minister of India and on the top of it from a person like Modi, to take some reconciliatory position on Kashmir ! My only fears are that our High Commission in Delhi might not allow the Gaddi Nashins of Ajmer Sharif and its likes an otherwise innocent looking five minute audience with the MNS which could cost the poor Pakistanis another million dollars in Nazrana as was proffered by the superstitious Zardari and Raja Ashraf a few years ago! Please PM, beware, we! as a nation are already under heavy debt and cannot afford any such 'luxury' any more.    Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd), Rawalpindi 46000



Good politician is one who feels the pulse of politician. I have no words in my lexicon to appreciate Narendra Modi who proved his rhetorical ability and stamina by holding more than thousand meetings in the loksabha election. He raised emotive issues such as Pakistan, abrogation of 370 article, besides cow meat. BJP encashed in on congress indulging in scams and scandal and charged of sky rocketing prices lof essential commodities. A part from it, NaMo wave and ab ki bar Modi sarkar reverberates in media fraternity. Narendra Modi also had effect on regional parties Now the same Naredra Modi the prime minister of India took soft stand to invite Nawaz Sharif on his oath taking ceremony.

Wakeel Ahmad, Gaya.



Cheney destroyed Iraq. In similar manner the French and the British destroyed Libya and Syria. These countries had oil and / or strategic location. Their leaders could not be controlled by the West. They had to be taught a lesson. But let us not forget that they had support from the Saudis who in a most stupid self goal in geo politics were desperate to spread their Wahabi Islam unmindful of the consequences. The end result is the rise of militant ISIL that may destroy , not just the Saudis and the Gulf states; but even pose a major challenge to the US Britain and France. Yet we grieve for the millions of Muslims who have and will continue suffer horribly in the coming years. A look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria, makes us weep. Why is Allah so unhappy with us?

Dr. J. S. Bandukwala Vadodara; Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani Rajkot


Muslims ; The outcastes in this last election

Modi succeeded in marketing and selling an impossible dream to the Indian electorate. His weapons were a totally captive media, unlimited resources from the corporate sector and foot soldiers of an aggressive Hindutva. Rich Hindus fell for development, The middle class responded to the subtle anti Muslim tenor, of the RSS / BJP. The deprived sections were euphoric that they will be treated as equals by the upper castes. The only outcastes in this election were Muslims. Yet it is not the end of the power play. Muslims have awakened. A community having deep faith in Allah, and equally assertive of its rights, can never be pushed into the outward fringes of society. This is the time when we must not bend before Modi or the RSS. They will treat it as a surrender. Just do our duty of educating our children to the best possible. Let us generate wealth and use it for the larger good of our poor. They have to be saved from the curse of untouchability.           J. S. Bandukwala