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MG I have started to read MG which is an excellent magazine. You and your team should be commended on this effort Mansoor Osmani, Oakville, Canada   “I am not a terrorist” I have learnt that you have been pleased to publish Hindu terrorists’confessions naming me in certain portions of an alleged meetings’ transcript allegedly retrieved from the laptop of co-accused SudhakarDhar Dwivedi. Central Forensic Laboratory Kalina Mumbai in its report dated 13 March 2009 has stated that the voice is not similar to mine. It does not match with my voice. Ignoring expert opinion and suppressing truth, Anti Terror Squad of Mumbai under Congress-NCP dispensation which has its own political compulsion to brand me a terrorist and a traitor in my own motherland Bharat, has put my name in the transcript, to mislead the gullible public. Is your temptation to sensationalise the issue stronger than the urge of the conscience to stick to the truth, uphold the ethics of journalism and expose the evil mechanism of the police? Major Ramesh Upadhyay - Accused, Malegaon Blast 2008 Central Prison, New Mumbai – 410210   Muslim Awqaf in India Given the utter irresponsibility of the Congress government over its proposed self-serving legislation to control and take over the entire Muslim Awqaf of India, I had proposed that one of the most prestigious and dependable Muslim organizations, that over 3 decades has relentlessly and without any agenda other than preservation and consolidation of Muslim rights in India, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, should start an initiative towards taking over the total management of Muslim Awqaf in India, taking it away from all Central and State jurisdiction. It is surprising that in this age of privatization, when the secular Indian state is shedding all its involvement with public enterprises, why should Congress led UPA-2 should have all of sudden decided to nationalize Muslim Awqaf. Whatever nomenclature or justification, the secularized Muslim leaders of Congress may put forward, the end result is that a popularly degraded political entity that has lost all credibility having found to be harboring in its fold the most corrupt operatives, is being instrumental in giving a free hand to another set of insensitive and ‘secularized’ Muslim Congress leaders, to place the Muslim Awqaf in such an state, where it will be fully available for Congress operatives to play havoc with Muslim trust properties. Congress High Command, including Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should better know that Muslims are no longer as trusting and convinced of the Congress’s bonafides over any sympathies for the Muslims, especially, after its action or inaction on Sachar Commission and Rangath Mishra Commission or Joint Parliamentary Committee recommendations.Just as Muslim Personal Law Board has been entrusted by general consensus by Muslim community, to be fully responsible in preservation of all Muslim rights as detailed in Muslim Personal Law Act; so a  movement may be initiated to impose on the Board the onus to realise the dire dangers in Government’s virtual nationalisation of Muslim Awqaf, especially in light of recent Congress party operatives’ most audacious and arrogant moves to pass legislation on the matter of such importance to the community, and take urgent actions to first stall all such anti-Muslim legislation and second, to demand that government should hand over Muslim Awqaf to Muslims. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai II Salman Khursheed is working for Congress and the history of Congress shows that it never worked honestly for Muslim. The objection on Wakf Amendment Bill 2010 is right and should be corrected as per the demand of community. He is trying to hijack the whole process. If anyone asks how much effort he put to take back Waqf property from illegal owners you will find zero effort. Congress government is in Delhi and old mosque is razed by Delhi government he did nothing and every one know this. Delhi Waqf Board is under the neck of Salman Khursheed. How much he made effective in 10 years everyone know better than Salman Khursheed. He is minority welfare Minister. Can he show how much his ministry did for the welfare of Muslims. Qazi Abdul Rahman, Vijayawada   Widows and Half Widows of Kashmir Received a copy of Widows and half widows-Saga of extra-judicial arrests and killings in Kashmir by Afsana Rashid. After reading the book, it seems that the authoress of the said book has taken a lot of pains (and risks too) to expose the nakedness of administration. I congratulate her from the bottom of my heart for showing exemplary courage. In chapter three, Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP), the figure of disappearance cases is shown to the extent of 8000 to 10000 (vide page 32) this figure may not be correct. This figure still may be more as Government never declares real figure of casualty. The people of Kashmir should have faith in Allah and continue their struggle against the atrocities. Government of India or the state Government will never take any concrete steps for the solution of genuine problems except hollow promises. People of J&K should raise their voice at all the international forums without any fear for the injustices, atrocities being meted out to them. May I ask the eminent Muslim Organisations such as AIMMM, JIH, JUH, AIMPLB, All India Shia Conference, and Jamaate-Ahle Hadith as to what they are doing for the people of J&K? Have any of these organisations taken up their (i.e. people of Jammu & Kashmir) case with the Government of India or with any International organisations? Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat   Urdu and Indian Muslims This has reference to brother Maharjuddin’s letter (MG, 1-15 June 2011) on Urdu & Indian Muslims. He seems to labour under the delusion that man lives on bread alone and so he states that “bread and butter issue is of prime importance for Indian Muslims.” He must be told, to Indian Muslims, Islamic religion, Islamic philosophy and Islamic culture are of more importance than mundane bread and butter problems. Though Urdu is certainly not the exclusive language of Indian Urdu speaking Muslims, yet it is closely connected to Islamic religion in as much as Quran, its commentaries, Hadith, Fiqh etc., which were originally in Arabic are now available in Urdu and so the Urdu speaking section of the community hold Urdu dear. Had Arabic possessed the potential of being a lingua franca of the entire Muslim Ummah, the Holy Prophet (s.a,w,s) would not have remarked that there is no superiority of the Arabs over the Ajams meaning thereby, inter alia, that there is no superiority of Arabic over other languages. If salt shalt lose its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? If, as I presume, the writer is an urdu-speaking gentleman, then the aforesaid lamentation applies to him. If he is not an Urdu-speaking person, then I would not hesitate to state that he is viewing things through coloured glasses. S.M. Pasha, Chennai syedmuhammadpasha@yahoo,com   Success of AIUDF in Assam Success of AIUDF is a lesson for all the Muslims of India that they should have a party which could represent their true aspirations and genuine ambitions. Merely acting for vote bank politics these parties have not helped Muslims with exception to certain Individuals in order to fulfil their own political interest. These very individuals are vocal opponents of Muslim unity and common platform because their masters are paying them for keeping Muslim masses in constant fear of Sangh Parivar. But now the common man is very intelligent, they can see the game being played behind the screen. AIUDF success is a big boost for the rights of Muslims in Indian democracy and inshallah it will go a long way in ensuring their bright future. Those who have seen the counting on 13 may will agree with me that national media fully ignored the success of AIUDF in Assam, and despite being the largest opposition party they were constantly displayed on the screens as “others”. Even the success of Muslim league in Kerala has rattled top leaders of secular parties. Qazi Abdul Rahman, Vijayawada 520001 A.P   SP status and Muslim reservation On 30-31 May, Yojna Ayog (Planning Commission) met at Patna for outlaying plan of 12th Five Year Planning. Bihar placed their proposal before Planning Commission for SP status to Bihar. To make the demand effective all sorts of datas like per capita income, per capita electric use, population, and educational rate, flood devastation etc. placed in proposal but same NDA government is not ready to give reservation. Even secular govt. also follow BJP line though in all parameter or at any scale Muslim needs reservation to move at par with country. On ETV / 2 June 2011 at Patna, every person who spoke at seminar “challenges before minority” demanded reservation for Muslims. S. Haque, Patna   Fake encounters are cold-blooded murders The bench of Supreme Court Judges Justice Markandey Katju and Gyan Sudha Mishra ruled in a recent Judgement that “Fake encounter were cold-blooded murders by the men in Khaki. We are of the view that in cases where a fake encounter is proved against policemen in a trial, they must be given death sentence, treating it as the rarest of rare cases.” When L.K. Advani was Home Minister, in Ansal Plaza, New Delhi, 2 innocent Muslim youths were brutally murdered by police in a fake encounter. Dr. Hari Krishna, an eye witness, told media that it was fake and false. During NDA Govt. after murder of some Sikhs in Chattispura by police, 5 innocent Muslims were gunned down in fake police encounter. A 13 member’s fact finding committee headed by retired Justice Kolse Patil of Bombay High Court had termed the Nagpur encounter near RSS Headquarters, where 2 Muslims were killed, as fake and fabricated. Narendra Modi Govt. had admitted in Supreme Court that Sohrabuddin was killed in fake police encounter and his wife Kausar Bi was also killed by Gujarat police. Sohrabuddin’s friend Tulsi Ram Prajapati – main witness of murder – was also killed in fake police encounter. These cases are still going on in courts in which Modi’s Home Minister Amit Shah and high rank police officers etc. are involved. Ishrat Jahan and Javed Shaikh were also killed in fake police encounters in Ahmadabad on 15 June 2004. New Delhi’s Batla House police encounter was also fake and false, where 2 Muslim students of J.M. University were brutally killed. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) – 441904   Muslims are not organized Muslims are not organized. Without having organized, no community or society can achieve their goal in democracy. The education can play an important role to organize the community or society. But educations in Muslims are not in satisfactory condition. Our religious leaders emphasize only religious education. They never emphasize on the modern education. Due to this we are too backward in comparison of schedule castes and schedule tribes in India. Therefore it is so important for the religious and political Muslims leaders. They emphasize the Muslim community for both types of education. With the help of religious education we can improve our character and Akhrat and with help of modern education we improve our life as well as present. Mohd. Rafiq Chauhan, Haryana   Irfan Alam tortured by Bihar police Irfan Alam an IIM Alumni and internationally known for his work for poor rickshaw pullers through his NGO Samman was tortured by Patna police on 13/14 May night on kidnapping allegation. Irfan Alam was invited by U.S.A. President Obama for U.S.A. visit when USA President visited India. On a kidnapping allegation police locked Irfan in a police lock up whole night and tortured him. Police got the person in his office then what sort of kidnap? Kidnapped person will not be kept in a very commercially viable office? Police didn’t apply the mind because Irfan name is sufficient for Police high handedness. S. Haque, Patna   David Headley Imagine Osama bin Laden as alive and put him into the shoes of David Headley. The former might have unveiled a more startling account than what Headley has disclosed in the Chicago court–as to how he worked in tandem with ISI and Taliban to fight against the soviet forces in Afghanistan...thanks to American patronage–as how he was tacitly supported by the U.S. to build Al-Qaeda–as to why he turned against his own mentor (the U.S), and finally as to how he was hunted down, also resulting in the death of scores of innocent civilians and occupation of two countries. The fact that David Headley was working with DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in the U.S., and he was frequently travelling between India, Pakistan and the U.S., give credence to the suspicion that he was a CIA double agent. Probably, he escaped death warrant from the U.S., as he has only a few things to reveal, unlike Osama Bin Laden, who had a trove of information to disclose the American complicity in terror. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)   Suicide of a Marxist Muslim Comparatively very few Muslims commit suicide. Their faith comes to their rescue. They believe that the body and soul belongs to Almighty Allah. They cannot kill themselves or amputate any part or organ of their body. If they do so they will be sent into Hell after death, they need to face the brunt of any adversity and seek the help of Allah. Allah will curtail the severity of the problem and make them hopeful. Mr. Mustafa Bin Qasim who joined Communist party and accepted the communist philosophy Karl Marx was an atheist and all his followers became atheist. Muslims who were born in Muslim community without the basic knowledge of Islamic faith accepted the other faiths and beliefs. Naive Mustafa joined communist party and played an active role he won the membership of legislative assembly for four times and also became the vice chairman of Raja Sabha. After the defeat of his party he became dejected and his personal victory could not sooth him and finally he decided to suicide as he had lost the Islamic belief of shelter and rescue of Allah, anyway he put himself to the double loss of life and wrath of Allah. Hindus are away from Islamic faith they also resort to suicide in desperation and dejection and think they will be free from all worries after death. In India AP state is on top in suicide bid. To stop this immoral step the only remedy is acceptance of Islamic faith which is the only right faith in the world. Dr AH Maqdoomi Gulbarga   Brahmins fighting a fratricidal war Baba Ramdev fled for his life. Hours later, while safe in his Dehradun Ashram, he had the look of the man who has witnessed the face of death. The night crackdown by Brahmin Congress using thousands of police using lathis (batons) and teargas brought down the entire India and the far world too, over the Italian origin daughter-in-law of the Kashmiri Brahmin Nehru-Gandhi family, Sonia Gandhi, as the real culprit in the saga. In each turn of event, both sides came out with pat lies and allegations that cannot hide the bald fact, that India is witnessing a fratricidal war between two Brahmin groups that have made a mockery of India’s democracy. Lauded all over half a century, India as the world’s largest democracy is in essence anything but a democratic nation. Only 3 percent Brahmins have ruled the ‘independent’ India by clever political tactics, cornering 85 percent of Indian population by pitching 15 percent Indian Muslims as the ‘Other’. That magical line-up is fast disintegrating as the new generation of better educated Indian youth across the board, have realized how thin the legitimacy, the Brahmin Raj can command, when all pieces of jigsaw puzzle fall in place. The price Sonia Congress had to pay in ‘corruption crores’ just to remain in power has on one side depleted its ability to stem the rot the corruption in public sphere has now appears well-entrenched; while on the other side had increased the demands the other Brahmins are making as a proportionate share in the corruption pie. This war is being fought in full glare of media, public, parliament, judiciary, army and security forces. All bets of off and its free for all. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   What kind of Muslims are they?

In Pakistan bomb blasts in different parts of the country, particularly in north-western parts have become almost a matter of routine. Afghani and particularly, Pakistani Taliban are allegedly behind all these blasts. Every now and then suicide or other bomb blasts take place, and have taken place in the past, in which dozens and even hundreds of innocent people: men, women and small children have been killed and many more injured. Of the injured ones, many would have died a painful death subsequently and also many among them who survived become crippled for life. Apart from the shock and sorrow of the death of their loves ones, members of the aggrieved families have to bear the lingering mental and physical agony during their treatment and also spend thousands and lakhs of rupees. After such death and destruction, their (terrorists) mentors or organisations proudly claim that it s their handiwork or claim responsibility of the terrorist act. They are not ordinary criminals but are educated and devout people who strictly follow and practice the ‘pillars’ of Islam i.e. namaz, roza, Haj etc. Many of them and their mentors/leaders at whose command they indulge in such barbaric act must have performed Haj also. They very well know that suicide in Islam is haram and a sin, that killing of innocent men, women and small children without any reason who have done them no harm is also a sin, may be bigger sin but even then their mentors order them to indulge in such violent and destructive activities. They must also realise that by their reprehensible activities these hard core and fanatic followers of Islam, apart from making themselves great sinners and bringing untold miseries to their innocent victims and their families, discredit and bring a bad name to Islam, Muslims and their country which are already being maligned and demonised and for which Muslims everywhere are paying a heavy price.

As stated above, many of these hard core and fanatic followers of Islam must have also performed Haj, after which Muslims are expected to lead a more righteous and pious life but for these people, either the ordinary foot soldiers or their mentors, Haj makes no difference, as far as leading a pious and kindly life is concerned. In view of all this, one wonders what kind of devout Muslims these people are? May God give them better sense and intelligence to introspect on their activities and ponder with a calm mind what great disservice they are doing to themselves their own people, religion and country. Of course there are many people and countries who are much bigger terrorists and are responsible for far more deaths and destruction but in this letter, we are concerned with the destructive activities of ‘our own people’. Instead of destructive and disruptive activities, it would be far better if these so-called followers of Islam devote themselves to true tabligh of Islam, constructive, humanitarian and nation building activities

Niyaz Ansari
Ghaffar Manzil, Okhla, New Delhi-25