Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor

Readers' feedback to the 16-31 October 2010 issue



The entire community has appreciated your views on the subject as expressed in your recent article, which has revived the faith of the people in the secular & legal order at this critical turning point.

Syed Shahabuddin, President, AIMMM


Thank you so much for sending MG. My father liked all the inspiring articles and stories covered by Milli Gazette team. Latest issue related to Ayodhya verdict is very impressive and provides the right direction to Indian Muslims. I will pray to Allah for all of you to write these articles to enlighten and giving right direction to all the Muslims in India.

                Tajwer Sultana (via email)


I am a subscriber of your paper. All the articles and views expressed in the paper are very good. I am really appalled by the progressive thoughts of M.J.Akbar and Wahiduddin Khan.

Dr. Mohammed Abul Khair


I am very much pleased and satisfied with what you have written in your editorial of the last issue. Keep it up.

Prof. Juzer Bandukwala, Vadodra, Gujarat


Great headings and subheadings, Dr Saheb, on cover page of the  current issue ofMG.

Mumtaz Alam Falahi, editor, sms)


I am an admirer of your newspaper the Milli Gazette and I have subscribed the same.  The articles published are thought provoking and timely as well. I am moved by the interview of Mr. Mohammed Azam Khan showing gesture of vacating his MLA seat to Mrs. Kavita Karkareji, published in the MG 1-15 October 2010, and also the article “Ayodhya Verdict” written by Justice Rajindar Sachar. I had the privilege of having very good relations with Late Hemant Karkareji when he was Deputy Commissioner of Police at Bhiwandi.  He also used to ask me question regarding the Muslim Festivals and also the background for those festivals. Late Hemant Karkare was a keen reader of books on varied subjects.  I remember a function organized by me on the Raees High School Ground, Bhiwandi, where renowned Music Director Naushad Saheb was the Chief Guest.  Late Hemant Karkare was a great admirer of Naushad Saheb and he personally requested me to arrange for a meeting with him.  When late Hemant Karkare met Naushad Saheb he said “Mujhe aap ashirwad dijiye” and he bowed before Naushad Saheb and Naushad Saheb placed his hands on Late Hemant Karkare’s head and blessed him. I still cherish the moments and the functions attended by me with Late Hemant Karkareji.The MG definitely requires more health from all quarters and I strongly feel that it is doing a great service in removing the misconception regarding Islam and the Muslims.  I congratulate you and your staff.

Yaseen Momin, Bhiwandi


Good cover page.... Hamza Sheth / Tells the true court story.... Ammar Anas / Very brilliant Nazim Khan / Mashallah, fantastic cover page, very brilliant, keep it up. Masood Mohd. Khan, Bhopal / Very good. I like it. Mubashshir Ashrafi

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