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Modern man’s likes and dislikes
  Likes to emphasize technical progress but ignores moral degradation. Likes to parrot population explosion but ignores the balance caused by floods, earth-quakes and cyclones Boasts that his enjoyment has become very big, but ignores that his shamelessness has exceeded that of a pig. An 80 year old reader and well-wisher of MG, Khanpur, Gujarat   AMU Centre in Mallapuram With reference to Mr. Sameer Qaiyum’s letter in your latest issue of MG on AMU Centre in Mallapuram, he has raised an interesting point which leads me to think about the basic motivation behind establishing AMU Centres in various parts of the country by the present AMU administration. Mallapuram is a very special case which in fact does not need any AMU Centre at all, because it is the most literate district in the country, with high rate of graduation and many colleges. AMU could have fulfill its statutory of objective by amending the Act in order to affiliate all Muslim Colleges throughout the country which face difficulties in affiliation to the local universities, and by providing them academic guidance to grow into Universities, so that the local Muslim, who are educationally backward as in Murshidabad (West Bengal) and Kishanganj (Bihar) may get due benefits. Presently the selection for the courses set up in the AMU Centres hardly provide any admission space for the local Muslims because admission is done centrally in Aligarh. We should emphasize that in all districts with Muslim concentration the local Muslim intelligentsia must come forward & establish Minority Colleges. In places like Azamgarh and Mumbai, where already many Muslim Colleges exist they should grow into universities. Syed Shahabuddin   Muslim images in Media Recently, I have attended a panel discussion on “Muslim images in Media” which was held at Urdu Bhawan, N. Delhi. by National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language. What attaches due importance to it is that it was presided over by the new chairman of the Press Council of India, justice Katju. No wonder if we did not get its report in our national media except some Urdu dailies.In fact, this was the highlight of the discussion that our national media specially English newspapers and T.V. channels turn a blind eye to Muslim’s issues and news, but when it comes to defaming or denouncing them as terrorists, extremists, fanatics or conservatives, they take the front side. It was the unanimous statement of the most prominent Muslim journalists, social activists and Urdu Scholars who participated in the discussion. I closely witnessed Mr. Katju feeling extremely unhappy and morose and expressing deep sorrow over the plight of our national media. He traced back to 1857 saying that there was strong communal harmony in India before it, but later on it was shattered by the poisonous conspiracy of the Britishers who had chalked out a plan to ‘divide and rule’. My sincere appeal is to both Urdu and English journalists and media persons that they sit together, understand each other and put an end to the traces of ‘British conspiracy’. I strongly believe that The Milli Gazette will play a vital role to make it happen as I find it the only national English newspaper telling the real story of  Muslims. Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, Janakpuri, N.Delhi.110045   Pakistani Hindus in India Today (3 Dec. 2011) Home Ministry officials went to Majnu ka Tila, Delhi, and warned the Hindu Refugees from Pakistan that they would have to leave the country and return to Pakistan. This follows a statement from Union minister called Narayanswamy. The RSS and the International Vishwa Hindu Parishad have refused to help. They can open Hindu Mandirs and other institutions and help keep these people in walled compounds, but they have abandoned them in the open land of the Dera without any protection, saying this is not their headache. It is expected that police may remove the refugees any night now. These organisations have for so many decades grabbed all the leadership positions of Hindu society, grabbed all the resources of Hindu society, and now they are missing when real action is needed. In the police action at Ramlila Maidan also, the RSS instigated Baba Ramdev [who has no ability in this respect] to challenge the State, and then ditched him to face the police action alone. They remained out of sight for 15 days and then Ram Madhav gave a statement claiming to have done massive relief for the poor beaten up bhaktas. Hindus must realise that they are on their own, that these organisations and sanyasis who do not come forward in time of real danger are not leaders at all.    Sandhya   Ishrat  encounter  So now it has been conclusively proved that Ishrat Jahan who was hitherto believed to have been killed in an encounter was in fact murdered by cops, who later fabricated the story of encounter. The report submitted by SIT has nailed the lie of the police department. While the repercussions of the report are yet to be fully gauged, this report indicates that the damning report may pave the way for some policemen to be behind bars. It has been established that Ishrat Jahan was one among the four alleged terrorists who were killed in what has now been proved to be a fake encounter. It looks the Gujarat police is jinxed as it gets embroiled in one crisis after another. In fact this has turned out to be third such fake encounter, which has brought the name of the state police department into disrepute. It appears that it will be some time before the controversy related to the case dies down. Gujarat CM Modi must be held responsible for such blunders. Abdul hafiz Lakhani, Ahmedabad     Spirit of Moharram Now the the month of Muharram has begun. A new year of Islamic calendar begins. Muharram is declared as sacred and dignified month in the Quran. Muharram has witnessed many great events pertaining to the different messengers of Allah. Ashura being the significant day in that sense. One of the remarkable events the month has witnessed is the great sacrifice rendered by Imam Hussain (a.s.) the grandson of the messenger of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). In the cotemporary times deliberate attempts have been made to misinterpret the happenings in the Karbala and the mission of the Imam. Imam Hussain had no greed for power. He had been brought up in the house of nabuwah. He had fully mastered the religious sciences. He was quite aware about the mechanism and policies of governance adopted by the khulafa-i-rashidin. He had also seen the turbulent periods of his father Hazrat Ali(a.s.). Thus having a broader and comprehensive view on Islamic polity he openly voiced against the nomination of Yazid as khaleefatul muslimeen. Yazid lacked all the necessary abilities requisite for such a responsible position. Yazid was an irritant and lacked the mass support. He was not liked by the people then. Historians like Ibn Kathir, Ibn Khaldun etc do not reckon Yazid as a good Muslim, the same has been viewed in the contemporary times by some noted scholars like Muwdudi, Ali Miyan, Syed Qutb and others. In fact, it requires a long article to deal with the subject. As such Imam rose to the occasion and tried his level best to restore the Islamic governance by defying Yazid. Imam lacked all the material support to muster an uprising against tyrannical rule. He even took an arduous journey towards Karbala to gather the support and asses the mode of people who had vowed Imam for support, but the tyrannical policies of Yazid and his men sabotaged every attempt of Imam and finally war was foisted upon Imam in which he got martyred. Thus lesson of Karbala incident simply instigates us to firmly resist tyranny, uphold unity and adhere to Islamic principles even if we are to sacrifice our own selves.      Nasir Hussain Peerzadah , Mallabagh Srinagar   “Lopsided View of Hinduism” Apropos Mr K P Prakasam’s reply (Lopsided View of Hinduism, Oct. 16-31)) to my article on Hinduism in The Milli Gazette, which he found to be derogatory to his religion. At the outset, let me categorically make it clear that I don’t belong to any faith or belief-system whatsoever. I condemn Hinduism as much as I condemn and castigate any other faith. Nowadays, anything written against Hinduism’s bound to be umbrageous to its apologists like Mr Prakasam. When a religion (read Hinduism) requires to explain and interpret its numerous myths and legends (dantkathaein in Hindi and Sanskrit) to convince the ‘ignorants’, can it be credible and convincing? The apologists of all religions resort to abstruse, convoluted and seemingly exalted interpretations to explain their myths away. Who’re they deceiving? There’re innumerable interpretations of Ganesh having an elephant’s head. Why do you need so many interpretations? Shouldn’t truth be plain and unvarnished? Mr Prakasm condescendingly advised me to read Aldous Huxley. I hope, he has come across Huxley’s statement from his speech at Cambridge: ‘ Myths and legends could be integral to a faith but their surfeit may degenerate it (faith) into a mere mythical tradition.’ Many believe that it was an allusion to Hinduism, which initially appealed to his heart and mind. And why should I read Radhkrishnan, Aurobindo Ghosh, Vivekananda et al, who I found to be partial to the religion (read Hinduism) they were born into? After having read all these ‘ great exponents’ of Hinduism, what I gathered that all were disguised, and at times blatant, Hindus. Jeered at by the Christian teachers in a missionary school, Dr S Radhakrishnan pledged to glorify his Hinduism and there’s no getting away from the fact that he succeeded to a great extent in dispelling many a misconception that plagued Hinduism. He undoubtedly changed western scholars’ perceptions of Hinduism, Huxley and Christopher Isherwood being the greatest admirers in the West. But all said and done, he was a Hindu. He somewhere had on his mind the erroneous perception that his faith was the best of all. So were Aurobindo and Vivekanand. They praised Islam and Christianity but with respect to their Hindu faith. Mr Prakasam, to be really enlightened, liberal and all encompassing, one has to rise above one’s respective faith. So long you adhere to a particular faith, ideology, belief-system or a specialised prejudice, you remain a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or a Buddhist. Unpeel the veneers of all faiths and beliefs and try to live like a human being sans any label. And please don’t try to admonish others.      Dr Sumit S Paul, Pune   Award This has reference to the report captioned Mohammad Anas (MG 16-30) November 2011. It is a matter of profound pleasure that Muhammad Anas, a student of Milli Model School Delhi secured first position in the 21st Seeratun Nabi competition held at Anglo Arabic Primary School at Turkman Gate, Delhi on 2 November. More than 40 students from 19 schools took part in this competition. I am really very glad to know that he was given an award consisting of Rs. 250 in cash, a set of religious books, a medal, and a commendation certificate. Congratulations to him. I pray to God for his long, happy and peaceful life. I wish that he should put the teachings of Prophet Muhammad into practice. Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur U.P.     Waqf properties in UP
  I want to draw the kind attention of the U.P. Govt. towards the Sunni and Shia Waqf properties situated in Lucknow and other districts of U.P. through your esteemed journal MG. I was watching ETV U.P. on 29 Nov. 2011 about the Zoo of Lucknow. I came to know that the Zoo was founded by the then Prince of Wales in his name as Prince of Wales Trust on the 29 Nov. 1921. After the completion of 90 years it was being highlighted by that ETV channel. After Independent India that Zoo was named as Lucknow Zoo which is situated at the house of Nawab of Awadh. I also want to draw the kind attention of Miss Mayawati the C.M. of U.P. that about 9000 Shia & Sunni Waqf Properties are grabbed by her ministry like Raaj Bhavan, Comissioners, Collector, DIG of Police, DGP,AIG, SPs Rly Colonies, CM’s residences, U.P. assemblies, Ministers and MLA flats and govt. colonies. May I hope that these may be ejected and be handed over to Muslim managed NGOs and their legal heirs of Sunni or Shia Waqfs (Trustees). If she uses her good office to concede the long pending genuine grievances of U.P. Muslims, I hope that minority will support her in UP elections in 2012. CM Zafarullah, AFE, New Delhi   Maharashtra biased Maharashtra government is looking sympathetic towards Hindu terrorists. On 30th May 2011, 11 Shiv Sainiks and 10 other Hindu hooligans are set free from the legal clutches who are the culprits of 1993 horrible communal riots. Everybody knows Shiv Sena always remains forward in the terror activities, gundaism, and mass murder gang rapes especially when it is related to the Muslims, Maharashtra government did not appealed in the higher court. Almost in every case Maharashtra Home Minister under the leadership of R.R. Patil appealed against the acquittal in which Muslims were acquitted by the lower court. 1993 Bombay Bomb Blast case, Ghulam Yahya case Imam of Haj House. Sayeed Sabauddin and in many other cases in which Muslims were acquitted by the lower court but Maharashtra government moved to higher court. Right to Information Report in Maharashtra out of 11120 just 61 cases has been challenged and I am sure in these 61 at least 80 percent cases related to the Muslims. Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin Ahmad have been acquitted by the lower court the home ministry moved to high court Bombay. Against the acquittal of High Court Maharashtra government filed the appeal in Supreme Court. In which Supreme Court termed the state government case is a weak case, however Supreme Court issued noticed to the duo. Thane, Vashi, Panvel blasts verdict came on 29th Aug. 2011. Out of six, four Hindu terrorists are acquitted and merely two terrorists convicted by the Thane session court. In fact, the Special Public Prosecutor Rohini Salian of the case had recommended for the appeal to the home ministry against the acquittal of four, and life term to the convicted. Zuber Ahmed Khan,   A sane advice In a multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-lingual society of ours, we can live happily only where all members of the society practice tolerance and when neither the executive nor judiciary interferes in religious matters and the govt. does not follow any such policy which is detrimental to the religion and culture of any particular community or minority. Unfortunately, these days fire brand leaders of BJP, VHP and Bajrang Dal  the outfits of Sangh Parivar the great champion of Hindutva are carrying endless campaign of hatred against Muslims and Christians throughout the country. Hate speeches of leaders of these communal organisations also reflect their colossal ignorance of Islam and its teachings. The best course is to put an end to this campaign of hatred against minorities especially against Muslims and follow the advice of the Father of the nation which is sure to strengthen tolerance which is the most distinctive feature of our national culture. Say, It is only through a reverential approach to faiths other than mine that I can realise the principle of equality of all religions. It is both my duty and right to point out defects in Hinduism in order to purify it and keep it pure but when non-Hindu critics set about criticising Hinduism and cataloguing its faults, they only blazen their own ignorance of Hinduism and their in capacity to record it. Thus, my own experience of non-Hindu critics of Hinduism brings home to me my limitations and makes me wary of launching on a criticism of Islam of Christianity and their followers (collected works of Mahatma Gandhi volume 6 page-332) M. Hashim Kidwai,Ex-MP, Mayur Vihar-1, Delhi-91   Hindus in Pakistan You have quoted Pakistani human rights activist regarding atrocities committed on Hindus in that country. She advises Indian Muslims not to complain too much as the condition of the Hindus there is far worse. I believe the whole problem of minority persecution has its root in the original sin of dividing the country on the basis of misguided two nation theory. If Hindus are being persecuted in Pakistan, the Muslims in India should come out with protests and bring their weight to bear on the Pakistani authorities so that justice is done to the minorities. Sometime back 7 Hindu doctors were brutally killed by Muslims in Sind and it s seems the government there has not been able to apprehend real culprits and punish them. When minorities are systematically hounded and decimated, it does not remain an internal matter of a country. Indian government should express its concern for the wellbeing of Hindus in Pakistan. Yunus Chitalwala Dhoraji, Gujarat   Afzal Guru and Constitution of India In response to a query home minister Mr. P Chidambaram has stated that there is no guidance in constitution of India to hang the parliament attack accused Afzal Guru in a stipulated time. With this flaw in the constitution the government can make delay in imparting the punishment of gallows to Afzal Guru. Afzal has appealed to the government to hang him early. As the punishment of solitary confinement in jail is intolerable to him. This punishment is severe than gallows. He wants to achieve the honor of martyrdom. If Mr. Afzal had been the kin like Kanni Mozi the application of law would be deferent. To keep guilty for years together is also a crime. If there is some flaw in constitution why Afzal guru should bear the brunt? What for the office of president is meant? If the man accused had been the husband of president was he allowed to languish so many years in Jail? Afzal wanted that he should have been shifted to Srinagar so that his wife and children can meet him in the jail as Delhi is far off they cannot bear the travelling expenses. Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   Fire at 15 places, boy blinded by crackers 15 incidents were reported at Nagpur on Dipawali causing extensive damage to property and goods worth Rs. 20 lakh. Bursting crackers proved costly to two youths in Nagpur, when one of them lost his eyesight and the other boy suffered grievous eye injury. Head of the department of ophthalmology G.M.C. and Hospital, Dr. Ashok Madan said that the presence of harmful substances like sulphur and manganese in fire crackers are extremely damaging for eyes. He said the condition of both the boys is serious. 11 burn patients were also admitted in hospitals of Nagpur. Fire crackers also cause air and noise pollution which is dangerous for health. The city registered drastic hike in pollution level. Imagine such incidents of thousands of villages, towns and cities of India. Religious preachers, social reformers etc. should come forward to stop and eradicate this most harmful practice of bursting fire crackers in Diwali and other occasions, which is a grave threat to health, lives and properties. In Islam fire crackers are strictly prohibited. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra   FDI in retail There were times, when the capitalist countries had to invent sea routes, colonise the nations, and setup armies there to protect their merchandise.  Thanks to neo-liberalism, the purpose of capturing market in the gullible countries is being achieved now, by a simple precept called ‘free trade policy’.  It is unfortunate that a great democracy like India should debate on the issue of allowing FDI in retail in the Parliament for days together, when other crucial issues like health and education were perpetually placed on the back burner.  What purpose the FDI in retail would serve other than feeding global retail giants like Walmart?  Shouldn’t we recall as how our agriculture was paralysed after QRs were removed in the sector?  Those we do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.   Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa.