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MG I am a regular reader of MG. I want you to publish a page on educational news.                  Md. Imran Khan II I am very much pleased to note that MG is expanding its sales and it is reaching dubai too with Mallick Agency. MG services are very much need of the hour and Muslim philanthropists,entrepreneurs, all must come forward to subscribe ,introduce others. Now a days most of us all  are thinking about their own needs,family and what about society. By reading MG we are able to know all Islamic personalites, secular minded people, facts and figures and it is our responsibility to support in every aspects what our beloved Dr saab is doing. MJ Mohamed Iqbal, Dubai(via email)   M F Husain wishes to come back to India There are news in media that M F Husain wants to come back to India if union home minister P Chidambram calls him. It is high time that India calls back Husain to his motherland. We pride ourselves for our acceptance of plurality and diverging views. And of course we are the biggest democracy. Yet, we fail to provide a living legend with the freedom of expression. His paintings instead of being confined to the ones depicting nude goddesses are many more representing a cosmopolitan India. Those who are longing for the return of Husain are more than some hired hands of political parties. A Hameed Yousuf, Bangalore   Hasanuddin Ahmad, IAS In MG 16-31 Oct 09, there is a write up on Hasnuddin Ahmed. It says that "Dr. Hasnuddin Ahmed had been an IAS officer of 1945 batch." There was no IAS in 1945. British were ruling India. If I remember correctly, the first batch was 1949. My lecturer G. Ramachandran in Loyola joined IAS that year standing first. He became Finance Seretary of Govt. of India. MZ Chida, Chennai (via email)   JUH “fatwa” on Vande Matram This is with reference to the article "JUH-Fatwa: Needless Stir" by Nilofar Suhrawardy. To the extent of my knowledge, JUH instead of issuing any fatwa-be it clear that JUH is not a body constituted to issue fatwa- regarding Vande Matram had supported the fatwa given by Dar-ul-Ifta of Darul Uloom Deoband some six months back. Therefore, I am surprised to find a leading Muslim fortnightly like Milli Gazette to have made the headline suggesting that it was JUH which issued the fatwa. Nevertheless, I agree with the writer that the stand of JUH on Vande Matram should not be taken as that of the entire Muslim community because it is not only alone as regards Muslims' representation. Yet it is the stand of Muslims who give importance to correctness of religious beliefs. Let alone other stanzas of the song, even the title Vande Matram-meaning O Mother! I bow to thee-itself contradicts the spirit of monotheism Muslims believe in. In this context, it is no less than a tragedy for Muslim community than even the film industry personalities like Javed Anand and Shabana Azmi have reportedly interfered and started issuing their fatawa. They should be confined to their fields instead of venturing in what they have no expertise about. Let the matter of providing guidance in religious affairs be specified to ulama who spend one third of their life to attain in-depth understanding of Islam. A Hameed Yousuf, Bangalroe-08 II Let me clarify at the very outset three important issues related to 'Vande Matram' controversy which is raised at a time when it was not at all being discussed. Firstly that this song is completely Un- Islamic, secondly that Jamiatul-Ulema has always been the stooge of Congress, and thirdly the sound health of 'Hindutva forces' is a pre-requisite condition for the so-called secular parties to entice Muslim community on emotional issues, so that it may throw its legitimate demands into oblivion. The stronger the Hindutva forces, the greater prospects for Congress and other so-called secular outfits to capture Muslims through the false slogans of 'secularism'. If our memory is not too weak, we may recollect that a few years back the then H. R. D. Minister Mr. Arjun Singh was the person who declared that the centenary of 'Vande Matram' would be celebrated with its singing in all institutions. As expected, the Muslims reacted aggressively, giving an opportunity to Hindutva forces to spew venom against the community. Arjun Singh later on withdrew his circular, and emerged as secular figure in the eyes of Muslims. The purpose was served , i. e. to divert the community's attention from the basic issues of 'give and take'. This time again, as the Muslims are showing tilt towards Congress, but with a rider of their demands, like the implementation of Sacher Committee report, which it cannot concede for the fear of losing Hindu support, the safest via media before it is to raise some emotional issue by which to reinvigorate the degenerating health of 'Hindutva forces'. Using its old faithful stooges, it has succeed to a considerable extent. The so-called Deoband 'Fatwa' against Vande Matram has activated the dying cells of B. J. P. The unholy nexus between 'Hindutwa forces and the 'fictitious secularism' is the most effective instrument since independence to deceive Muslims, and the hypocrites with the community are always used as the tool in that mechanism. Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow   Babri/Liberhan report Now that the Liberhan Commission's report has been tabled, all the identified culprits conspired to brutally demolish Babri Masjid should be severely punished and the Supreme Court's order of maintaining status quo, pre-demolition, should be re-established by constructing a mosque at the site.  This would go a long way in gaining confidence of the citizen in law of the land. Ruby Naushad, Bangalore - 560 047(via email) II The report of the Liberhan Commission, which enquired into the demolition of the Babari Masjid, tosses on to the dung heap, finally and with finality, the myth that Atal Behari Vajpayee was some species of moderate and not a Sanghi chauvinist of the most rabid kind. It will be fitting for his portrait to join that of the eminent toady, "Veer" Savarkar, in disgracing the Central Hall of Parliament. Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091 III Salute to Arnab Goswami and TIMES NOW TV Arnab Goswami of TIMES NOW TV deserves kudos for playing a clip showing Atal Behari Vajpayee, the anointed Saint of the Sangh Parivar, gleefully regaling his audience in a meeting, one day earlier to the December 6, 1992 Babri Masjid demolition. While L. K. Advani was raising a storm under constant chant of shame, shame in the Lok Sabha in the morning, faking surprise that Atal Behari's name has been reported to be cited as being one of the prime conspirator and master mind of Babri Masjid demolition, Arnab Goswami dug out the TV clip from OUTLOOK archives, and countered L. K. Advani in public arena. Atal Behari Vajpayee clearly said, that he was asked to go to Delhi and in fact, while the conclave disbursed in Lucknow on Dec 5, Atal Behari who was a participant, left for Delhi while others participants in BJP meeting, including L. K. Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti, left Lucknow for Ayodhya. Arnab Goswami's playing of that clip was instant indictment of Vajpayee, as openly exhorting Kar Sevaks, to level the ground of the site, so that a yagya can be organised. Can there be any more proof of the guilt that surrounds Vajpayee. For people of India, this clip is more weighty than the 900 page Liberhan report, as far as culpability of BJP's tallest leader is concerned. Now that the leak of Liberhan Report details as published by Indian Express on its front page, has become the more important subject than the reported content of the report, Arnab Goswami's continuous and relentless attempt to shot down deflecting arguments by BJP and Congress spokespersons on TIMES NOW panel, was a single most contribution to justice and fair play in public debate, on one of the most gruesome and sordid act of rape of India's constitutional commitment to secularism in free India's short history of independence. India's media, especially the English language media, which commands audience all over the world, carries big responsibilities to counter deliberate shenanigans by India's notorious political class, to use matters of justice to mock the victims of their deliberate and premeditated criminal acts like the demolition of Babri Masjid and the subsequent orgy of carnage inflicted on Muslims citizens all across the land and escape their day in courts of law. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   India on defensive against China In view of strange relations with China, and its claim on Arunachal Pradesh, it is not advisable that Dalai Lama be permitted to proceed for religious sermons. This will provoke China and it may attack on Arunachal Pradesh. Being a big nuclear power China may not think the remote consequences of its attack. Better Dalai Lama is requested to shorten his tour in Arunachal Pradesh and come back to Delhi. Also we can request Dalai Lama to take asylum in any of his friendly country. This will sooth China and inhabit to take up evil designs regarding India. Prevention is better than cure. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Media attitudes When a Christian or a Jew, commits a crime, the media refers to him as a criminal and questions his act. When, however, the criminal happens to be a Muslim, the media refers to him as a Muslim and question his faith. So, as soon as it became clear that the suspect in the tragic incident at Fort Hood is a Muslim, every US Muslim organization of note put out a press release condemning the brutal attack although the perpetrators of such incidents belong to all faith groups. This is because since 9/11 hundreds of pundits, journalists, and talk-show hosts have decided to use their oratorical skills to paint Islam and Muslims in the most negative color. Distorting Islam and demonizing its followers is the most recent cottage industry that promotes Islamophobia in the US and Canada. Its logical that speaking out and publically rejecting violence and crime becomes a must for the followers of a religion that has been systematically demonized by professional Muslim bashers. Muslims must make their views known to their neighbors and fellow citizens, and must speak out and explain their values and beliefs as long as Islamophobia is part of the American experience. Eventually, the truth will triumph, but till then the hard work and the struggle must go on! Mohammad Salahuddin, Mulund (W), Mumbai - 400080   Measures to deal with Naxalist In the backdrop of recent Naxalist / Maoist accelerated attacks, any number of commentators are appearing in Indian media [both print and electronic] who are saying that there cannot be a parallel State and whatever may be the provocation but no Indian citizen or group should resort to arms. This is such an absurd take that it needs to be corrected in view of these points. [1]- Unlike militants in Kashmir or in North East or in Punjab [in eighties] these Naxalist / Maoist are not secessionists.[2]- The coercive apparatus, the military and police, of any State has a tendency to protect the entrenched interest of the [generally smart and aggressive]citizens of any country and which may leave the legitimate interest of some of the other citizens unprotected by the State, despite repeated complaints about genuine grievances to the constitutional and other authorities of the State.[3]- Even criminal law does not say that a citizen cannot commit a crime. It only says that if somebody commits a crime then he will be punished so and so. Hence any citizen, who is prepared to face that punishment through due process of law, can always commit that crime [especially when he believes that he cannot obtain justice otherwise] [4]- Therefore, Naxalist / Maoist, who are taking the risk of laying down their lives or of going to jail by taking up the arms against the armed forces of Indian state, have every moral right to do so for the redress of their legitimate grievances by the method of overthrowing the present regime and installing a new regime which they believe will serve their interests too. [5]- Without such risk of being displaced by another revolutionary regime an incumbent regime including its coercive apparatus, the military and police, are bound to become high handed, unjust, complacent, and insensitive. [6]- Of course an incumbent regime faces the danger of being displaced by uprising militant movement only when justice and mass support is on revolutionary side. [7]- There is at least one saving grace in this armed hostility between Naxalist / Maoist and the armed forces of Indian state that Naxalist / Maoist want to convey a message that they are also not a brutal force, notwithstanding some stray instances of brutality by some of the undisciplined elements of these militants. [8]- It is impractical for any one to expect that in this age of democracy people will confer same divinity on the state or its organs or functionaries, despite glaring injustices to them by state, as was the case during Rajtantra [monarchies]. But having said so, Indian state, in the interest of avoiding unnecessary bloodshed between its own citizens and its armed forces, should shed its authoritarian attitude and do the following:-[i]- As promised in 2005, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Program [NREGP] for all the job-seeking working age citizens for 300 working days should be implemented immediately. Also in order to make NREGP worth its objectives, the NREGP should be implemented departmentally and not through Panchayats [village local bodies [ii]- The extra constitutional force like salva - judum should be dismantled and discontinued immediately [as it tantamount to waging awar on - State [which is law]. Also illegal arms especially to the cadre / members of ruling parties should be eliminated immediately. [iii]- Political parties should revive the practice of opening their offices in areas where any citizen can go to seek help in case state functionaries harass and deny justice to them [after all any political party is an organization, whether in power or not, which helps government function as per the rule of law]. Hem Raj Jain, Greater NOIDA   UPA’s economic policies The UPA government's ordinance for a uniform pricing system 'Fair and Remunerative Price' (FRP) for the sugarcane growers has naturally invited the wrath of the farmers in Uttar Pradesh - as the price fixed is far below what was paid by the U.P. government last year.  While the opposition parties have been fishing in troubled waters now to champion the cause of the farmers, hardly any political party has questioned the flawed agriculture policies pursued by the successive governments at the Centre, which pushed thousands of farmers to commit suicide during the past decade.  Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)   US-Israeli axis The American / Israeli axis of power, domination and subjugation of Palestine suffered a humiliating slap in the face from one of their most trusted allies in the Occupied Territories - Mahmoud Abbas, when he decided to throw in the towel. Whether it's a strategic move or not, it does impact on America's bonafides as a 'honest broker' because the reason cited by him was the failure of 'peace talks' with Israel and its refusal to end the occupation that started in 1967". In addition, he also cited America's embrace of Israeli rejectionism, especially with regard to Jewish settlement expansion. But the criticism leveled against his Western sponsor does not absolve Abbas for his role in perpetuating the suffering of his people. Indeed, from the very inception of his presidency, Abbas sought to appease the Israelis and the Americans in ways that seriously undermined Palestinian national dignity. Abbas's sins are not confined to the post-2006 election plots and machinations against Hamas. He is responsible for conniving with Israel during the Gaza onslaught when the PA hoped that Israel would finish off Hamas" and restore the Strip to the Ramallah Junta on a silver platter. His stupidity, naivety and misplaced trust of Israeli intentions got him where he is now. He has none but himself to blame. Safiya Sameena, Vijayawada - 520010   AMU AMU is priceless heritage of Muslims and VC is posing threat to its existence and its credibility. His activities are only causing great loss to the students future prospects. This VC always take decisions in most arbitrary way. How many times the university will be closed? Who will be responsible for the future of aspiring students? Who will pay for the image loss of AMU?.This decision in haste has brought AMU to down fall. It only shows incapability, ineffectiveness and intolerance of the administration.Closure of the university is not the solution and the university should be re-opened at the earliest possible time as the career of thousands of students is at stake. May Allah give sense and reasoning to the administrators of the university. Abdullah Khan, Hyderabad
  Aah Uzair Lakhani Innaa lillah we innaa ilayhi raajioon May the Most Merciful Allah grant Sabre Jameel to our dear journalist Br. Abdul Hafeez Lakhani and also to his respected family. Stunned to read in Gujarat Today on 18 Nov. 2009 that Br. Lakhani's 12 year-old son Uzair met with a fatal accident on an Ahmadabad road on 17 Nov. 09. The growing flower was very brilliant in both Deeni Madrasas well in secular school. He had already done Hifze Quraan at this young age. Only Allah can grant strength to the bereaved family to bear this terrible shock. None of us can do anything except Du’a. May Allah accept and raise the ranks of the Faithful family in both the worlds - Aameen.      S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh- 392150