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BJP and Jinnahphobia BJP leaders have a fascination for Jinnah. He was a superb political strategist, who could single handedly out manoeuvre his oppoenents to establish a Muslim theocratic state. But he was almost blind to the consequences of his 'Islam in danger' politics. In that sense he failed the test of statesmanship. Millions suffered horribly in the aftermath of partition. Strangely Jinnah had never factored the hate generated in both Indian and Pakistan; and  the price minorities on either side  would pay due to his policies. Worse his success made it inevitable that there would be fertile ground for the  RSS in India and the Taliban in Pakistan. Added to these  is the migraine of Kashmir that may destroy  all of us. Maybe BJP leaders realise that without Jinnah , there would have been no saffron surge in India.No wonder the Jinnah phobia.  J.S.Bandukwala, Vadodara, Gujarat II How wonderful it is that a senior leader of BJP Mr. Jaswant Singh has written a book about Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan after sixty years of death and made certain thrilling revelations. He had written that Indian Muslims were alienated but as a matter of fact they were not only alienated but also demonized. Thousands of them were massacred. His good friend Modi made genocide of Muslims in Gujarat. The sacrifice of Muslims was also the price of formation of Pakistan they had paid after decades of partition. If Mr. Nehru was responsible for partition why Indian Muslims be fined. The Muslims, to be factual were targeted not for partition but for Islam. Islam was the cause of their alienation and demonization. The caste Hindus tried their level best to apprehend the spread of Islam as a result 80 crores of Hindus were alienated with Islam. There are sixty countries to have totally embraced Islam. Indian Muslims are least worried about terrorism as they perfectly know who are the elements behind this game plan. Innocent Muslim youths who were arrested and jailed is giving results. One important thing I want to bring in the notice of Mr. Jaswant Singh that he has alienated himself from the greatest man of the history, Prophet Mohammad most superior than Jinnah. If he can understand his message and certify his contribution to humanity all his own worries and troubles of his party will end completely. He will add more worries by praising Mohammad Ali Jinnah as Advani had the bitter experience previously.        Dr Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga III The new generation in India should be thankful to Jaswant Singh for his book on Jinnah. Mr. Jaswant Singh blamed Nehru and Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel for India-Pakistan Partition in 1947, while we, Indians knew after reading Indian History that it was Mohammad Ali Jinnah who was solely responsible for the partition and in this way the image of Muslims living in India were tarnished before the world. But now the book related to the issues of Indian Partition in 1947, by Jaswant Singh, removed the dirty blankets from the faces of the world exposing the realities of Partition. Now when the realities came into light from darkness our leaders in India and Pakistan should reconsider for unity to face the challenges of powerful enemies.Observations indicate people from both, India and Pakistan, need mutual strength and cooperation, so, when the key leaders like Jinnah, Mahatma Gandhi etc. were not willing to shorten the territory or boundary of the country like India with a division of the hearts of people making two different states, there should be a jury for reconsidering to join the separated part of India. When the divided Germany can be one after a long gap , why not India ? If it happens, we could be a greater nation and more powerful than the country like China who has illegally captured some of our important parts of the country.I think people from Pakistan will also be agreeing to our proposal but whether Bangladesh would like to merge unto us, it can't be said properly. Our government should prove the facts once again that some of its leaders were not willing for partition in 1947.             Tariq Sohrab Ghazipuri IV Right of pre-emption and righteousness go hand in hand. Mr. Jaswant's association for thirty years was an unholy alliance with BJP. He could not apprise himself the Brahaminical bias and prejudice with Muslims, Islam and Muslim leaders. An Arabic saying goes "AL HAQQU YALU WALA UOLA." The truth will always be exalted. No party or authority can downgrade it. Mr. Jaswant Singh should repent on his past association with BJP. He can continue for search of truth and unleash to the new generation of Vishal Indian Nation. Association with parties will shorten his height. Dr Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga V The BJP-RSS combine cannot tolerate anything which goes against their biased anti-Muslim ideology even if it is a reality. It was Lala Lajpat Rai way back in 1924, who advocated for a seperate Muslim state for the first time, when Jinnah was not even on the scene. Apart from the account of Moulana Abul Kalam Azad, the noted lawyer H.M.Seervai has-in his book: Partition-Legend and Reality-- handsomely recorded all the facts and sequences leading to the partition of the country and this book is the last word on this subject. Many other diplomates and political leaders of eminence--both Indian and foriegn-- has paid tribute to the straight forward approach and honesty of Jinnah. Jinnah is only a victim of vicious propaganda continously unleashed by anti-Muslim lobby. K. Malikul Azeez, Chennai-12 VI Almost sixty two years have passed since the sub-continent was split into India and Pakistan, yet the trauma of partition still wets the eyes of today's generation. The wounds inflicted by the partition would take long, long time to heal. Shri Jaswant Singh has rightly provided an opportunity to discover the real culprits that were responsible for the partition. The sacking of Jaswant Singh from the BJP is a reflection of the rising intolerance within India in general and Hindutva forces in particular. We believe that Mahatma Gandhi, first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and first home minister Vallabhbhai Patel were responsible for country's partition and the aftermath bloodshed in which almost a million were slaughtered in cold blood. Reason: The troika knew in their guts that a large population of Muslims would be the biggest hindrance in converting India into a Hindu state. Due to vested interests, they deliberately sowed the seeds of partition to get rid of huge chunk of Muslims so as to make India preponderant of Hindus.The troika is fully responsible for the partition and the bloodshed that took lives of million innocent Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. Hence, the Indian Parliament should take an initiative to bring all the three irrespective of their stature and contribution, on trial posthumously to ascertain the truth.             Kanwar Pal Singh, Amritsar VII According to Narendera Singh Sarila, whose book Jaswant Singh released -- Churchill and Lord Wavell conspired to cut up India, and keep 'something for them', to counter growing aggressiveness of Soviet Russia, that was most eager to move south climes. Churchill wanted the oil wells of Gulf to be protected and needed a foothold on the continent. He make elaborate communication arrangement with Jinnah through his secretary and plotted all moves over partition of India. Jinnah was just a facilitator. Please read the book based on authentic British Home office documents now released and in public arena. The name of the book is The Untold Story of India's Partition by Narendra Singh Sarila, published by HarperCollins India. It is a must read for any even handed opinion who was the real culprit behind the scene and who eventually suffered and still suffering.It is dishonest on the part of Jaswant Singh, to try and protect the British, even with all the documents at his disposal. It is time, people should know the truth and nothing but the truth and shed their mythical beliefs and hatred on partition. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   Hindu marriage act and Islamic law on bigamy The stalwarts of law commission are proceeding towards uniform civil code and want to amend Hindu marriage act along with Islamic law of marriage and divorce. They are quoting example of certain Muslim countries where the second marriage is banned.I request the chairman and the honorable members to study in deep the effects of Islamic laws before suggesting ban on bigamy. If you ask a sex worker would you like to bring your daughter in the profession in which you are indulged? She will out rightly reject the proposal. She knows very well that there is great disrespect in that profession. In the same way if you ask a girl whether she would like to become a keep of a man instead of wife? She will instantly reply that she wants to become a wife rather than to become a keep. The commission should think over how these sex workers and keeps came into existence?. These ladies are those who could not get married due to want of money, or divorced or become aged due to some or the other reasons or they became widow in the early age. The commission should think of their plight. Will it not be better to become the second or third wife of a sensible man. If they do not have support from any kin they resort to become a sex worker to earn their livelyhood or agree to become a keep of a man who can feed her. In Hindu marriage act where the second marriage is prohibited the man seeks a partner to fulfill his sexual desire and built illicit sexual relations. No man of any religion will like that his sister or daughter become a keep or a prostitute. In the same way the creator of fair sex that such women should lead a life or modesty. Almost all religious celebrities had more than one wives. How the law commission can supersede them. They may have the scare that Muslim population will become more than Hindus and they will rule this country after fifty years. This is the BJP mode of thinking.               Kausar Fatima, Gulbarga   Swine flu and the awareness drive As if the clippings on television and the pictures in newspapers were not enough, it was a gloomy sight outside too. Most of the shops were closed and many people were moving about faces covered in masks. I came home more depressed. E mails and messages on mobile and social networking sites also had concerned friends advising preventive methods and ayurvedic and homeopathic combinations to keep the deadly virus at the longest possible distance. But there is another opinion too. Some people do get a feeling that there is a general scare among the masses because media has hyped up the situation more than reason demands, and hence the near-panic condition. Masks have become the most wanted item on every "informed, health-conscious" citizen's list. At most places masks are out of stock, and no wonder that the few available are being sold at exhorbitant prices. The scare is not uncalled for and the remedies and precautionary advices only show that most of us still are humane and stand united in times of a crisis. So far so good. Now I come to the real threat. And to one very important doubt that keeps popping up in my mind in these days of a troubled social condition that we have on our hands: As a society do we really realise our responsibility? What does one do when neatly dressed, sophisticated people spit openly on the roads even as they get down from their air-conditioned cars? Some with their masks covering their mouths and noses remove them just a little to spit in the open public places and then move ahead without any guilt putting the mask back in place securely. Also one wonders about the role played in the spread of any disease by the heaps of garbage, dirt and refuse dumped openly on the cross-roads and side-walks at most places? And what about the open gutters and rodents? Delhi government it seems is distributing Tulsi and Giloi free of cost after Baba Ramdev has described their benefits in strengthening one's immune system. A good step indeed. But better still would have been to start a cleanliness drive. We all want our houses sparkling and clean, but not a thought about the surroundings. Disease and epidemics have been around in past also. However in a globalised world where movement across continents is a matter of some hours and a routine affair on the business schedules of many, one has to be more cautious. And as we usher in the global culture we must also educate ourselves to the fact that such situations like the one we have now will keep recurring unless we realise that the real threat is our own wrong habits and style of living.        Zohra Javed   Shah Rukh detained; US ask India to protect minorities This refers to the report that the bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was detained and questioned at a U.S. airport as his name popped up on the computer (probably because his surname revealed Muslim identity). This has come close to the heels of the release of the watch list prepared by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) accusing India and a few other nations for failing to protect the rights of religious minorities. The latest episode reminds us the saying of the pot calling the kettle black. The spiteful phrases like Islamophobia and Islamic terror coined by the Bush regime are clearly intended to malign the image of Islam. Barack Obamas mesmeric speech in Cairo offering an olive branch to the Muslim world notwithstanding, hardly anything was done to walk the talk.                 Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (AP)
  Open letter to Narendra Modi
on Implementation of Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities
Honb'le Modi ji,
The Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities was launched by the Central Government on April 1, 2008. For Classes I-V, it provides maintenance allowance of Rs. 100 pm (for 10 months) where as for VI-X it provides admission fees actual up to Rs. 500 pa, tuition fees actual up to Rs. 350 pm (for 10 months) and the maintenance allowance of Rs. 100 pm (for 10 months). More than twenty states have implemented the scheme. Gujarat has not yet accepted it. This puzzles me deeply, specially, when I view the ground realities of education in areas like Juhapura (Ahmedabad) where I have held Science and Mathematics workshops for students and teachers in last one year. In this locality of 2.5 lakh population, mostly working class Muslims, 6000 children become eligible for admission to class I every year. Of these only 10% are admitted to four government primary schools (in the country 80% students go to government primary schools) and the rest are forced to go to low tuition (Rs. 100-200 pm) private schools or remain out of school. The government schools severely lack in facilities. Even durries or mats are not available to students. The quality of blackboards is extremely poor. The Gyaspur Bhatha Primary School, one of the biggest in the area, has over 800 students with 16 teachers but only 4 class rooms. The school runs in two shifts with two classes running in one room and some in corridors. If we do not treat children with dignity and teach them with care how could we expect them to go to schools. Until government provides a minimal level of schooling to children, State assistance to their education would remain mandatory. The low tuition private schools are not the places of privilege. They have meagre facilities and cannot afford to pay more than Rs. 2000 pm to their teachers. Yet most such schools are doing better, in terms of teaching, than the government schools. Rs. 100 pm is the minimum State assistance that these children deserve.
The Ministry of Minority Affairs officials indicated to us that the Gujarat Government expressed its inability to implement the scheme until 100% grant (against the current Centre contribution of 75%) was provided by the Centre. Then Prof. A. Karia and I met the officers in the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Old Secretariat, Gandhinagar. They told us that the Gujarat Government finds the scheme discriminatory as the value of scholarship is higher than the ones given to SC/ST and OBC. But they could not tell us the difference in their values. When we contacted the MHRD and Dept of Social Justice and Empowerment, Delhi we were told that the SC/ ST and OBC scholarships at pre-matric level are given by the states and they can raise the amount to any desired level. The Central Government has scholarship scheme for wards of those engaged in unclean occupations. For classes I-V, it provides Rs. 40 pm for maintenance and Rs. 550 Ad-Hoc grant, amounting to Rs. 950 pa as against Rs. 1000 of the minority scholarship.
We believe, providing good education to every poor child is the fundamental responsibility of the state. Rs. 100 pm is the minimum assistance that a class I-V child deserves. Rather than depriving the children of one poor community of assistance on the ground the value of scholarship for another poor community being lower, efforts must be initiated to raise the value of every scholarship to this minimal level. A more stark contrast could be the opening of IIT Gujarat, however, no one raised the argument that let us first open primary schools for every child so that the development of poor and rich is on the same scale. IITs have 22% reservation for SC/ ST but hardly 1.5 % Muslim children are there in their B. Tech. program. I urge you to kindly ponder over this issue and initiate the implementation of Pre-matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities.
Best regards Vipin K. Tripathi, Sadbhavna Mission, Delhi
Faisal Khan