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Afzal Guru a Martyr or Terrorist and other letters

Afzal Guru a Martyr or Terrorist.
On 9 Feb. 2013 at last Afzal Guru was hanged to death. Again phenomenon adopted by the Indians was same as Kasab, and kept everything in the dark. Even his family members are too not informed about the execution of Afzal. It was alleged by the brothers and family members of Guru that Afzal has not been given proper legal opportunities and he is the victim of caste based identity and framed by the police. In fact Indian Government, Police, Administration and public are communally biased. Author believes that even Judicial personalities are also differentiates the crime on the basis of caste, creed and culture. The way to execute the punishment hanged to death to Ajmal Kasaab and Afzal Guru raised several questions on the act of Indian Government Authorities. The act is looking like an appeasement to the voters more, rather to execute the punishment in good faith of Justice. Because, since last 10 to 12 years Afzal Guru’s mercy petition was pending why so hastily he has been hanged?. Because Congress Government is losing faith in public and she wants a man to sacrifice, who would be the best to sacrifice other than Afzal Guru. In India not only Hindu Hardliners in the form of BJP, Sangh Parivar, Shiv Sena but the people of so called secular Congress also thinks that he is culprit and terrorist and deserve the death punishment. It is the appeasement policy of Congress to sacrifice the scapegoat when elections are due in 10 states in the current year and in Union of India in the year 2014, and lead in the election. Indian Government, Public may project Afzal as a terrorist but the people of Kashmir and his followers who love him will never treat him as a terrorist, rather the way in which he was executed he has become martyr for the numerous people of the Globe. It is baseless to say only jihadi elements targeted India and death punishment is reserved for the jihadis only so far, but Hindu terrorists are equally responsible to target India and involve in the bomb blasts. But so far not a single Hindu terrorist awarded death punishment. Why for the same crime in India punishment alters while looking the religion of the culprits if found Muslims they assigned death penalty and if Hindus life. This phenomenon starts from 1992-93, all the accused and gundas of Shiv Sena were involve in Bombay riots, Gang Rapes, loot, arson burnt alive to the Muslims & murder but when matter of punishment comes all are set free & discharged with an honour but Muslims were sent behind the bars and some of them hanged to death. Since from 1993 trend to implicate innocent Muslims in the false charges by the police and send them behind the bars is on the peak. Music Magnet Nadeem Saifee was framed and convicted in Gulshan Kumar murder, Mumbai Police framed him in the bomb blast of 1993 also. Nadeem seeks asylum in United Kingdom. UK court acquitted him with an honour and found no malicious at the part of Nadeem Saifee. Now question arises how two different views for same crime. If Mumbai police framed Nadeem as culprit and involvement in Bomb Blast then why Britain acquitted him. It proves police arrested any innocent Muslims without doing home work and without established prima facee case. Jury of Judges passed an order that murder charges have not been established on Nadeem Saifee. 11 Shiv Sainiks and 10 other Hindu hooligans are set free from the legal clutches for rioting, killing and gang rapes of Muslims. On 29th Aug. 2011, out of six, four Hindu terrorists acquitted for the blast at Thane, Vashi, Panvel by the Thane Session Court, merely 2 terrorists convicted that is also for 6 to 7 years. In fact, the Special Public Prosecutor Rohini Salian of the case had recommended for the appeal to the Home Ministry against the acquittal of four, and life term to the convicted. On March 01, 2011 Tuesday Special judge P R Patel pronounced death to 11 Muslims in the Godhra train burning case and handed down life sentence to 20 others. Special judge P R Patel considering the case as “rarest of rare” pronounced death penalty for 11 out of the 31 convicted in the case while 20 others were sentenced to life imprisonment. Still Gujarat Government was not satisfied with the verdict and challenged a trial court’s decision to acquittal of 61 persons in the Godhra train burning case in Gujarat High Court and sought death sentences for 20 convicts who awarded life imprisonment in the case. An appeal challenging the trial court’s verdict in the case was filed in the high court. On the other hand on 07 March 2012 at Ahmadabad 6 Hindus acquitted by the court, in a 2002 riots-related case. One Firoz and his mother Hamida Banu were burnt alive by six Hindu hooligans when the two were on their way towards Rakhial Crossroads on April 21, 2002. The victims were on a motorcycle when the duo was intercepted by a mob near Parmanand’s Chawl in Gomtipur area. The accused pore petrol on mother & son torched on road in broad daylight. Not a single culprit has been punished for the communal riots 2002. Court fails to keep the incident in rarest of rare category and acquitted all of them. On Friday 31st Day of August 2012, verdict of Naroda Patiya massacre pronounced by the special judge Jyotsna Yagnik, against the Hindu terrorist lady Maya Kodnani and Hindu terrorist Master Mind Babu Bajrnagi. This case is rarest of rare category wherein 97 Muslims including pregnant women, children and old men burnt alive but when the assignment of punishment comes duo got life and not death. Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru have been hanged to death but can Indian Government able to provide the death punishment on Hindu terrorist. Does the President of India Pranab Mukharjee may sign the death warrant of Hindu Terrorists if at all mercy petition reached to him? Does Pranab Mukharjee will reject the mercy petition of Hindu terrorists? If no, then Pranab Mukharjee is also involved in communal policy and the part of Saffron Agenda. Indian Government, Police, Army, Administration and public are looking crimes with different spectacles. If it is committed by the Muslims then all over India loud voice of harsh punishment will be listen, but if it is committed by the Hindu Terrorists then every Indians keep mum, except meager, poor voice of some NGOs. Indian Government and opposition always blame Pak having Jihadis camps and harboring Jihadis in India. What about the Hindu Terrorists Camp exists in India nobody looked at these camps where all sort of lethal training provided to the Hindu Terrorists. In India Jihad moment started after the demolition of Babri Masjid, in the year 1993. But in Pak the Indian sponsored terrorism was started after 1971. Surjeet Singh, who was arrested on charges of spying for RAW in 1980 which has been testified by himself at Chandigar India, had released from Pak Jail after his death sentence altered to life term in Pakistan. Sarabjeet Singh Indian national was arrested in bombing at Lahore in 1990 and convicted in 1991. Pak Government feeding up both the Indian Terrorists more than 3 decades and released Surjeet Singh in the year 2012. Sarabjeet Singh has awarded the death penalty but still not hanged. Indian opposition, public and government blame Pak of inhuman. It is enough to understand who is inhuman, Pak one who has feed two terrorist more than 3 decades and handed over one of them to Indian authorities safely or one who hanged the Ajmal Kasab and could not provide meal even more than 4 years. As Indian Government always claiming and showing its pseudo human faces but could not provide meal even more than 5 years to a Pak national and hanged him secretly. This is different between Pak and India. Indian public behaves like an animal and misbehaved, manhandled lady hokey team of Pak recently, resulting pack up of Pak lady hokey team and cancelled the tour of India. Lady members of any country, religion may be respected. Do Indians learn to respect the ladies on the basis of caste, creed and culture? Pak cricket team cancelled its tour in between and back to the pavilion after strong opposition by the Indian public. Indian Government pleaded American judiciary and President for the death of David Coleman Hadley and Tafful Rana. Indian Foreign Minister, Prime Minister was perusing for the death penalty of Indian Terrorists Sarabjeet Singh to life. Every country has got its own way of legal system. Dubai Government has got the death penalty for the Murders; Somewhere In the year 2010-11, 6 Indians were convicted for the murder of a Pakistani National. All the accused awarded the death penalty. Against the death penalty Indian Foreign Ministry intervened and tried to peruse the matter and wanted to alter the death into life imprisonment, the act of India amounts the interference in the internal matters of a foreign country. But one question arises in the mind of the author, if it is the matter of principle and minimum punishment to the culprits, then why Indian authorities asked death to David Coleman Hadley and Tafful Rana & why life to Sarabjeet Singh, Surjot Singh for same crime that is terrorism on foreign land. This is double standard of Government of India. Why Government authorities were disappointed while American court awarded 35 years punishment to Hadley. It is the fact minorities are treated the second class citizen in India. Police, Administration and some sort of legal system are communally biased.
It is prayed
1. Ask India to prosecute Narendra Modi failing to control communal riots 2002 and send him behind the bars.
2. Ban Hindu Terrorists RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Ram Sena, Abhinav Bharat, Sanathan Sanstha. Remove their training camps.
3. Censored the international fund of Hindu Terrorists sending from America, Britain, and Dubai. Freeze the account of Hindu Terrorists and Sangh.
4. Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Zuber Ahmed Khan

Islam is the best shelter
Swami Hari Giri, mahamadaleshwar of Juna Akhara and others are concerned over rising river pollution they now want adequate land to bury their dead instead of the prampara of jal Samadhi (water burial) sanskirti. Guru Bhuian a dalit from katihar a very poor was suffering of unknown infection and died because of it. He was not having any govt. welfare scheme even BPL benefit and in the end some money for cremation was not collected so he was buried. Islam is the best of living and very best for demise last rite where rich and poor can get best suitable shelter.
S. Haque, Patna

Judiciary red over delay in investigation but….
Jharkhand H. C. displayed anger over the investigation in the 2012 Rajya Sabha election MLA’s votes purchase issue Jharkhand H. C. chief justice P. C. Tanatia and justice Jaya Roy became angry that the vigilance deft. officers who is responsible for delay must be investigated and responsibility must be fixed and the case is transferred to CBI. Jharkhand H. C.’s action to check the corruption in legislature and it would give strong message in society. H. C. retired judge G. T. nanavati is probing Guj. riot. 2002 for 10 yrs. and still term extended by 6 months till June 2013. Patna H. C. retired justice was given probe responsibility in June 2011 Forbesganj police firing in which 4 innocent Muslim were killed. Babri Masjid demolition probe continued for 20 yr. by retd. justice and thrown into dust bin this did not hurt the ego of a justice.
S. Haque, Patna

Muslims are forced to leave Qabristan land
In Khopi Bishan Pur village of jandaha, Haji Pur as Bihar there is 39 decimal Qabristan land with all documents. But for burial in the Qabristan local majority community didn’t took then confrontation between Muslims and hindus took place. Muslims were kidnapped. Administration arrived there and hindus ordered only 9 decimal of Qabristan where Muslims can bury their dead. Administration were mute spectator. In Bihar Qabristans are target of saffron brigade even govt. official (C. O., Haji Pur) transferred Qabristan to private person (India4u. milligazette) government (JD (U) + BJP) in silent minority commission don’t care Muslim’s issues only praising party leaders. N. C. M. chairman Wajahat Habibullah must take notice.
S. Haque, Patna

Anna says impressed by Gandhi
At Patna gandhi maidan on 30 Jan. Anna Hazare stagaed a rally where he delivered long speech in his he said he was impressed by Gandhiji is it true? Gandhi ji sat on hunger strike when riots broke out in Calcutta. But where Anna hazare was when 1500 innocent Muslims were killed in 92-93 Mumbai anti Muslim riot. Why Muslims will believe Anna? Anna hazare has to answer.
S. Haque, Patna

Congress ka secret plan BJP ka khula elan
Anti rape ordinance gets seal of President on 9 February 13 and very soon new law would take shape because 16 February 12 Delhi bus rape on the other hand congress announced to make anti riot law to prevent the loss of innocents lives and appr. four year passed congress forgot their promise - because saffron brigade opposed such law. Establishment of AMU campus at Kishanganj opposed by saffron brigade and since one and half year passed congress didnot allot any fund for AMU campus construction. Congress announced establishing of minority university (Tipu Sultan University) at Bangalore and BJP openly refused not to give land for minority university congress clandestinely cuts the oxygen supply to minority programmes despite announcement but BJP openly opposes minority programmes.
S. Haque, Patna

Massive agitation against arrest of innocent Muslim
AIMPLB has asked union and state governments to ensure the immediate release of innocent Muslims arrested in the name of terror and announce adequate compensation with rehabilition and punishing the officials for framing fake charges at its Lucknow convertion on 3 Feb. Muslim Bedari Karwan of Dharbhanga has planned massive rally against the arrest of innocent Muslim on 16 February. The Karwan official said government must arrest Yasin and reveal the H/Q of I. M. etc. The NIA team is roaming with list 40 Muslim names in Bihar. On 23rd March the Karwan has planned its meeting at Darbhanga in which 160 pages Book “Hukumatein Aur Musalman” would be released in which injustices inflicted upon Muslims by different government are explained. Muslim Bedari Karwan President Sadar Alam, V. P. Fakhruddin Qamar engineer, media incharge Asad Azmi and many advocates are involved to make programme successful.
S. Haque, Patna

AMU campus, Nalanda University and governments
Nalanda University governing body headed nobal lourate Dr. Amartya sen, Nalanda minority committee headed by Dy. Chairman of Planning Commission Montek singh Ahluwalia, C. M. Bihar, and other members met at Rajgir convention on 5th Feb. underlined the need for speedy infrastructure development, preparation of master plan, for commencing of course from 2014. Dy. Chairman of Planning Commission said “funds will not be a constrant for such an important project” Gingapore has agreed to donate a library cost upto 25 crore. Former Singapore foreign minister George Yeo said this. But since 4 and half years passed. After 3 yrs. of agitation Bihar govt. gave land for AMU campus at Kishanganj. Central government led by congress didn’t give any fund for the infrastructure development since one and half yrs. passed and out of 54 Muslim countries no Muslim country lend supporting hand for AMU campus and Muslim leaders have least interest in educational activities and Ummah is in deep slumber.
S. Haque, Patna

Shadow boxing on paid news in media
H. T. published an article on page 1 / 2 February 13 title H. T. brings you real news, not “paid news” in which H. T. rebuts the charges of paid news levelled by national English daily “The Hindu”. The hindu published on Jan. 29 a report about H. T. news of election coverage during assembly election 2010 and H. T. says the hindu did not contact for their views and response. If H. T. is genuine then sue the Hindu but H. T. will not. why? Paid news, biased reporting and here say news, reliable sources disclosure, and front page police version reporting are deep rooted disease in media exists. But some shadow boxing are arranged to decieve Aam Admi
S. Haque, Patna

MG motivation force
MG / 16-31 Jan. 2013 / p. - 23 published “Minority Cell of Political Parties” in which AMU land, Rahmani Foundation land, Millia land captured by adivasis, Mazharul Haque Univ. for justice which is not debated in minority cell who are how boys of political parties. On 2nd Feb. under Jamiatul Ulama banner many positive thinking Muslims met at Patna and debated those burning issues in which Jamiatul Ulama representatives, Katihar Medical College founder Ashfaque Karim, opposition leader Ghulam Ghouse, M. L. C. Tanvir Hassan etc. and many Muslim leaders spoke raising those issues which need immediate solution what mentioned in MG and arrest of innocent Muslims, etc. debated. Congratulate for positive endeavour.
S. Haque, Patna

Let member is speaking,
Director Patna air port received threat calls. The caller threatened to show the air port. The caller called himself Laskar member Patna police arrested Rakesh Kumar Rakesh Kumar earlier threatened to blow the hanuman mandir. Rahul alias Jeetu of Parriah arrested from the house virendra vishwakarma. Such terror news expose at inner pages. If caller were Muslim this expose would have got national attention.
S. Haque, Patna

Globaly Ummah must introspect
Israel granted scholarship to 66 Indian scholars for higher education in the field of immunology, genetics, bio -informatics, computer science etc. in the university of Jerusalem Tel aviv, Haifa, university of Negev and open university of Israel. Each awardee will get about Rs. 14.7 lakh a year on 6 Feb. Israel is about to show their technological strength and war technology with aeroplane, radar etc. On the other hand, news came that Dubai has carved finger ring with 58 kg. of gold studded with costly gems. 55 gold mechanic worked for 45 days. It is world biggest ring costing 30 lakh dollars and K. S. A. prince Waleed Bin Talal bought of 50 crore dollars jumbo plane for his personal use. The plane has meeting room, banquet hall and 5 shahi room with all the facilities. The plane has 2 stories called “Flying Palace” Comparing the two examples will tell the story when fault lies? And Ummah need deep introspection.
S. Haque, Patna

Is this development with justice?
Bihar govt. brags it governance as “sushashan” and “development with justice” but in practice where claim stands? Bihar staff selection commission declared the result of 45 successful enforcement sub inspector candidate. Out of 45 enforcement S. I. successful candidate lone Muslim candidates appeared though Muslim constitute 18% of population. If justice would have done 8 Muslim had selected. But Muslims are remembered when Gandhi Maidan required to be filled in adhika rally.
S. Haque, Patna

The manner in which the noted journalist Iftikhar Geelani was confined to his house for over five hours soon after Afzal Guru’s hanging is deplorable. What was more callous was the way his children were locked-up in a small room by the Delhi police. The only reason why such an inhuman treatment was meted out to them was that Iftikhar happens to be the son-in-law of Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani. That Iftikhar had to spend nine months in Tihar jail earlier, on the charges that he possessed an article published by a Pakistani think-tank on website, speaks volumes about the selective injustice. It is high time, our politicians spurned from anything which alienates the Kashmiri people before they embark upon the long path of winning their hearts and minds.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa

The Muslim Political Party need not have to be MIM or Muslim League. It could be another Congress --- a secular party led by Muslim leadership. In UP there are now few new parties formed by Muslim groups and they have opened up to all voter constituencies, giving them membership as well as tickets in areas where such non-Muslims can win UP assembly seats. The data from last election proves, that such Muslim led group did corral quite an impressive vote support from all sections. So when we speak of Muslim party, we are not and/or should not think that a Muslim political party is by Muslims for the Muslims. In keeping with the pluralist mix of the electorate, we should follow Congress formula and come out with political parties --- mind you not one party, but as many parties as possible at regional levels. This beginning may not bring immediate results. Some may even dent secular votebank of other secular parties. But it will give Muslim politicians some experience as to how to take part in India’s democratic electoral politics. Let hundred flowers bloom. Some may hit the right note. Others can provide a vast network of floating Muslim political workers at grass root level, who could become the backbone of any winning group, coming election time.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

How secularism defined in India
In India just opposing Modi and accepting Advani is defined as secularism. Sending chadars or attending urs can make a leader secularist. Instituting a commission and a committee is secularism. What sort of secularism in India we have where it is accepted fact that every thing in possible in politics. People ask when riots was going on in Gujarat no voice of opposition was heard but in disguise supporting ADvani who led agitation to demolish Historical Babri Masjid cannot be included in the peripheri of secularism. This is what kind of secularism?
S. Haque, Patna

Ummah needs vital surgery
Famous T. V. channels / and newspapers gave importance to the news of success achieved by auto rickshaw driver daughter Prema Jai Kumar ranked 1st position in All India C. A. exams. But Urdu newspaper published on page - 8 in 3” X 2” column on 23 Jan. on the same day 6” X 6” news appeared like “Muslims make Anna rally successful” “It is essential to develop interest of poetry in new generation” “participate in All India Natia mushaira” amaging former IPS…….., former ASP…….. high court advocate, Muslim minister, govt. minority organisational head faces and names appeared for mela on Mazaar where qawwali programmes, on the other hand I. P. S. Abhyanand spares his time to coach student for IIT, former I. P. S. Kiran Bedi is fighting against corruption etc. and Lok Sabha speaker Miera Kumar took initiative to to start a central School in Sasaram, JD (U) M. P. Dr. Bhola Prasad is striving hard to start an university in Begusarai. The M. P. called it Sir ganesh Dutt university. Ramember Gandhi ji when visited Champaran in 1917 he started a School in Bhitiharva, west Champaram. Is Muslim have inbuilt inclination for films songs, sher-o-shaeri, qawali, stories, fictions etc. or some of ourselves drag Ummah towards wanton activities. Isn’t Ummah need vital surgery?
S. Haque, Patna

S. C. status quo order in Ayodhya
Before the placement of idol in Historical Babri Masjid position was not resorted and judiciary opened the lock which locked by administration. Earlier there were status quo order but trampled under feet of hindutva forces. No one punished and makeshift mandir built up in front of judiciary at the Babri Masjid place. Now no sign of Babri Masjid so this status quo is sarcosanct because make shift mandir is present.
S. Haque, Patna

Congress damn care AMU campus
After 3 yrs. of agitation by positive thinking Muslim Bihar government alloted required land for AMU campus in Kishanganj and one and half years passed congress led U. P. A. central government did not allot money from establishing AMU campus. But congress approved Rs. 2015 crores for state budhist circuit form Patna - Bodh gaya Delhi national high way etc. Congress have enough money for Jharkhand central univ., two cubs in Bihar etc. to complete budhist circuit central government fixed 3 yrs. plan approved but for AMU campus congress don’t have money and plan.
S. Haque, Patna

Search for 1989-90 Bhagal Pur riot victim
As parliamentry election 2014 approaching. Parties are exploring opportunities to garner votes. That is why Bihar government led by JD (U) + BJP which has been ruling since 7 yrs. but now all of a sudden search for riot victim started. Bhagalpur riot cell under the signature of D. M. Bhagalpur brought a advertisment with 32 names of missing persons who are not traceable so their compensation to the families can be given. The ad appeared in 2 Feb. Urdu daily in which any person can be contacted at riot cell, collectorate Bhagal Pur Bihar and can obtain information.
S. Haque, Patna

National media importance to mushaira, Mazaar & Muharram
The Muslim community has less than 2 P. C. representation in government job and unable to complete in poem or constable jobs. But Muslims name tops in film industry why? National media gives full coverage to mushaira, Mazaars and Muharram. Why? But he same media suppress the Muslims educational activities Why? A healthy and positive revolutionary debate must start in MG so that Ummah know the modus operandi of media how it tries to drag Muslims towards non positive activities
S. Haque, Patna

Khaki uniform full of blots
Police fired bullets on innocent Muslims in Bhajan Pura killing 4 but instead of punishing guilty men in khiaki they are protected in the name of investigation. The result are paining that D. I. G. removed for demanding 10 crores ransom from wine baron. A. S. P. used IIIrd degree to a simple salesman in Shaikh Pura so that salesman intestine brust and taken to AIIMS. What a dangerous polie we have that a 70 year old when in jail police slapped 5 dacoity cases against him. Aziz nut 70 yrs. old native of Hussaina, Sitamarhi was languishing in jail during 23 March 2010 to 4 Nov. 2010 In that period police filed 5 crores of dacoity in different P. S. (Parsauni P. S. - 90 / 10, Riga - 166 / 10, Runisaid Pur - 181 / 10 118 / 10, 155 / 10) and chargesheet submitted too. state human right commission investigated and found all the cases false and slammed Rs. 1 lakh fine form responsible police pay. Bihar H. R. C. initiatives is praiseworthy and pointed responsible. If BHRC punishes those responsible will be historical khaki uniform of our country is blotted.
S. Haque, Patna

Congress can’t tolerate those….
Congress claims to be flag bearer of secularism only to keep engage Muslims only on promises and with creation of commissions and committee as if justice would be given to Muslims but never and very shrewedly gave massage to hindus that how calmly Muslims are brought at the Dalit level what saffron brigade cannot do. Muslim could not follow the conspiracy of congress For the success of this conspiracy congress never allowed prosper revolutionary leader in Muslim community and congress opposes with full strength the party who have Muslim support (S. P., RJD, BSP, JDU, Manta….) and congress never tolerated Muslim political parties AIUDF MIM etc. Congress alleges AIUDF chief creating. But congress devide, MIM broke ties from congress. But Congress let BJP walkover in election what ANHAD chief said that congress allowed BJP to win Gujarat.
S. Haque, Patna

Muslims don’t need alms but out legitimate rights and due shares
In seven years of NDA rule in Bihar, Munger district minority hostel completed and minority welfare minister was in Munger to inaugurate the hostel on 1st February. But Muslims of Munger opposed minister. Whole district administration swang into action throughout the day to pacify the Muslims. But Muslims didn’t agreed for inauguration. The protestors having placards against govt. apathy towards Muslims. The banners and the placards mentioned Qabristan encroachment, AMU land, Rahmani Foundation land, Millia trust land, Urdu teachers appointment etc. in which one the banner having “we don’t need alms but our legitimate share” gives full story and govt. apathy towards Muslims. But media is diverting the issue that Muslims protested due to name change of minority hostel because it was name after Mouland Minatullah Rahmani Minority Hostel when foundation laid. Muslims of Munger must be congratulated for its positive agitation.
S. Haque, Patna

Muslims educational stride hindered by parties
Union minister for communication and I. T. Kapil Sibal will lay foundation stone for campus of National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELST) at Bihta where people of Bihto chased the officials who visit to search 20 acre land for Mazharul Haque University. Bihar government allotted 100 - 100 acres of land for IIT (P) BIT, NIT - P and land for two central university at Gaya and Motihari. But after 3 yrs. of agitation Bihar government allotted land for AMU campus, S. T. constructed mandir. Rahmani Foundation land and Millia land encroached by Adivasis. Government blinks when complained. Congress led UPA didn’t allot fund for construction of AMU campus. Political parties across political spectrum are least interested to help out Muslim to achieve education and secretly hindering the path of Muslim strive toward education. Muslim must know the hard fact.
S. Haque, Patna

Muslim must introspect
On 1 Feb., for Friday Namaaz visited a mosque as Imam stood for Namaaz, Khutba with full intensity started from nearby Masjid. The Khutba timing concided with the Namaaz it nagged me. After Juma Salah inquired why this so. They replied both Masjid 300 ft. apart and of different firqa (School of Islam). Many Masjid displays notice that so and so firqa people are not allowed to perform Namaaz. In 1989 when I visited a town where during Fajr Azaan time, many mandir of town switch on bajanstape. This could be a poly to suppress the voice of Allahu Akbar. But when Muslims follow the same steps it is propagated with Islam and many Muslims swayed due to lack of education. That is why the Qur’an descended with “IQRA” (Read) as first revelation which Muslims forgot thus Muslim carried away by political parties, mushairas and films etc.
S. Haque, Patna

Is police manufacture terrorist?
Sheikh Pura police led by S. P. Ram babu beat Mukesh kumar very badly (IInd degree) so he was sent to Patna then referred to AIIMS Delhi on Jan. 24. On his statement F. I. R. lodged against police and S. P. and investigation ordered by C. M. and report submitted within 3 days. Whole O. P. brought line. S. P. called in H / Q. This is ruthless torture by police in Shaikh Pura but police killing of innocent Muslims in Bhajan Pura brushed under carpet in the name of investigation. I. O. of this case D. S. P. md. Abdullah visited P. M. C. H. to record Mukesh statement on 30 Jan. Mukesh said “police threatened him to encounter in the name of terrorist or tell by falling from vehicle intestine brust” How police manufacture terrorist in India. This is one of the burning example.
S. Haque, Patna

Justice Or Injustice
Lord Krishna has said that the state can be stable if two conditions are fulfilled 1) strong army to protect the borders 2) complete justice within the state .Here in India we are lacking both the conditions .In cases of Babri Mosque, Ajmal Qasab and Afzal Goru the honorable judges of High court and Supreme Courts have passed verdicts in favor or some parties The duo hanged after putting in jails for a longer periods in the solitary confinements .Afzal was not heard by the high court or the Supreme court .The ruling Congress in view of the coming parliamentary elections pressurized the president to reject clemency to Afzal Goru and hanged him. This was overt injustice to Afzal Goru. The poor man was hanged to please the Hindus. But the ruling Junta and the honorable judges neglected the spiritual fallout of this tyranny. They forgot that there is One Supreme power is on the Sky He may strike with His Stick which has no sound .He passed his verdict and killed 40to 50 persons who gathered on a railway station in lackhs to catch the train piled in stampede and 36 died and injured more than that .in other accident of oil tanker another four persons died .These incidents occurred within three days of death of Afzal .There are hundreds of Pundits ,Pujaris, astrologers ,foretellers none of them had dared to inform the government about the dangerous consequences of the gallows of Afzal .They even made the Kashmir’s enemy of the government .It is also immoral to take benefit of some votes by sacrificing precious lives of innocent people The BJP was dancing and making merry on the gallows of Afzal God made them stunned by killing 40 Hindus .The caste Hindus are very clever people but why they become so naïve on such horrible incidents and become spell bound .The defaulters must apologize the family of Goru and show repentance to Almighty God lest other such horrible incidence occur.
Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Important advice to Rahul Gandhi
In the last elections Rahul’s performance was not satisfactory .He and his party bosses did not analyze the reasons of his failure in UP and Gujarat .Now again he jumped in election campaign. I can predict he will also fail in the campaign .The most important reasons are two no one is that people are not aware about his belief whether he is Brahman, Christian, Parsi or what .Earlier he used to say Indian flag is his religion .There is no meaning in that slogan, at the most he can be attributed that he loves the country and loyal to the state . He has mixed blood, his mother is Italian Christian his grandfather was a Parsi, and great grandfather was Atheist though he was a Kashmiri Brahman .But he called himself a socialist Now the question is posed by the people at present what he is? What is his belief .The political pressure has made him an atheist .He never goes to any Church, Temple ,Grudwara,, Pagoda or Mosque .So should we call him as Socialist .But it better he should do homework and come to conclusion .He should not lead a life of bachelor .People may doubt on his modesty .A false news has spread about his sexual life .It is better to marry a beautiful Dalit girl from south India or a daughter of Meera Kumar .With this marital diplomacy he can win the full support of Dalit community .peoples doubt will be diluted .Without clarifying the doubt of the people he can be popular among masses .The Brahman lobby should interpose itself in his private life .It will result in the failure of the party .The Brahmans prefer power than faith. They can sacrifice religion on reigning .
Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Real Face of Terrorism: Are They Muslim Terrorist?
Union home secretary R. K. Singh told media reporters in New Delhi on 22, January, 2013 that Intelligence Agencies had the names of 10 persons involved in Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Dargah bomb blasts who are associated with RSS. He further said we have evidence against them. There are statements of witnesses he said. The home secretary also made public the names of the 10 persons who are allegedly involved in terror attacks and also had links with RSS as follows. Sunil Joshi (dead) who was an “activist of RSS” in DEwas and Mhow from 1990 to 2013. Sandeep Dange (absconding) was RSS pracharak in Indore, Mhow, Sajhapur and Uttarkashi from 1990 to 2006. Lokesh Sharma (arrested) was “nagar Karyavahak” in Deogarh. Swami Asemanand Rajendra alias samunder (arrested) was RSS “VArg Vistarak”. Mukesh Vasani (arrested) was an “activist of RSS” in Godhra, Gujarat. DEvendra Gupta (arrested) was “RSS pracharak” in Indore and Mhow. Chandra Sekhar Leve (arrested) was “RSS pracharak” in shajhapur in 2007. Kamal Chouhan (arrested) was a “RSS activist”. Ramji Kalsangra (absconding) was an “RSS associate”. Most of them belong to BJP ruled states Gujarat and M. P., and were active there. All were allegedly involved in Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Dargah bomb blats which killed more then 100 Muslims. Are these terrorists Muslims? We hope investigations will be seriously and sincerely pursued and terrorists severely punished.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara - Maharashtra (441904)

Filming terrorism at Muslim cost.
The killing of innumerable humanbeings by dropping atom bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World war by US and allied forces and than continuing killing, destroying and butchering of helpless, weak, poor nations throughout the World with mighty associates just for self gains by using all sorts of weapons illegally and unreasonably against countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and a number of African countries (specially Muslim nations under special grudge). US with allied forces like UK, France, other European nations have four cornered support to Israil for its unauthorised and illegal occupation and expansion policy of Palestine and other Arabian nations The unbreakable threatening and aggression of US with the help of shameless associates upon weak and small nations and killing of thousands of Palestians routinely by toeing down all the UNO resolutions amount to be a most dangerous Global terrorism. In France specially the Government adopted anti Muslim policies in an most ugly and horrible way which are now being accorded sanctions by other Cathelic countries gradually to harras Muslims in all the ways. Islam is branded a barbaric religion, anti-human, anti-social, narrow-minded, unfit for the human society and so on throughout the European boundaries where burning of Qur’an and exhibtion and displaying byway of different medias and communications. The object obviously is to insult the Religion, Prophet and Muslims and to instigate them agitationally throughout the World, thus presenting them terrorists. In India alongwith infamous Hindutva families a large number of senas are actively exhisted across the Country whose only aim is to turn the Country in hell for Muslims under the protection and guidance of Central aswellas most of the state governments. The period from 1947 till this date broughtout thousands of one sided communal riots in which Muslims were/are targeted in a most heinous way for which Jabalpur, Sitamarhi, Meerut-Malyana, Bhagaipur, Gujrat are the few examples. The Hindutva forces and senas are busy and active in organising hooliganism, busy in unpatriotic, unconstitutional and similar such activities throughout the Country. The vandalism by them openly suggests the terrorism. It is RSS which is responsible for the murder of Mahatma Gandhi whereas Smt. Indira Gandhi was killed non other than her own Sikh bodygaurds which openly amounts terrorist activities and terrorism. Similarly Babbar Khalsa, a Sikh militant out-fit is active in anti Indian activities but never treated or called anti-Nationals in the context of their activities. Demolition of Babri Masjid and hundreds of other Muslim worship places, their forced occupation and conversion in temples by hindutva stalwarts like L. K. Advani, M. M. Joshi, Uma Bharti, Rajnath Singh and thousands other, claim for direct involvement and proudly admission of hectic participation in demolition process by late Bal Thakre who lashed out communal frenzi openly against hapless, unprotected, dejected and defendless Muslim masses in Mumbai where a large number of Muslims were killed, looted, their properties set on fire under full and open support of police force, still continued to enjoy VVIP status despite naked dance of terrorism but shielded by Law and the Gongress. Critism of Islamic teachings, torment of Muslims by Hindu fundamentalists through various ways, encouraging, promoting anti- Islamic activities of enemy of Islam like Salman Rashdi and a Bangla Deshi Lady and others are not treated a terrorism but defended undar the torn fabric of Freedom of expression despite having full ingredients of terrorism. However a slight reaction from Muslims is taken and treated as terrorism all through the Country and World but inspite of naked terrorism against Islam, Prophet (PBUH) and Muslims no film producer come forward to produce films ever against the above stated terrorism, no writer dares to write any article condemning the act of anti Muslim terrorism and no steps are taken to stop such vendalism forever. In this context one may say that there are the people amongst majority community who are always at fore-front to condemn all kinds of terrorism against Islam and Muslims but their voices, protests and condemnation always proved to be the voices of voiceless.
Faheemuddin, Nagpur. 13.

The manner in which UK and EU, lobbied and pressurised by corporate bodies, are courting with and projecting the butcher of Gujarat as India’s future PM is sad, deplorable and dangerous. Europe’s new found love for the Hitler of our time has been condemned on various forums. But, perhaps, a picket outside the German Embassy in Delhi would have made the voices disapproving Modi and EU’s opportunistic moves louder and clearer. As the British Prime Minister David Cameron visits India next week, and he may also see Modi, this opportunity should not be missed to tell him, through a picket, that not all Gujaratis have voted for the butcher of Gujarat and that the overwhelming majority of Indians disapproves not only Modi, the mass murder, but the ongoing selfish campaign, and the campaigners, to project him as India’s future PM as well.
M Ghazali Khan

After Qabristan, Eidgah on target in Bihar
Eidgah of Bettiah situated at Mohalla - Boraha, ward No - 27, Hathi khana, Bettiah which is H/Q of west champaram was illegally encroached by erecting Hut and Bamboo boundry in big portion of Eidgah then Hathi Khana Masjid secretary complained to P. S. incharge in writing and then administration seeing Muslims agitation swang into action and removed those encroachment from Eidgah. But administration and police did not arrest the illegal encroacher that is how D. M. & S. P. save the saffron module.
S. Haque, Patna

Sabir Ali musing about secularism.
Sabir Ali is Rajya Sabha member from JD (U) who represent JD (U) on T. V. debate. He said on T. V. chanels on 7 Feb. that we would support secular candidate for P. M. ship and some blot would not be washed when question asked about Modi name emerging from kumbh sadhu-sants. BJP partner of JD (U) in N. D. A., leaders Yashwant Sinha BJP M. P., C. P. Thakur BJP state president (he had been in congress and congress rule he was minister) said in India every one is secular. Sabir Ali M. P. must explain that Babri Masjid demolition blot is washable or not?
S. Haque, Patna

13 lakh, 40 thousands and 40 only
Central government announced that 13 lakh teachers will be appointed in 4 months. Then again another announcement came that 40 thousand constables will be appointed by central forces and paraforces. Central Intel Agency N. I. A. is roaming with 40 Muslim youth names linking them in terror charges.
S. Haque, Patna

MG must have historical days column
On 8th Feb. 1872 Sher Ali the freedom prisoner in Andaman Island attacked Lord Mayo viceroy of India with knife and attack was so sudden and powerful that body guard could not save the viceroy. Thus Lord Mayo viceroy of India assassinated MG should publish 15 days choronicles / events achievements, including golden contribution of Muslims.
S. Haque, Patna

Omar Abdullah rules out N. D. A. alliance
MG / 1-15 Feb. / Letter “secularism to polluted….” have exposed how secularism polluted in India by our politicians mentioning Farooque Abdullah too. Revolutionary MG voice is heard by media to decide future strategy. Omar Abdullah C. M. of Jammu Kashmir was on Ajmer visit on 7 Feb. where media asked a question about any alliance with N. D. A. was possible. Then Omar Abdullah replied “Question does not arise about our party going with N. D. A.”. Is this sufficient? What about his party allied with N. D. A. and his father minister in Vajpayee government?
S. Haque, Patna

Hizbul terror network lead story punctured with in 24 hours.
On behalf of I. B., Hindi national daily published on 6 Feb. 13 “Hizbul Mujahideen network in Munger revealed” that two Kashmiri Muslims were arrested from Neelam cinema chock in a house near Paani Tanki. They were living in rented house. Terror group H. M. has developed its shelter in Munger which lies Bangla desh route safe zone. I. B. inspector S. K. Malviya said after 5 hours tough investigation fake notes rocket to demolish Indian economy exposed. Md. Fayaz belongs to Ang village of Matan P. S., Anantnag and Irshad Ahad Wani, Manji gaon, P. S. - A. S. P. K. A. M. were arrested who hae many local connection and those local arrange lodging, sim cards, mobiles etc. Faiyaz had acquired a SIM card in 2003 in the name of goat businessman and he was talking Pakistan with Hafiz Sayeed called “Hafiz Sahab”. I. B. officials said they have all print out and two SIM cards activated of same number. Hindi national daily lead story of terror link on page-1 on 6 Feb. 2013 punctered within 24 hours. The same national Hindi daily published “Kashmiri youths proved innocent” in 2 x 3 inches on page - 11 on 7 Feb. 2013 police released them. Why I. B. and media were in hurry and Is P. C. I. ready to take action against Hindi daily and I. B. ready to punish its employee to defame innocent youths P. C. I. must make compulsory innocence news must be aired or published at par with the news of terror aired / published so that media may restrain oozing out saffron mentality. Muslim organisation must take the matter to curt for taring innocent as PIL was accepted by S. C. to rein intel agencies on 1 Feb.
S. Haque, Patna

Congress lacks ruling guts
V. H. P. leader Praveen Togadia has spoken venomous speech ample times but Congress state ruling government reluctant to take action and on 6 Feb. Digvijay Singh and P. Chidambaram said Togadia must be dealt in accordance with law. Then case is registered in Maharashtra after 16 days. The same govt. booked girls for face book comments. Where as in Laloo Yadav rule Togadia was sent back from Patna air port and never allowed any saffron activities in Bihar. Congress lacks ruling guts that is why Bhagal Pur riot ruined Congress in Bihar and demolition of Babri Masjid demolished Congress secular edifice minorities brought congress into a minority party.
S. Haque, Patna

Justice for whom?
Home minister has taken serious cognizance of air force helicopter pilot who left injured police in chatisgarh naxal area. Helicopter was on naxal area trip for combing operation. The wireless operator police was hit by naxal bullet when naxal fired upon helicoptor. Then Helicopter left the seen leaving the wireless constable. H. M. has started action against responsible pilot. But S. P. of Arraria who was present in Bhajan Pura when police fired upon villagers killing 4 and police jumping on dead. The S. P. was given promotion.
S. Haque, Patna

Fatwa to save dignity & humanity
When Fatwa delivered against Kashmiri girls band Pragash that Islam doesn’t permit song, music, dance etc. by girls. Kashmiri girls music band Pragash heartly accepted and closed the music-dance activities. Progressive Indians didn’t like the Fatwa even BJP spokesman Mokhtar Abbas Naqvi openly said “Shops to Fatwas” But why the salesman of political shops mouth shut when 50 Ulama delivered a Fatwa that suicidal killing, terrorism, and killing of innocents are illegal and Haraam. It is not allowed in Islam. Extremist groups certainly would not have liked this Fatwa. Fatwa is Fatwa and given to save the Dignity and Humanity either it is liked by progressive or disliked by extremist It doesn’t matter. Fatwa is courageous advice what is correct and what is wrong.
S. Haque, Patna

Madhubani v. s. Forbesganj judicial commission
Madhubani is a town where these were huge public agitation on 12-13-14 Oct. 2012, crores of public properties, officers transport, schools destroyed and gutted against kidnapping and killing of a girl. Whole district was burning, jail inmates brought for hearing were freed by agitator. Police fired many places killing 2 persons. Bihar government announced judicial inquiry by Patna H. C. retd. judge udai sinha. The judicial commission reached Madhubani on 7 Feb. 2013. P. W. D. guest house is made commission office and hearing started, commission announced that personally, or by letter, or with video, photographs etc. can approach the commission and the inquiry might complete its report with 6 months. Where as village public road closure by ruling party (BJP) M. L. C. relative factory was protested. Police fired on the peaceful agitator and without any provocation killing 4 innocents Muslims. World saw the polie jumping on the dying Muslim youth’s body on 3rd June 11. Bihar government announced judicial inquiry by Patna H. C. retd. judge. More than one and half year passed no judicial inquiry activity is seen as if it is kept in secrecy. Government further one year time extended. For the cause to give justice to Muslim judicial activism ceases but on the other hand judicial merit shines. why?
S. Haque, Patna

Such secrecy will lead India to darkness
The counsel appearing for farmer Tata chief Ratan Tata in S. C. on 8 Feb. for Nira Radia tape case said private conversation should be excluded from security. Why to exclude when Nira radia was accused in business dealing or broking then what is private conversation? Gujarat government is hiding 2002 Muslims pogrom documents and papers in the name security of country. Even court did not allow the communication (letters) between president and Gujarat government to make public, corruption, communalism and castism are disease it must be exposed to treat, hiding and secracy will prove costlier in near future.
S. Haque, Patna

Government department used by political masters
C. B. I. is used by political parties ruling government. This is commonly said even in public. Now new aligation surfaced that I. T. department is being used to score mileage over other parties. CVC accepted that police has become agent of government (Press Trust / 6 Feb. 13). Now A. S. I. has to face the heat of being used because A. S. I. has started some cosmetic work with very meagre cost repair / shining work at Sher Shah tomb at Sasaram when M. P. election is approaching. Though it requires major renovation. But just to gadner political gain some cosmetic work is being done as if A. S. I. is also being used by party in power.
S. Haque, Patna

Why Khanqahein mum on saffron activities
In Bihar, Qabristans are being encroached even Eidgah is on target. Death of Muslims in police firing and custodial killing, Urdu teachers AMU land, Millia land and Rahmaniland are encroached by STs. Show boy Muslim leaders, minority cells, etc. are mum because they mortgaged their ego to political masters but why khanahein nahi bol rahi hain?
S. Haque, Patna

To take help from China and Russia is futile effort
There is news that India wants to take help from Russia and China on growing Pak role in Afghanistan. It is nothing but ridiculous .Pakistan being our neighbour we could not contain .We had permanent grudge on it on the basis of religious bias. We could have achieved more benefit rather than harm in friendship with Pakistan. But we resorted to make it a permanent foe .It is only due to the peculiar mindset of ruling junta. Now our short sighted and myopic vision of the top brass leadership became happy due to the attack of US forces. To follow the spirit of justice India should have lodged the strong protest against US invasion of Afghanistan. Being an Asian country .But India could never raise objection Now the fall out of Indian wrong policy our citizens fate is lingering .The better option is to vacate all the Indian citizens before the returning of US army from Afghanistan .If India has dare to talk directly to Taliban it should start dialogues In India or Afghanistan in the president ship of Hamid Kerzai The government of India take the mediation of Jametul Ulama-e-Hind .The Taliban follow the same school of thought .The American forces could not finish the power of Taliban in the last eleven years .Finally it wants to take back all its forces from from Afghanistan .Us will become careless about the safety of Indian citizens after its forces going back to United States
Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad 19/02/2013

“Invite (all) to the way of thy lord with wisdom and Beautiful Preaching”. (The Holy Qur’an 16:125)
“You are the best of people, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah”. (The Holy Qur’an 3:110)
Taking these verse in its true spirit Shanti Sandesh Kendr (SSK), Patna was established in October 2011. SSK, Patna has been endeavouring to spread the message of Islam among the countrymen through conducting public meetings, organizing Satsungs, book exhibitions, free distribution of Islamic literatures etc. The SSK’s main object is to introduce Islam to non-Muslims, to remove cobwebs of misunderstanding about Islam and Muslims and to remind Muslim Ummah their role and responsibilities as a Da’ee community. Like last year, this year too SSK has booked a stall at ‘PATNA BOOK FAIR’, which is scheduled to be held from 13th March to 24th March 2013. Besides display of Dawah posters and presentations, we have planned to distribute copies of basic Islamic literatures and The Holy Qur’an. We have also planned to organize public meetings at the venue. Last year, this venture had very favourable acceptance among non-Muslims. There were demands of more copies of The Holy Qur’an, Islamic folders and books, which SSK failed to provide due to limited financial resources. There is much possibility of broadening Dawah work in Bihar. ( The work of SSK has been appreciated and endorsed by prominent persons like Maulana Khalid Saifullah, Hyderabad, Janab Hamad bin Muhammad, Saudi Arabia, Professor Mohsin Usmani, Delhi and Maulana Anisur Rahman Qasmi of Imarat-e-Sharia, Patna. Copies of their endorsement is attached for reference. In this Book fair SSK has planned to distribute at least one thousand copies of Hindi translation of The Holy Qur’an and fifteen thousand folders and books/lets on different topics. For a better participation in this Book Fair and also to continue dissemination of the message of Islam at a larger scale Shanti Sandesh Kendr, Patna humbly requests you to donate generously to this Noble cause. We assures proper utilization of your contribution as Zakaat and donation, Insha-Allah. Help may be extended in the form of Islamic literatures, copies of The Holy Qur’an, seerah books etc too. Remittance of Cheque/DD/Money Transfer can be made in favour of Shanti Sandesh Kendr
Saving Account Number - 2913005500440759,
Punjab National Bank, Patna,
IFSC Code - PUNBO291300
For more information please contact : MaulanaAbdul Majid Qasmi (+91 9533450278),
Hafiz Shanuddin (+91 7677011133) or Mohammad Naushad (+91 8797180570).

May Allah accept efforts of all of us.
Mohammad Naushad, Patna
For : Shanti Sandesh Kendr Mission Road, Quazi Nagar, Phulwari Sharif, Patna (BIHAR 19-2-13

Pro-American Vishwaroopam
MG (Feb 16th Issue Page 8) Brother Feroze’s article on Vishwaroopam was brilliantly insightful. If actor Kamal hasaan chooses to remain ignorant, chooses not to distinguish between the practices of some illiterate tribal Afghans and the salient principles of Islam, then he chooses to be biased and warped, that is his right. 200 years of brutal colonisation by the Europeans had caused massive underdevelopment and discriminating redistribution of world’s resources . Read the history (Title The Making of Humanity by Prof Briffault, not a Muslim but a European Christian) where he says, quote “Without the intellectual contribution of Muslims, Europe would have remained dark.” Now it is the other way round. Knowledge is universal, simply because Europeans have stolen wealth by colonialism and are now industrially more advanced; some arrogant people think that Europe is culturally advanced too. People like Kamal Hasaan have to go a long way to comprehend the cultural development and civilization. OIC has 57 Muslim countries as members. If what some film producers say is true Al-Qaeda must exist in all the 57 countries. But it does not? They exist in countries where American aggressive interventionist politics is dominant. We have to address the root cause of the issues. Terrorism is a big crime whether it is done by Al-Qaeda, Christian rightists, Zionists in Palestine, Buddhist in Burma and Sri Lanka, Hindu Naxalites in India and Nepal, LTTE in Sri Lanka and Bajrang Dal in India or at a more organised scale by the well more civilized States like the USA. Mosquitoes will disappear if you clear the swamps and the huge swamps in developing countries have been created by the unfair economic and political interventions by the rich countries. A number of critics like Kamal Hasaan tamper with the beliefs of sincere Mumins and cast doubts on their beliefs and try to show such beliefs to be fraudulent and non-divine. There is blind gloating, uncritical patriotism, extreme xenophobic nationalism and downright rather unpleasant chauvinism. Many faith based feel that we need some strong moral foundation to stand on, even if it is meant outside the statute books. Some critics overtly or covertly want to accomplice a materialistic empire that is attached to the imperialism of yesteryears by forcing people to declare them to be Muslims or non-Muslims forgetting the unity of humanity.
Via e mail

Teesta Setalvad’s article ‘Shamelessly shooting to kill’ published by The Hindu (Feb 20) inter alia has exposed the lackadaisical attitude of the electronic media in focusing the communal bias of the law enforcement mechanism. Whenever a terrorist attack happens in any part of the country, we often see TV news channels ‘breaking news’ over the arrest of Muslim suspects; but when the same men are released after spending years of custody in jails without their “guilt” being proved, seldom does any TV channel would care to announce their innocence. The panacea to this messy situation lies in fair representation of the minorities in the police and also the media.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Secretary,
Madrasatul Haram - The Muslim Educational & Welfare Society, Kadapa (A. P)

Childhood obesity
Cardiovascular and endocrine diseases are the main problems related to childhood obesity. However, there is another dilemma very dangerous called cancer. A study published in the journal “Cell” states that overweight acts as a promoter of tumours in general and particularly of liver tumours. Today’s children will live fewer years and with worse quality of life that their grandparents. This is because the problems derived from obesity and passivity, warned in a press conference the president of the Organizing Committee of the Congress of the Society of Endocrinology and nutrition. In the last ten years the childhood obesity has doubled, reaching 13.9 %. In addition, 30% of obese children are also obese as adults. The practice of leaving children watching television so they do not bother too much is not good for the health of kids. Two New Zealand scientists have shown that too much TV during childhood increases the chances of being obese as a more direct way that poor nutrition or by not doing physical exercise. 41% people who are overweight at 26 age matches with those who spent more hours in front of the TV in his childhood. The Centre for Consumer Freedom in the US has started a campaign against the overweight under the slogan “obesity: epidemic or exaggeration? “ It seeks to deny the obvious in the world’s fattest country. The journal of the Medical College pointed out that obesity was the second leading cause of death in this country. The distribution group Eroski has launched a campaign against obesity in collaboration with four associations related to health and healthy eating. Obesity is a serious problem for health in many of the developed countries because of its impact and its health burden. It is estimated that about 13% of the population between 25 and 60 is obese. The figures of obesity and overweight children and adolescents are even more worrying. Almost 14% of the population between 2 and 24 years is obese and 26.3 % are overweight. “The best seasoning for food is hunger” said Cicero
Clemente Ferrer
Independent Forum of Opinion

How to judge our democracy
Usually in media specially in Muslims media we see the data of Muslims in police department and Muslim prisoner and Muslims population at different times so the facts and result of secularism cannot be judges. Kindly publish state wise Muslim population Muslims in police department and Muslims prisoner in jail in a clear cut performa reflecting the picture of our democracy. Regards.
S. Haque, Patna

Where is candle marcher?
11 adivasi girls were raped in Chatisgarh but no agitation, no demand of justice, no candle march were seen. A Muslims girl was raped in Rajasthan by 6 youths. She was badly injured and operated at Jaipur hospital but her condition is not stabilised so she was sent to AIMS, Delhi. “Ahinda Foundation” president Nasima said Jaipur hospital didn’t give serious attention to the deceased. Even then no candle marcher seen but against Delhi bus gang rape week agitation why? what was the deceased name of Delhi bus gang rape? Is name of rape victim matters?
S. Haque, Patna

Riot into pogrom
An organisation of sikh in U. S. A. is mobilising Sikhs and exploring the opportunities to convert the 1984 anti sikh riot in which only in Delhi in one day 3 thousands sikh butchered into planed pogrom (Narsanghar) Sikh for justice (SFJ) requested Obama administration to help in declaring 1984 anti sikh riot into pogrom. Muslims must endeavour for Mumbai riot, Bgp riot, Gujarat riot into pogrom.
S. Haque, Patna

Read the mentality of media
On the charge of being perpetrator of Parliament attack Afzal guru on 13 December 2001, he was quite clean shaven jean, T-shirt clad university student executed on 9 Feb. 2013. After his execution each and every media (print or electronic) displayed Afzal guru beard sporting with Haji Handkerchief covered head. Why media preferred Afzal guru this look and why not clean shaven, T-shirt jean clad university going studen face. why?
S. Haque, Patna

Hazy image of judiciary
Famous journalist Muhammad Ahmad Kazmi was arrested on bomb blast in Israili embassy car on 13 Feb. 2012 and released on 19 October 2012. He languished in jail for 6 month without any crime. He after release gave an interview in which he said that in tihar jail many innocent Muslim youth are languishing in the name of terror charges that courts are ineffective and works at the instance of unforeseen power. He further said that he languished in jail without any crime because lower courts and high court didn’t dispose my case in time. Informant (state / police) applies this modus operandi in like case so that deceased would not get bail. This is not isolated example but former BJP president Nitin gadkari had said that government were using judiciary against opposition. Judiciary act at the instance of unforeseen power or used by government dents the image of judiciary. Certainly it is matter of great concern what the hazy image emerged of judiciary. Let the judiciary introspect themselves and correct the image of justice.
S. Haque, Patna

Taleem, Tanzeem and Tejarat
To achieve the glorious position and to attain the bright future, there is only one principle “make agenda of Ummah - Taleem, Tanzeem and Tejarat” what Islam laid the principle that Qur’an descended with first word “IQRAH” - read / Education / Taleem hold the rope of Allah - Unity / Tanzeem and last Prophet Muhammad (S. A. W.) preferred and liked business - Tejarat. But Ummah is dragged towards mushaira, melas of mazaars and Muharram. Muslims have many Tanzeems for mushaira, melas, & Muharram. But recently a positive Tanzeem “Association of Muslim Doctors” has taken shape. Let us see some positive initiatives t educate Ummah emerges out because well educated people gathered.

MG / 16-31 January 2013 / p - 23 published “Ghulam Rasool is not a terrorist” in which it was published “14 Dec. Hindi national daily gave it the title “Terrorist Mirza Khan got 3 yrs jail punishment” and many times mentioned Mirza as a terrorist. This is domination of saffron mentality in media which defies judiciary”. Now on 1 Feb. a report published in national English daily saying “Afgan national yet to be set free” in which Ghulam Rasool is mentioned as Afgan national branded as suspect terrorist Afgan national Mirza Khan was set to be released on Jan. 18 but jail authority, district administration are buying time not to release him. It caught in legal snarl. The report finishes with comments from jail authority - “If we release the Afgan national we can face the wrath of our seniors and if do not, the ire of state human right commission dangle over our head” This comment exposes mentality of police, jail authority and administration and the non performing paper tiger state minority commission it is better to close S. M. C. of Bihar because oppressive forces shivers by remembring state human right commission and not minority commission of Bihar.
S. Haque, Patna

Demolition of Babri is the fallout of false belief in God
The hypocrite and fanatic Hindus who demolished Babri Masjid have clearly on wrong path .The perpetrators have wrong belief on God that He had taken birth At Ayodhiya. As a matter of fact God need not take birth. It is character man he takes birth and dies after 50 to 80 years .But almighty God is from time immemrible and will leave for ever .This is great misconception that Ram took birth in Ajodhya then ram was a man not God.)n 6th December Advani Uma Bharathi demolish 400 year old Mosque to construct a Ram Mandir on its site .The BJP Kar sewak Demolished .They were more against Islam but not had strong faith in Ram .If they had true faith in Ram they would have constructed Ram Mandir on the same site immediately. The congress Prime minister was in the favour of BJP .If the Kar sewaks had started construction of Ram Mandir the central government would have been mute spectator as it did at the time of demolition .but the BJP workers scared and unknown fear ousted them from the site of Demolished Mosque. At the most few of the workers would have been apprehended .But the Kar Sewaks was lacking strong faith in Ram. They were not confident about the real place of birth of Bhagwan Ram. After coming to power the BJP government completely forgot the task of construction of a grand Ram Temple they busy in enjoying life playing power game. Now at the parliamentary elections again the BJP is raking up the issue .The people are quit aware of the love of BJP with Bhagwan Ram they are mad after power .After gaining power again they will forget construction of Ram Mandir. Let the BJP ascertain the correct concept of God then start revering
Maqdoomi Hyderabad

The Hindu organization must pay due compensation
“If anybody would like to witness the strength of Hindutwa, he should go to Allahabad at Kumbha…” were the words of a senior BJP leader Mrs. Sushma Swaraj in her statement while reacting on the statement of Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde Union Home Minister of India on Hindu-Terrorism in India. The statement of Mrs. Swaraj itself confirms that the Kumbha at Allahabad (U. P.) India was purely a Hindu celebration organized by certain Hindu organizations especially RSS, VHP, BJP… as such it is the responsibility of these organizations that they should take responsibility of the dead as well as injured at Allahabad. Therefore, these very organizations of the Hindus i. e. RSS, VHP & BJP should pay Rs. 25 lacs to the next kin of the dead and Rs. 5 lacs to the injured as compensation. The idiots from amongst the SC/ST & BCs should learn that there is nothing divine or worth of any use in any of the rite, ritual & ceremonies of the Hindus except entrapping them into their vicious trap! Baba Saheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar while addressing the Mahar Conference in 1936 has very rightly advised that our people must henceforth refrain from worshiping the Hindu Gods n Goddesses, stop celebrating Hindu festivals and put an end to going the Hindu religious places.