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Rejoinders/Opinion/Letters to the editor - II

Didi’s bonanza offer

No increment in rail fares is obviously an appreciating step especially when the common people are burdened with inflation. Proposed trains have generated hope for better and smooth travelling around the country. However, keeping Bengal ahead of India, in terms of Bonanza offers of Didi, to Bengal, incites disaffection of common people. Didi should not forget that she is representing India and not a state.

Shafaque Alam, New Delhi-25

The Islamic law of deet

The Islamic Law of Deet has come to the rescue of Remand Davis who shot dead two Pakistanis; he can pay the blood money to the heirs of deceased Pakistanis and be spared from death sentence or life imprisonment. But subject to the condition that the near kin should accept this condition the government of Pakistan can coerce the kin of the deceased and get the American released. If the law of the land is applied no hope of acquittal presently the British laws are in force. In view of the above circumstances the Americans who oppose the Islamic Laws in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia must think of their faulty stand. They must stop blind opposition to Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Al-Ikhwan etc in future. Even India is not lagging behind in opposing the Islamic Laws

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Gulbarga

Muslim ghosts

The February 1, front page article reproduced from an Urdu paper reminds one of ‘Faiz’ couplet: Wo Baat Saare Fasane Me Jiska Zikr Na That Wo Baat Unko Bahut Naagawaar Guzri Hay!

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh – 392150

Burning of effigy of Godse

If scrutinize minutely through Hindu Mythological binocular it appears that Mahatma Gandhi happened to an Autar in the guise of Mahatma who was specially endowed with patriotism and tremendous fighting spirit to get free his Motherland from the clutches of British Colonialism. He throughout his life believed in non-violence, justice for all, equity, humanity, brotherhood etc; which remained his weapons all through which he professed and practiced till end. In the same way he had high and un-shaking respect for all religious heads and religions too without any reservation though following Hinduism in its true spirit. Alas, such a Great man of our country was brutally murdered by an Aryan Brahmin and staunch follower of RSS. Just because his organisation did not like and disapproved his love for humanity, communal harmony and feelings of brotherhood under the proverbial manual “serve dharma samman”. Every year on 30th January, the Nation observed Gandhi Jayanti. On this occasion rich tributes are paid to Gandhiji, his portrait in Parliament and other places along with statues are garlanded and special programmes are held at his Samadhi at New-Delhi. Similar functions are held through- out the country. Lengthy speeches are made by the leaders and others but one flaw remains alive every time as majority of speakers including highest placed leaders and dignitaries never mention the name of Mahatma’s killer Nathuram Godse.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur – 440013

PM on scam

The statement of the PM drawing parallel between 2G scam loss and the subsidies to the articles used by common Indians is surprising. With the same logic someday he will show similarity between loot and charity! Everyone knows that subsidies on food, kerosene etc. is for poor’s welfare. While the beneficiaries of the scams like 2G are always those who have a huge amount in banks.

A Hameed Yousuf, Bangalroe-08

Advani’s apology

LK Advani’s apology to Sonia Gandhi was something he absolutely owed her and he did the right thing by tendering it promptly. It has raised the heckles of the BJP leaders because they were not given the time to spin the justifications for the baseless allegations they hurled at Gandhis, dead and alive. The apology would have sounded more sincere if Advani had not faulted her for not denying the charges when there were murmurs that her and her family’s names may be mentioned in the Task force report. A man of Advani’s stature and experience should understand that it is not necessary for a leader to keep on reacting to all possible irresponsible insinuations and mud-slinging.

Dr Mookhi Amir, Mumbai 400054

Corruption is India’s biggest enemy

Corruption has become a way of life in our country. Corruption is rampant in politics, legislature, executive, media and even Judiciary. Corrupt people like Madhu Koda, Mayawati, Sukh Ram, Bangaru Laxman, and P. D. Dinkaran. Dr Ketan Desai etc have been amassing illegal assets and wealth. Most of the politicians are naked in the bath room of corruption. Corrupt people must be awarded stringent punishments. In China on April 14, two top corrupt officers were sentenced to death for taking bribes. Corruption in high places will destroy not only democracy and constitution but would endanger India’s unity, integrity and solidarity. Faith in Almighty God and accountability before God is also essential to kill the monster of corruption.

G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (MS)

VVIP cells in Tihar jail

It refers to news-item regarding former Union Communication Minister A Raja having put in a cell with VIP status where even two other prisoners are deputed to take proper care of the VIP prisoner. Report also reveals that the VIP cell earlier having accommodated known dignitaries like Sukhram, HKL Bhagat, Chandraswamy etc also, has apart from other added facilities, greenery and a farm-house like hut also. Even room-freshener was sprayed in the cell to welcome the VIP prisoner A Raja. It is totally unfair in a democratic society to discriminated even prisoners with someone getting special VIP status even been served by fellow prisoners. Jail-manual should be modified to abolish all discrimination amongst various categories of prisoners. However if circumstances demand special security for some prisoners, then a separate ward with adequate security provisions can be there but with no added facility available there what are normally available to ordinary prisoners.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi - 6

SC asks Gujjars to pay Rs 2,000 millions as fine

A leading national news paper reported on February, 22 that - “[Jat Khap Panchayats may now have to pay up Rs 339.5 millions to compensate the loss and damage they had caused by blocking rail and road traffic in Haryana Jind district for 11 days in January. Supreme Court asked the Centre and State governments to file affidavits detailing the steps proposed to be taken to recover the loss from the protesters]” People of India naturally expect that:- (1)- Governments of India & Rajasthan will now move Supreme Court to recover at least Rs. 2,000 millions (according to proportionate criterion) from Gujjars of Rajasthan who, during agitation for reservation, blocked rail and road traffic in Rajasthan for over 50 days and damaged government properties in 2006, 2008 and 2010. (2)-Supreme Court will punish government functionaries too, for not removing said agitators promptly in Haryana and Rajasthan and for allowing these huge losses to governments? Here it is pertinent to add that in India, the government functionaries always get away even in those cases where their act of omissions or complicity is glaring and even Supreme Court turn blind eye towards it. [The people were punished in first decade of this century by Supreme Court for illegal constructions (by demolition, ceiling etc) but corrupt public servants who allowed these unauthorized colonies are yet to be prosecuted and punished.

Hem Raj Jain, Karauli (Rajasthan)

Judiciary and the Judges

Blaming a defaulting judge should not be taken as the insult of judiciary. We know that the judges are not angels or super men they are also human beings. They may have all the weaknesses as other persons. If the MLAs, MPs, Ministers, even the chief ministers can be corrupt in the same the way the judges of all courts including the Supreme Court can commit mistakes as corruption or avoiding the obligations of their duty. The judges are perfectly involved in making undue delay in imparting the judgment. They may also be influenced by the ruling junta and injure the justice for example the judgment of Babri Mosque. Proving corruption is a bit difficult job. Due to want of proof the all the killers of ABVP who killed the principal in Madhya Pradesh were acquitted. The BJP government of Madhya Pradesh might have played its pivotal role in the case. In India the criminals who murdered the college principal get freed by the judge how Mr. K Sudhakern, Congress MP can prove the charge of corruption? Therefore, his remark on the judge should not be treated as remark on judiciary and it should be hushed up. All such defaulters will be punished on the Day of Judgment, The Dooms Day.

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Gulbarga

Taking law in hands

Killing of BJP MLA Raj Kishore Kesri in Purnia (Bihar) by a woman allegedly raped by the slain MLA, reminds of women in Nagpur taking collectively law in their hands by beating rape-accused persons to death in the year 2004 not once but twice in the same year. Brave women of Nagpur also faced court-cases for such killing in defence of self-honour unitedly making even the court acquitting the women arrested for killing of rapists at a time when police failed to protect women from being raped despite complaints lodged with the police. A complete and honest enquiry is necessary on all aspects including about police-inaction on complaints of sexual assault by Rupam Pathak, the alleged rape-victim, to prevent tortured ones taking law in hands.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi - 6

Who is guilty?

It is pathetic to hear the MMS development doing rounds in the JNU campus. The whole episode has brought down the ethos of the prestigious university. The university has initiated probe into the matter. However, one fails to understand that in a country where consensual sex between two adults has been decriminalised, who will be termed guilty – the guys who had consensual sex or the guy who had filmed them.      

Shafaque Alam, New Delhi-25

The citadel of Hosni Mubarak crumbled

The ecstasy of the Egyptians at the Tahrir square after Hosni Mubarak stepped down after thirty years, spoke volumes about his iron grip rule. It was not only the unemployment and the poverty which spurred the anger of the people. It was also a deeply entrenched feeling in their hearts and minds that the pride of their great nation which was once commanding respect from the whole Arab world has had to function under the tutelage of the United States. While many Egyptians remember Gamal Abdel Nasser as a hero  despite the defeat of Arabs under his leadership at the hands of Israel. Hosni Mubarak has gone down in the history as nothing more than a puppet of the West.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)


The change in Egypt is a heartening development. The end of 30 years of autocratic rule in Egypt has sent shock waves around the world. Significantly, the change in Egypt was brought about by the youth, social media, facebook, Twitter. These networks brought the youth together. They were driven by the urge to be liberated from dynastic and autocratic rule. The ideas they shared on the social media energised them and they brought a heroic change. Thirty years of tyranny, rigged elections, rampant corruption and torture came to an end in just 18 days of nation-protest. The Egypt effect is bound to influence world events.

Mohammad Azam,Karimnagar,Telangana


Their struggle fetched the results. Finally, Hosni Mubarak is out thus ending his dictatorial era spanning almost to thirty years. What would be the nature of new governance is yet immature to predict. Will the real change occur, time will decide. The important and the big challenge for the new set up when it emerges is how to dissuade the US-Israel intervention in the region. The intervention of these two anti-Muslim entities has been quite emphatic and tremendous thus paving the way for US Israeli hegemony in the region. Another important development to be seen is what role the Muslim Brotherhood is going to play. This party is known for its anti-American and pro-Islamic stance. In fact one of its stalwarts late Syed Qutb Shahid was hanged to death in 1964 for his uncompromising and operational commitment to Islamic way of governance. The history is witness to the great sacrifices rendered by Ikhwan. Now perhaps Ikhwan may have a vital role to play in the future governance of Egypt. This will be the real test for Ikhwan leadership. On one side they have a great impact of their leaders like Hassanul Bina, Syed Qutb, Hassan Hizami, Mustafa Sabai and others and on the other side the changing global scenario especially after 9/11 will have a definite impact on their modus operandi. Americans too must have chalked out their game plan. They must be looking for an alternate favourable substitute. As such the future developments in Egypt are not only important for Egypt but they will have a far reaching affect in shaping the new world order. If Egypt like eruptions gets sustained in rest of the Arab world, then the Americans may find themselves unnerved. So far so good the winds of change have begun to blow. The time is now ripe for Muslims to come forward, get united and shape a new world order.

Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Sriangar

Libya’s lunatic leader

Had Muammar Gaddafi even an iota of wisdom, he would not have engaged ladies as his body guards. Similarly, had he any courage; he would not have remained speechless like a mouse against America even when his own daughter was killed in a U.S. bomb attack!! Madness! Thy name is Muammar.

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150

Seema Chishti, an Indian Express correspondent with a Muslim name, is not necessarily enamored of either any religion in general and Islam in particular. Belonging to Muslim community, she is awarded the job by editors, to carry out their official policy ( a hatchet job?) on how to report on Muslim affairs in India. The usual reporting is always colored by Left Liberal disdain for religion and Islam. In her following report, she is openly critical of the audacity of a 'Muslim' group to come forward with its ideological baggage and still trying to fit into the pseudo-secular Indian political arena, which is increasingly turning to be dominated by an aggressive Hindutva Right that wants a Hindu Rashtra, denying any space for others. By her reporting, she is directly helping the Hindutva to claim the entire field for itself. The bogey of Islam is a very convenient instrument for India's English media, to inject hate and derision for any Muslim initiative to join the Indian mainstream, to ensure Brahmin monopoly on the levers of power, that had kept the lopsided development of India, always favoring the oligarchs and higher castes.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Who hides behind "Indian Mujahideen"?

Even if these are actually Indian Muslims who are part of this group aren't they justified in what they are doing? Muslims of British India chose to remain as Indian citizens instead of choosing to live in another State as only Muslims. At least half of them remained back on the advice of then politicians who chose to remain as citizens of a democratic country under the umbrella of secularism. But look at the fate of the descendants of those Muslims who chose to remain in 'democratic ' India. In spite of being 150 million in number they are merely existing. One might as well call them the living dead. Discriminated in jobs, housing, education and Business ventures they are even looked upon with hate, suspicion and contempt. A Muslim is and will always be a second class citizen in India. With the sole exception of a very few rich communities and those who have qualified themselves cleverly almost an entire Muslim community of India are living in desperation with the an uncertain future hanging over them. There are even state sponsored genocide against the more hapless ones. The leaders who perpetrate these crimes on them are government leaders. Shockingly, they are neither arrested not charged. Classic example is that of Gujarat in 2002. Today Rajasthan is having problems. There are many incidents in places like, Bengal, UP, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Assam that go unreported. Muslims are walking under the shadow of hopelessness and death. There is no doubt about that. So even if actually Indian Muslims are involved they are certainly justified. In fact there should be a revolution like in the Arab countries today. It is about time Muslims of India rose up against the injustice of the Hindu State which is falsely described as a democracy.



It is becoming clearer with every passing day that the so-called "Pro-democracy" protests, as they are being labeled in the Western media, are in effect primarily if not wholly anti-West protests. What else would explain the fact that Syria has been virtually free of protests and Iran did witness only a minor protest by the pro-West political leaders? The attempts by the Western leaders and press to equate the protests in Iran with those in the Arab world have only backfired with now Iran speaking of the protests reaching the Western world. Western analysts forget that in Iran 7 presidents have changed in last 30 years and the opposition leaders in Iran are mainly elites led by Moussavi a former Prime Minister and supported by 2 former Presidents. In contrast the current President is a university lecturer with humble background and humble ways of life who is more popular with the masses than the elites. Syrian government is largely seen as anti-West. International media has also tried to reject Islam as one of the factors in the current uprise. They forget that Egyptian Revolution was marked by the chants of "Allah-u Akbar" and it always gathered moment after every Friday prayer. The forces campaigning against Ghaddafi are also chiefly pro-Islamic and anti-West. Now the protests have started against the Iraqi regime. If Saudi Arab and Kuwait have so far not witnessed any protests, it is because their governments are perceived as Islamic in nature by the people of these countries.  Even if these uprisings are pro-democracy, Western media forgets that the strengthening of democracy in Muslim countries has almost always led to strengthening of Islamic systems, which is only natural considering the fact that Muslims all over the world are devoted to Islamic beliefs. West must realize now that their influence in the Islamic world is waning, and if they want not to alienate Muslims further, they must learn to respect Islam and its rising role in the global affairs.

Dr Javed Jamil, Saharanpur, U.P.